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There were many different lines and series of Zig-Zag puzzles produced by various companies in England and in the United States.
Se producieron muchas lineas de Zig-Zag puzzles por varias compañías, en la Inglaterra y en los Estados Unidos de America.
The Zig-Zag Puzzle Co.
Tom Tyler, in his great book, British Jigsaw Puzzle of the 20th Century, gives the following citation:
The Zig-Zag Puzzle Co., Carlton Street, London, 1910's-1920's, wooden.
Anne Williams, in her bookJigsaw Puzzles: An Illustrated History and Price Guide, cites and illustrates a puzzle, " Napoleon on Board the Bellerophon ", by Zig-Zag, circa 1909, London, England.
Early Zig-Zag puzzles have been found with the following addresses:
8 St Martin's, Leicester Square, WC
8 Norris Street, Haymarket. SW
8 Norris Street
32 Orange Street W.C.2
8 Newman Street, Haymarket SW
Carlton Street, London

Zig-Zag puzzle
, title not known.

Zig-Zag boxZig-Zag box
[la caja]

Zig-Zag strip cutZig-Zag Puzzle, showing the strip cut.

The box reads: The ZIGZAG PUZZLE Co., 8 Norris Street, London S.W.
photos courtesy of "IP"

Zig-Zag puzzleZig-Zag puzzle

Midget Zig-Zag puzzleThe Midget Zig-Zag puzzle

The Zig-Zag puzzle
The Zig-Zag puzzle

The Zig-Zag puzzle
another image

Zig-Zag puzzle list
Zig-Zag puzzle list

The Pickwick Series
The Pickwick Series of Zig-Zag Puzzles
The Richards Art Co.
La compañía arta de Richards
 SEE our Richards Art Co. page.
Zig-Zag Manufacturing Co. in Irvington, N.J., in the 1930's
Zig-Zag Prize Puzzle, 1930's
Zig-Zag Puzzle Co., Chicago and Evanston, Ill, 1930's-1940's

Peaceful Brittany
"Peaceful Brittany"
Zig-Zag, 3729 N. Hamlin Avenue, Chicago, Ill. [1930's?]

Peaceful Brittany
"Peaceful Brittany"
Zig-Zag Serial Picture Puzzle

Zig-Zag Serial Picture Puzzle the box for a Zig-Zag Serial Picture Puzzle from the 1930's


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