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According to Anne Williams, Jigsaw Puzzles, An Illustrated History and Price Guide, Wilkie Picture & Puzzle Company published jigsaw puzzles during the 1930's.
En su libro, Jigsaw puzzles, una historia ilustrada y guía de valores[en inglés], Anne Williams dice que la compañía de Wilkie producieron puzzles durante los años 1930-1939, aproximadamente.

Grandmother's Birthday"Grandmother's Birthday" [box] "Cumpleaños de abuela" [Caja]

caja "Grandmother's Birthday",
by G. Sheridan Knowles, puzzle issued in the 1930's.
"Cumpleaños de abuela"

Crystal Lakebox
" Crystal Lake ", Wilkie’s Picture Puzzle, Dayton, Ohio, No. 86.
Artist not known.
[courtesy of "DC"]

Crystal Lakepuzzle
" Crystal Lake ", 500 pieces, 16 x 20 inches, when assembled.
[courtesy of "DC", from whom, Note: I haven’t been able to verify that this is an actual location. The mountains in the background may be painted based on those in Glacier National Park, Montana, but this is not the same Crystal Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado.]


Ready for the Hunt"Ready for the Hunt", 1930's. [box] "Listos cazar" [caja]


Chris McCann's book,Master Pieces: the Art History of Jigsaw Puzzles.

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