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Waddington's were founded in the nineteenth century by John Waddington and Wilson Barratt as John Waddington Ltd. The original Mr. John Waddington resigned in 1913.
Tom Tyler, in his British Jigsaw Puzzles of the Twentieth Century, says, "...in the 1920's, an American company in Long Island, New York, developed a method of making jigsaw puzzles from cardboard which cut production costs to a twentieth and increased the popularity of the puzzle. In the summer of 1933 Waddington's bought the 'know how' and one or two machines from America and began manufacturing cardboard jigsaw puzzles..."
Waddington first developed circular puzzles.
They later helped Springbok, which apparently used Waddington's prints for circular puzzles, at first.
Waddington puzzles are among the finest in the world.
En su libro, Jigsaw puzzles británicos del siglo XX [en inglés], Tom Tyler dice, «...en los años 1920-1929, una compañía norteamericana en La Isla Larga, Nueva York, perfeccionó una técnica producir puzzles de cartón que redujo gastos de producción a un vigésimo, y por eso aumentaba la popularidad del puzzle.
En el verano de 1933 Waddington compró conocimiento práctico y una o dos máquinas desde los EEUU, y comenzó producir puzzles de cartón...»
Los puzzles de Waddington son entre los puzzles mas excelentes en el mundo.

Spanish translations are in magenta letters.

Bridge North , "Bridge North"

Alice in Wonderland"Alice in Wonderland" [1940's?]

The Circus Comes to Town" The Circus Comes to Town "

The Circus Comes to Town
"The Circus Comes to Town"

Stately Homes of Britain"Stately Homes of Britain"

York Castle Museum"York Castle Museum", 1971.

World Cities"World Cities"

Express Trains" Express Trains ", no. 518 [1965?]


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