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According to Tom Tyler,British Jigsaw Puzzles of the 20th Century, G.J. Hayter produced the Victory line from the 1920's throught the 1980's. In 1970, G.J. Hayter became a subsidiary of J.W. Spear & Sons. Over a period of about 60 years, many, many different series of puzzles were produced. Below are a very few examples of only three or four of the most famous series.
En su libro, Jigsaw puzzles británicos del siglo XX [en inglés], Tom Tyler dice que G.J. Hayter y compañía produjeran la serie "Victoria" [Victory] desde 1920's hasta 1980's. En estos 60 años muchas, muchas series distintas de puzzles se produjeran. Hay abajo unos pocos ejemplos de solo tres o cuatro de las series mas famosas.

Spanish translations are in magenta letters.

Map Puzzles

US Map" Industrial Life in the United States of America "

World Map" The Victory Geographical Wood Jigsaw Puzzle "

US Map" Map of Europe ", 100 pieces

Europe Mapbox, " Map of Europe "

Popular Series

Coppelia" Coppelia ", 500 pieces, Series P.7

Graduation Ball" Graduation Ball ", 350 pieces, Series P.6

Gold Box Series

a gold boxa Gold Box

An Old House and Garden"An Old House and Garden"

Artistic Series

artistic boxan Artistic box

Mountain Retreat"Mountain Retreat"

Choosing a Rapier " Choosing a Rapier ", by V. De Beauvoir Ward, VICTORY puzzle

Choosing a Rapierlabel

Choosing a Rapierbox


Porrero Harbour"Porrero Harbour". This puzzle has about 600 pieces. All the straight edges are interior pieces, the edges are scalloped, and there is much color-line cutting!

Autumnal Tones" Autumnal Tones ", 800 pieces

Union With Scotland" Union With Scotland ", approx. 1000 pieces.

Vows of Homage" Vows of Homage ", 800 pieces

Other Victory puzzles

Imperial Airways Empire Flying Boat" Imperial Airways Empire Flying Boat ", VICTORY.

puzzle" Imperial Airways Empire Flying Boat ", [puzzle] See No. 1551, Page 97, for more info.

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