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Overview - Box Designs

Box Designs, 1932-1933


Box Designs, 1934-c.1940


Box Designs, 1940-c.1957

The War Years


The 1940's - 1

The 1940's - 2

The 1940's - 3

The 1940's - 4

Late Box Designs

The 1950's

The 1950's - 2

The '60's and Beyond

Themes, Topics, & Series

List of Titles

You can usually get an approximate dating on a Tuco puzzle by comparing your puzzle box with the pictures on the "TUCO Box Styles" pages. Additional clues for dating puzzles may be included in the text.
NEW! We have added a list of TUCO puzzle titles, courtesy of Chris McCann.
It includes all known titles for McCann Box Codes LG01-30 and SM01-38, SM61-65.
TUCO Titles (text only)
TUCO Titles (Box Codes illustrated)

· Master Pieces, the Art History of Jigsaw Puzzles --Chris McCann's beautiful book about the artwork of jigsaw puzzles, and how to get it.


· SEE the TUCO Puzzle Site --- Much information and many images. The earlier, non-interlocking Tuco only.
[Not currently available - stay tuned! - Jim McW]



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