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"North American Red Foxes" -- 1000 pieces, probably from the late 50's, a nice, colorful picture. UNOPENED. From a National Geographic article, "America's Illegal Wildlife Trade", September 1991.
Condition of the pieces: As new.
Condition of the box: Very Good, slight caving...............................$7.99, plus s/h.SOLD

Autumn Harvest" Autumn Harvest ", by Frank M. Hamilton, PARKER "THIS LAND" SeriesTM, over 500 pieces, 1975.
Autumn Harvestbox, " Autumn Harvest ".
Condition: COMPLETE
Pieces: Bright, XF.
Box: Very Good, some tape, light wear and discoloration, slight caving..................$19.00, SOLD.
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Spring Rain" Spring Rain ", by Frank M. Hamilton, PARKER "THIS LAND" SeriesTM, over 500 pieces, 1975.
Spring Rainbox, " Spring Rain ".
Condition: COMPLETE
Pieces: Bright, XF.
Box: Fine, tape, light wear, very slight caving..................$19.00, SOLD.
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Evening on the Thames"Evening on the Thames", London, England PZL4449, 1989, 500 pieces, HALLMARK SPRINGBOKTM
Condition: UNOPENED, still in shrinkwrap. AS NEW.............$18.00, PLUS shipping and handling SOLD.

The Bird Cage"The Bird Cage", by Frederick C. Frieseke, 2001, HALLMARK SPRINGBOKTM
Condition: UNOPENED, still in shrinkwrap. AS NEW.............$15.00, PLUS shipping and handling SOLD.

Canyonlands National Park, Utah"Canyonlands National Park, Utah", HALLMARK SPRINGBOK PANORAMICTM, 2000.
Condition: Unopened, still in shrinkwrap. AS NEW..............$12.50SOLD.

The Fawn "The Fawn", PZL6523, 1982, over 500 pieces, 20 3/8" diameter.
Pieces: All present, some wear.
Box: Good, a little wear, moderate creasing and concavity.......$18.00SOLD

Garden Flowers"Garden Flowers", Springbok.
A classic, old Springbok [PZL6038, 1970], but one piece missing, unfortunately.
Pieces: Fine, but one missing.
Box: Fine..................$15SOLD

Wild Flowers"Wild Flowers".
Pieces: All present.
Box: Good, but some wear and separation at seams, as often happens with these early Springboks....SOLD

Santa, Before and After"Santa, Before and After",
Two separate, but VERY similar puzzles, in the same box!
Box:Very Good........SOLD

Soaring Spirits"Soaring Spirits", SPRINGBOKTM, PZL 6527 over 500 pieces.
Condition: COMPLETE.
Pieces: All Present, Fine
Box: Very Good, slight caving, minor wear............$35.00, plus shipping and handling. SOLD

Nutcrackers"Nutcrackers", SPRINGBOKTM
Condition: COMPLETE
Pieces: Very Fine.
Box: Very Fine............$9.00, plus shipping and handling.   SOLD

Geiranger Fiord, Norway"Geiranger Fiord, Norway", SPRINGBOKTM 350 pieces. WORLD OF WONDERSTM Photograph by Ray Manley of Shostal Associates.
Condition: COMPLETE.
Pieces: All Present, Fine
Box: Fine, one small tape lift, handwritten note, "all here, 9/8/2001"...........SOLD$12.00, PLUS shipping and handling

Whistle Stop!"Whistle Stop!",
Condition: COMPLETE
Pieces: Fine, except for one or two lifted tabs
Box: Fine.............SOLD$12.00, PLUS shipping and handling.

"The Authentic All-American Bicentennial Jigsaw Puzzle"
[the back of the box]
Pieces: Very Good
Box: Very Good...........$12.00, PLUS shipping and handling.SOLD

Best 18 Golf Holes in America"The Best 18 Golf Holes in America", by Donald Moss.
#C922. A pre-Hallmark Springbok, produced under license from John Waddington Ltd., Leeds, England, 1966. The legend on the box actually reads, "Sports Illustrated's The Best 18 Golf Holes in America". Box is 14¼ inches in diameter; puzzle is 20¼ in diameter.
Pieces: All present. Very Good or better. COMPLETE.
Box: Very Fine, slight wear and one bump..........$12.50, PLUS shipping and handlingSOLD.

James HamiltonTM (Great Britain)

Flying Rainbows"Flying Rainbows", JAMES HAMILTONTM Flying Rainbows"Flying Rainbows", box.
Condition: Complete
Pieces: Very Fine, one tab slightly flawed on bottom
Box: Good+, caving, one split corner...........$19.00, SOLD.


The Conquerors"The Conquerors"
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The Conquerors - Box FrontBox Front
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The Conquerors - Box BackBox Back
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The Conquerors - Box SideBox Side
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"The Conquerors" -- Over 160 pieces, probably from the 30's, a nice picture, COMPLETE (see picture).
Published by Einson-Freeman
The back panel suggests "3 Ways to Play Jig-Saw Puzzles"!
Condition of the pieces: As new (some pieces haven't even been separated at the cut!), COMPLETE.
Condition of the box: Good, slight crushing and wear,
was opened a bit roughly at one end at some time.......$20.00, plus shipping and handling.SOLD

Wooden Puzzles

Exeter Cathedral" Exeter Cathedral ", a wooden puzzle, with devilish color-cutting! We found this British puzzle very difficult. In other words, we hate to give it up. We believe this to be from the 1950's or 1960's. It's push-fit or non-interlocking, 734 pieces, and it makes up into a puzzle 23 1/4 x 32 3/4 inches in size.
Another, larger picture.
Pieces: All present, Very Good Condition. COMPLETE. Some wear and discoloration.
Box: Not original.........................$149.00, PLUS shipping and handling. SOLD.

The Temple of Knowledge" The Temple of Knowledge ", by Mrs. Alice J. Chamberlain. The Temple is made up of pieces labeled with the books of the Bible and other biblical precepts. The other side bears a map of Palestine.: Map of Palestine" Map of Palestine " (other side).
about 85 wooden pieces (including border), c. 1890 [?]
Condition: COMPLETE
Pieces: Fine, some wear and discoloration from age
Box: Fine, some loss of paper on sides, slight discoloration from age...............$49.00, PLUS shipping and handling SOLD.

Map of Europe"Map of Europe, circa 1635", over 400 wooden pieces, by Glencraft, South Windham, Maine.
Condition: COMPLETE
Pieces: Very Fine
Box: .......................$85.00, PLUS shipping and handling.

The Pen" The Pen ", art by A. Mucha, FIREBIRD PUZZLES
Recent issue, it contains 148 pieces, measures approximately 5 x 12 inches.
Condition: COMPLETE
Pieces: XF+
Box: Virtually AS NEW, .........................$75.00, PLUS shipping and handlingSOLD.

Princess and Her Page"Princess and Her Page"
about 75 fine wooden pieces, 1930's [?]
Condition: COMPLETE
Pieces: Very Fine+
Box: Fine+, a little frayed...............$99.00, PLUS shipping and handlingSOLD.

Highland Stag" Highland Stag ", The Academy Jig-Saw Puzzle - "A Charming Watercolour in 125 Pieces". Tag says, No. J 711 , Highland Stag, 125 pieces , 2/6 [price], Size 10x7 , All Pieces Interlocking , Manufactured by J. Salmon, Sevenoaks, England, c. 1930's to 1940's [?].
Condition: COMPLETE
Pieces: Good, but numerous tabs have paper lifting, including one from which paper has separated (but is present)
Box: Very Fine...............$49.00, PLUS shipping and handling, SOLD.

At Home in the Country" At Home in the Country ", by J.K. Straus. boxbox front guideguide
We believe the artist is Harry Leith-Ross.
Pieces: All present, Very Fine. Over 400 pieces
Box: Original, sturdy, some discoloration, Fine+....................$59.00, PLUS shipping and handling, SOLD.

Rounding the Capes" Rounding the Capes ", by ZIG-ZAG, of Chicago. piecespieces (a few examples of these fine pieces)
Approximately 400 pieces, with wonderful, tight, interlocking cut.
Bright colors.
Pieces: All present, Very Good+, at least one tab missing, many tabs missing layers of paper. (I counted 404 pieces)
Box: Very Good+, writing, tape, light soiling and discoloration from age..................$75.00, PLUS shipping and handling, SOLD.

Cadaques"Cadaques, Costa Brava", 20½ x 13½ inches, 496 non- interlocking pieces (one piece missing)
Pieces: Bright, fine, but one piece missing
Box: Not original.........................$99.00, PLUS shipping and handlingSOLD.

Mountain Retreat"Mountain Retreat", wooden Mountain Retreat"Mountain Retreat", figural pieces ("whimsies")
Condition: COMPLETE
Box: .......................$199.00, PLUS shipping and handlingSOLD.

Too Late"Too Late", F.A.O. SCHWARZ vintage puzzle, 3 ply veneer wood, over 100 wood pieces. Some figural pieces.
Condition: Very Good.
Pieces: All present, Very Good. COMPLETE.
Box: Very Good, original........................$59.95, SOLD.

Future Hollanders"Future Hollanders", MADMAR
Strip-cut, partly interlocking, 1930's [?]. Cut from 1/4" composition board,128 pieces.
Pieces: Good, COMPLETE
Box: almost Good, box has tear in top.....................$23.00, SOLD.

Charles I and His Equerry"Charles I and His Equerry", 1930's(?)
Condition: COMPLETE.
Pieces: All present, Fine.
Box: Original..............................$75.00, SOLD.

two kid goatstwo kid goats, wooden puzzle, unknown maker and title. Taken from the cover of the May 9, 1942 Saturday Evening Post.
Pieces: All present, Very Good. COMPLETE.
Box: Box not original.........................$19.00, plus postage and handling.SOLD

Chinese Print No. 1"Chinese Print No. 1", a J.K. Straus wooden puzzle.
Pieces: All present, Very Good, slight wear and fading from age (we believe the 1930's).
Box: Very Good.........SOLD$55.00, PLUS shipping and handling

fairy tales"fairy tales", wooden, unknown title, unknown maker, 1920's or 1930's
fairy tales"fairy tales", figural pieces ("whimsies")
Condition: COMPLETE
Pieces: Very Good, some wear
Box: Box not original.SOLD

Jewels of the East"Jewels of the East", a Huvanco puzzle, c. 1920's.
View a much larger image (may take some time to load).
Condition: COMPLETE
Pieces: The 522 pieces are Fine+, have some wear, minor chipping, and a large tab on one piece is missing.
Box: The box is original, in Good condition, but the lid has all four corners split; the bottom is good, but generally worn. The label is partially missing. The box also contains a newspaper (probably used as a liner for the box by one of the early owners) from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, dated Friday, 3 May, 1929, which we presume is an indication of the latest date at which the puzzle may have been issued. Huvanco, in Ilford, England, produced fine, wooden puzzles c. 1910-1939........................$199.00, PLUS shipping and handling. SOLD.


Monaco"Monaco", Leap YearTM
Condition: Unopened, AS NEW........$8.00, PLUS shipping and handling. SOLD.

Nascar 99" Nascar 99 ", Leap Year VISTATM, 100 pieces, 2001, featuring a picture of Jeff Burton's car, number 99.
Condition: Unopened, AS NEW........$7.50, PLUS shipping and handling. SOLD.

Spring Tulips"Spring Tulips", Leap YearTM
Condition: Unopened, AS NEW........$8.00, PLUS shipping and handling. SOLD

Mt. Shuksan"Mt. Shuksan", No. Cascades Natl. Park, Washington, USA, Leap Year VISTATM, 500 pieces, 2001.
Condition: Unopened, AS NEW........$5.00, PLUS shipping and handling. SOLD

Golden Gate Bridge"Golden Gate Bridge", Leap YearTM
Condition: Unopened, AS NEW........$8.00, PLUS shipping and handling. SOLD

Multnomah Falls"Multnomah Falls", Leap YearTM
Condition: Unopened, AS NEW........$8.00, PLUS shipping and handling. SOLD

Other Puzzles

Taking It to the Hoop"Taking It to the Hoop",
Terry Rose Sports Original, Poster Size Sports Jigsaw Puzzle (24" x 36"), PSI, Inc. Several years old.
Condition: UNOPENED
Pieces: 1100 interlocking pieces
Box: UNOPENED, shrinkwrap slightly marked and worn, a few minor tears, slight caving to box, but still perfectly intact and FINE...........$16.00, PLUS shipping and handling. SOLD

Mohonk"Weekend Visitors", from an original oil painting by Kirk Stirnweis. Produced and distributed by Mohonk Mountain House, New Paltz, N.Y. 700 pieces, 12" x 34". The legend on the side reads, "In 1869, Alfred Smiley discovered a pristine mountain lake in the Shawangunks. Inspired by its peace and beauty, he and his twin, Albert, who bought the property, built Mohonk Mountain House in the Quaker tradition. A haven for their guests, Mohonk was founded for the purposes of relaxation, enhancement of healthful practices and communion with nature. The Mountain House is architecturally significant, with its fine porches, handsome wood interiors, and imposing stone structures. It is historically significant in that it hosted presidents, world religious leaders, and a series of conferences of Friends of the Indians and also a series on International Arbitration. Today, Mohonk is a National Historic Landmark, preserving its tradition of excellence."
Pieces: All present, Very Good, with a few tabs lifting a bit. COMPLETE.
Box: Very Good, with slight marking and slight shelf wear........SOLD

Dream Murder"The Dream Murder Mystery Jig", 1933, E-F Litho Co., with Novelette, which features a clue on the final page in " magic disappearing ink ".
Condition: COMPLETE.
Pieces: Very Fine, with figural pieces
Box: Very Fine.............SOLD$45.00, PLUS shipping and handling

Nature Calls"Nature Calls", 1990, 550 pieces.
Condition: COMPLETE.
Pieces: Very Good, bright, and tight fit, but numerous tabs lifted.
Box: Fine+ or better............SOLD$12.00, PLUS shipping and handling

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