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In this section, we offer some puzzles for sale. You will find instructions at the bottom of the page for accessing the pages of the SALE section and ordering items.
All items are subject to availability.
Prices DO NOT include shipping and handling.



Condition: COMPLETE
Pieces: Fine, all pieces present.
Box: Good, some "caving" on one corner, ..........$7.00, PLUS shipping and handling.   SALE!
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Sweet Memories"Sweet Memories", SPRINGBOKTM, PZL 6517 over 500 pieces.
Condition: COMPLETE.
Pieces: All Present, Fine
Box: almost Very Good, some wear, some caving, one split corner............$29.00, PLUS shipping and handling.
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Fifty Fabulous Fun-Filled States" Fifty Fabulous Fun-Filled States ", Fifty Fabulous Fun-Filled Statesbox, PZL1300, 1986, 100 pieces, HALLMARK SPRINGBOK JR. PUZZLE PLUSTM
Condition: Puzzle is COMPLETE, Map Poster is included, in Mint condition - BUT THE CRAYONS AND STICKERS ARE ABSENT.
Puzzle Pieces: All Present, Very Fine, bright
Box: Very Fine, ............$9.00, PLUS shipping and handling.
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River Reflection"River Reflection", SPRINGBOKTM
Condition: Unopened, still in shrinkwrap, AS NEW...........$10.00, PLUS shipping and handling.
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Lionel"Lionel", ("Lionel Electric Trains - American Legend"), SPRINGBOKTM
Condition: Unopened, still in shrinkwrap, AS NEW,
several available...........$7.95 each, PLUS shipping and handling.   SALE!
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Classic Cars"Classic Cars", by Robert Pettes, 1969.
Pieces: Very Fine, one or two tabs slightly lifting.
Box: Fine...........$12.00, PLUS shipping and handling.
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Condition: UNOPENED
Box: AS NEW...........$15.00, PLUS shipping and handling.   SALE!
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Upcoming SALE Items - (Some may be available now.)

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FAQ Page

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Ordering Information

To order, simply CONTACT US.
Include the puzzle title or titles, your e-mail address,
AND the mailing address to which you want us to mail the items.
We will reply as quickly as possible, confirming availability and total due,
including shipping and handling ( which is EXTRA ).
We accept checks, money orders, and PayPal.
We ship after verification of payment.
We wait approximately 15 days for checks to clear.

If you have any questions, CONTACT US again. You can also write by US Mail to

P.O Box 8059
Austin, TX 78713.

Many of these puzzles are vintage, used puzzles. Some of them are incomplete, and many of them exhibit at least a little wear, either on the puzzle pieces or the box or both. We try to describe them completely and accurately. If the box has been opened, we usually enclose the pieces in sealed plastic bags, to prevent loss of pieces. We want to insure your satisfaction, but we expect that any questions or complaints be sent in a timely fashion (normally about two weeks from delivery) and that you exercise diligent care of the puzzle until you have verified its condition. If the package is damaged when you receive it, you must keep the package, any wrapping, all packing, and all contents, and notify us immediately.

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