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Made by Built-Rite.

Spanish translations are in magenta letters.


Jack Swezey and Bob Beall:
Their pictures for BUILT-RITE STA-N-PLACE puzzles, circa 1951-1952.

This puzzle has been reported to have been made from a photo taken, circa 1951-2, by Jack Swezey and Bob Beall, in Lafayette, Indiana. The children in the train are Jack Swezey's and Bob Beall's children. The "carpenter" below is Bob Beall's son.
See no. 241, Page 18, and no. 1738, Page 106, on our Q&A pages.

Pajama Pary"Pajama Party" [1950's?]

This is another puzzle reported to been come from a photo taken by Jack Swezey and Bob Beall. The children in the pictures of this series were the photographers' children and their friends.

Craftsman"Craftsman" [1950's?]


This is a Built Right/Stay In Place, Number 74 [Back and front of puzzle], photos courtesy "GM" [see "Q&A" no. 241 ] We are interested in learning anything we can about this puzzle, particularly about the "Craftsman" logo on the saw. We would appreciate any information possible, or any history of this puzzle. Thank you.
Please send info to's Contact page. Thanks! Jim McW

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