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An important puzzle manufacturer of Canada.
Un fabricante importante de puzzles en Canada.

Spanish translations are in magenta letters.

Map of Canada"Map of Canada", approx. 60 pieces, 1962, with historical data about Canada.

Map of Canada - Box"Map of Canada - Box"

Four-in-One"Four-in-One", box top to a set of four unbroken puzzles,


Flying In"Flying In"


Mantle of White"Mantle of White",

GEMTM Series

The Way Westward"The Way Westward" [from the collection of "KM"]

I Got Mine, Dad"I Got Mine, Dad" [from the collection of "EP"]

Mirror Magic"Mirror Magic" [from the collection of "EP"]

Playful Puppies"Playful Puppies" [from the collection of "EP"]

Well Done"Well Done" [from the collection of "EP"]


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