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[217]from "PH"-23 June 2001:
Hi there. Just went through your site. It was great. I finally just put together a TUCO puzzle that belonged to my grandmother. The title is "The Flower Mart"; I have not found it on any site--yours being the best detailed. Some details: Beige box with label on the end and no other printed matter or identification. The label reads
Tuco Picture Puzzle
The Flower Mart
350 and 400
The left side of this label has a small inset Tuco emblum.
Can you help?? I'm wondering what the date on this is. Thanks.
from Jim McW--23 June 2001:
We have at least one or two puzzles by that title [see the Fine Arts and Big 10 pages], but no Tuco in our collection. However, files to which we have access indicate that it is probably in a "LG10" box, which we believe were published circa 1936-38. See a sample of this style box on our "Tuco Box Styles" page. This page is one good place to go to date a Tuco puzzle, by the style of it's box. Hope this helps, Jim McW
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[218]from "NR"[kindly forwarded from another site]-22 June 2001:
I am the manager of the Matthew 25 Thrift Shop that is located in Lititz, PA USA. The proceeds from donated items help meet emergency needs of people living in our area.
Someone donated this item:
"Victory" Farmyard wood jig-saw puzzle made in England by G. J. Hayter & Co., Ltd., Boscombe, Bournemouth. It is 8x 14 3/4 when completed.
Can you give me an idea of the value?
Thanks for any help.
from Jim McW--24 June 2001:
We would expect such a puzzle, complete and in fine condition, to fetch (usually ) at least 50 cents per wooden piece, perhaps more, depending on many different factors.
See our FAQ page for a brief discussion of puzzle values.
Hope this helps, Jim McW

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[219]from "TC"-24 June 2001:
I was wondering if there is a way to tell how the puzzle pieces are cut?
We don't like it when all of the puzzles' pieces are almost identical in shape. I know it's more of a challenge that way but we just work on jigsaw puzzles occasionally for relaxation.
If you don't know, do you know of someone else that might know?
Thanks for you time!!
BTW, great website!!
from Jim McW--24 June 2001:
Well, we don't know, at least not directly, since we have no connection with any puzzle manufacturer. Our assumption is that different people like different kinds of puzzles. My favorite kind is the old Tuco puzzle, because the pieces are very thick and sturdy. One seldom encounters a "bent" Tuco piece, even in a puzzle from the 1930's. We don't particularly enjoy puzzles which have more than 800 pieces, but some people not only enjoy puzzles which are much bigger, but which have various other attributes which make them much harder still, such as extra pieces, double-sided, no straight edges, cutting along color lines, etc. We suggest that you try different kinds of puzzles, to see which kind(s) you enjoy the most. If you order your puzzles from one of the on-line puzzle stores on our LINKS page, you can probably get help from the people at those stores, as to which ones do not have "all of the puzzles' pieces almost identical in shape".
Good luck! And, thanks, by the way, for the compliment, Jim McW

from Nancy Ballhagen--25 June 2001:
Hi TC,
Some of the companies that don't have all the same shaped pieces, are:
Great American Puzzle Factory,
FX Schmid (especially the 500 piece ones),
Buffalo Games,
White Mountian and
Springbok (Hallmark).
Not to say that the pieces are wildly shaped, they are mostly just not " two innies and two outies". Many of the European companies make their pieces very much alike, also The Rose Art Kodacolor , and Milton Bradley's Big Ben and Croxley puzzle pieces are much alike. Hope this helps. Nancy

from Jim McW--26 June 2001:
That reminds me, I've been meaning to ask everyone: What special terms do you use or have you heard used in working puzzles or in referring to puzzles? For instance, " two innies and two outies", or "push-fit", or "color-cut", etc. Doesn't have to be a generally used term. Might be fun! Jim McW
from TC--1 July 2001:
Hi Nancy!!
Thanks a million for the information!!

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[220]from "CK"-24 June 2001:
I came across an order form for a free personalized jigsaw puzzle, but the offer expired 6/30/00. I have a photo from which I would like to have a puzzle made (at least 100 pieces). The order form was to be sent to:
Milton Bradley Personalized Puzzle Offer
Does Milton Bradley or any other company still have such a service?
from Jim McW--26 June 2001:
We have at least one MILTON BRADLEYTM jigsaw puzzle in our collection, which has an offer of this kind, but expiring 6/30/01, as I recall. Let's hope they will be publishing some new puzzles with a renewed offer. Keep an eye out at your local store. Thanks, Jim McW
from Verl Cook--17 July 2001:
There is a store in my home town that produces puzzles from personal pictures. They are quite inexpensive. Here is the information on the photo puzzles. The name and address of the shop is:
Quick and Reliable Printing
94 Ashman Circle
Midland, MI 48640
The telephone number is (989) 631-2955.
They will create from a photo a 7 1/2" x 10 1/2" 40 piece interlocking puzzle for $12.00 + shipping. They will also return the photo. Hope this helps your people.. Verl

from Jim McW--17 July 2001:
Thanks for the tip, Verl. We post this information for the convenience of our visitors. If anyone else can tell us of another company which makes single puzzles from personal photos, please let us know, and we will post the info. Thanks, Jim McW
from Jim McW--4 July 2002:
See more information on our FAQ page.
Thanks, Jim McW

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[221]from "RP"-24 June 2001:
Hello. I inherited 2 Saalfield puzzles from my grandparents. I would like to find out some information about them. They have the copyright symbol of Saalfield on the bottom right. They are signed Diana Thome or Diana Trome on the bottom left. They are children's puzzles of a rabbit and a ram. Some of the pieces are shaped in animal shapes, a pipe, and a lady's old shoe. I would like to know information like when they were produced and where. Was it a commom practice at the time they were produced to make some of the pieces in the animal and other shapes? I would find any information you can provide interesting. Thank you.
from Jim McW--26 June 2001:
Saalfield produced puzzles for several decades. Can you provide a picture? If so, you can send it either as a JPG or GIF attachment or by US mail to the address below. Pictures or scans often facilitate useful answers, because it often gives clues as to date, subject, title, artist, etc.
As to the figural shapes, that was a popular and frequent practice. Thanks, Jim McW

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[222]from "KM"-24 June 2001:
Hello, what a wonderful site you have! I have really enjoyed looking through all the wonderful older puzzles. I was also looking for a particular puzzle and was hoping you may have a link or pehaps know where I might find it directly...
What I am looking for are puzzles depicting Thomas McKnight prints. I know that Ceaco made the ones (2) that I already have, but unfortunately I have not been able to locate any more. Any assistance you may have to offer me would be greatly appreciated. Thank you,
from Jim McW--26 June 2001:
We have received previous questions about McKnight artwork, including numbers 49 and 199, but noone has provided answers, yet. Anybody know about these? Thanks, Jim McW
from Nancy Ballhagen--26 June 2001:
Hi KM,
I had the Thomas McKnight puzzles in my shop for some time. I sold the last one not long ago. As you know, Ceaco made them and I think there were either 4 or 6 different ones. They were discontinued 3 or 4 years ago, I think.
Keep looking on internet auction sites and in thrift shops, garage sales, antique malls, and the like.
Good luck. Nancy

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[223]from "RL"-27 June 2001:
Dear Sir or Madam,
I am looking for a certain type of puzzle, but I do not know the brand name. This type of puzzle has pieces (500 or 1000 not sure which) that can be assembled in many different ways, but only one assembly produces the correct image. If you could help me in any way, it would be greatly appreciated.
Thank You!!!
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[224]from "PIP"-27 June 2001:
Some of the questions you have are about ceaco puzzles. Ceaco has a web site at :
The site has name and pictures of the puzzles they currently have available. They list them by artist and by number of pieces. I hope this information is of some help.
from Jim McW--28 June 2001:
The Ceaco website is one of the best designed sites I've ever seen! Thanks for the great tip, Jim McW
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[225]from "LG"-28 June 2001:
To whom it may concern,
I found a jig-saw puzzle at a garage sale, and I was wondering if you could tell me more about it. The name of the puzzle is called Mountain Magic. Made by Whitman Publishing company, Racine Wis. I am looking for the year it was made and if it would be considered an antique. There are 304 pieces with interlocking border. It does say machine cut. The number on the box reads No. 4425. The price on the box reads 39 cents. Is it possible to learn more about it? Thank You.
Thanks for your help
from Jim McW--29 June 2001:
It sounds as though it may be a Whitman Guild, which have been produced for several decades. Can you provide a picture? If so, you can send it either as a JPG or GIF attachment or by US mail to the address below. Pictures or scans often facilitate useful answers, because it often gives clues as to date, subject, title, artist, etc. Thanks, Jim McW
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[226]from "MS"-29 June 2001:
Dear Sirs,
I am writing from Perth West Australia. I am really into Charles Wysockis puzzles, and have 21 to my collection. I am having trouble finding a shop over in my state that provides them. Have you any ideas at all how I can find out the stockists. I am a cancer surviver from last year, and these puzzles, and the computer, kept me going. I would dearly love to find more of the puzzles. Hope you can be of assistance. I would be really grateful.
Yours Sincerely.
from Jim McW--29 June 2001:
Wysocki puzzles are indeed popular. If you will check question no 156, on Q&A page 11, you will find a recent entry to that query, which links to a separate page which provides a list of Wysocki puzzles (in progress), including those puzzles which may still be in stock at the Wysocki Gallery website.
We believe that jigsaw puzzles are very therapeutic, for everyone. Thanks for your personal story, and write any time. We would love to hear more from puzzlers "down under"! Let us know if you have difficulty finding the Wysocki list. You might also try some of the on-line stores, on our LINKS page. Anybody have any other suggestions? Jim McW

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[227]from "DA"-30 June 2001:
I am hoping you can help me. I am looking for a 2000 piece puzzle. It is number PZL9413 Gone with the Wind. Do you know of anywhere where I may be able to order this puzzle. Thank you very much.
from Jim McW--1 July 2001:
This sounds like a Springbok which was issued in 1995. I would recommend looking in garage sales, etc., plus in on-line auction sites. Thanks, Jim McW
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