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[180]from "PFF"-21 May 2001:
I am looking for Whitman Guild jigsaw puzzles. I live in Polk County, Fl. , and would like to know if you have any information on what stores sell them. I haven't been able to find them. Thank you in advance for any help you can give me.
*************** from Jim McW--19 May 2001:
I am not aware of any recent activity under the name of Whitman or Guild, since it changed hands at least once. I think your best bet is to look on internet auction sites (and we sometimes have some on our Items for Sale Page!). Thanks, Jim McW
*************** from Nancy Ballhagen--23 May 2001:
Whitman and Guild puzzles belonged to Golden Books. They have sold out to Milton Bradley (Hasbro) there are a few Guild puzzles still being made by MB but are not the same as when they were Golden. Nancy
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[181]from "DWG"-23 May 2001:
Dear Sir,
I have the Tuco Religious puzzle that is titled "Christ in Gethsemane". I was looking for the year it was printed,and looking for its worth. Can you help? Or tell me where to look?
Thank you, "DWG"
*************** from Jim McW--23 May 2001:
I believe many of the Tuco Religious puzzle pictures were published more than once, and in different style boxes. Without a picture of the box, I can only say that it was produced between 1932 and about 1960. You may be able to find a similar puzzle box in our Tuco section.
Thanks, Jim McW

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[182]from "X1"-23 May 2001:
hi, I'm looking for theses jigsaw puzzle by jane wooster scott: "corkboard "silouhette" series" by Ceaco
Titles are:
- christmas traffic jam
- cape milford lighthouse
- birthday mayhem
- independence day parade
- yankee enterprise
Do you know where i can find it ?
Thank you, "X1"
from Nancy Ballhagen--9 June 2001:
Hi, "X1". Chances of you finding those puzzles new and unopened is pretty slim, as they were discontinued 2 or 3 years ago. As it stands today, Ceaco is not even making any Jane Wooster Scott puzzles. The best bet I can think of is on internet auction sites, or in thrift shops and second hand stores and possibly garage sales. Good luck Nancy
from dfb--27 October 2001:
Dear X1,
We are looking for the same types of puzzles. We have several and would like more. Did you have any luck?

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[183]from "seagull"-24 May 2001:
I have a Norman Rockwell puzzle entitled, THE TATOOIST, from Saturday Evening Post dated March 4th, 1944. The box on the outside says 551 pieces, but there are only 500 pieces in it. Would you happen to know if this is an error on the box, as 551 pieces is an odd number. Thanks, "seagull"
*************** from Jim McW--25 May 2001:
It is not at all unusual for a puzzle to contain an odd number of pieces. For instance, many Tuco puzzles contain 357 pieces.
Thanks, Jim McW

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[184]from "LG"-26 May 2001:
I found a old puzzle today at a garage sale. The puzzle is from Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse Club. There is a # on the bottom of it that might be the patent #, and if that is what it is, then the puzzle should be from around 1941-1942. Can you tell me if this is worth anything besides sentimental value. I watched the Mickey Mouse Club as a kid.
Thanking you in advance for any information about the puzzle. "LG"
*************** from Jim McW--27 May 2001:
Boy, we sure would like to get a picture of the puzzle or it's box from you! 1941-2 sounds a bit early to us. We believe that the Mickey Mouse Club premiered about 1955. Of course, puzzles appeared much earlier, with Mickey featured. They are still VERY popular, lots of fun, and sometimes command a premium.
Thanks, Jim McW

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[185]from "CF"-29 May 2001:
This is a corkboard puzzle - I hope I have the correct number - that shows many nursery rhymes in its 684 pieces with unusual cuts. It is supposed to contain a key inside to identify all the nursery rhymes that are represented in the puzzle - over 60. However, we are stuck at about 32 and really would like the key to find the rest.
Can you help? "CF"
*************** from Jim McW--30 May 2001:
Do you have a scan of the box or puzzle?
Thanks, Jim McW

from Nancy Ballhagen--9 June 2001:
Hi, "CF". The puzzle you described sounds like RHYMES AND REASONS and was made by Ceaco 2 or 3 years ago when the cork puzzles were big. It is no longer in print. If you call Ceaco and ask for customer service, you might be able to get a copy of the answers. That is a beautiful painting by one of my favorite artists, James C. Christensen. That same picture is a puzzle being made by Great American Puzzle Factory at this time, it is not cork. I don't know if it has the answers with it or not. I am not sure if I have it in stock in the store [ Nancy Ballhagen's puzzles ] right now or not. Nancy
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[186]from "PH"-29 May 2001:
I have recently purchased a puzzle and am curious about its age. The outer box is octagonal and the pieces are stored in an inner square box. It is a Milton Bradley Devon Octagonal puzzle. Designed after "Village Avenue" by Meindert Hobbema. The number 4694-4 is on the box. I would be interested in any additional information about this puzzle.
thanks "PH"
*************** from Jim McW--30 May 2001:
Do you have a scan of the box or puzzle?
Thanks, Jim McW

*************** from "PH"--31 May 2001:
Jim -
Thank you for your response and posting my question. Attached is a photo of the box cover. Village Avenue"Village Avenue", by Meindert Hobbema. I have started the puzzle and already sadly discovered there is at least one piece missing and a couple broken. The pieces are thick cardboard.
thanks again, "PH"

*************** from Jim McW--1 June 2001:
It turns out that we have a picture of this puzzle on file ( I think it is one of our puzzles ), with 700 pieces, and a date of 1966.
Thanks, Jim McW

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[187]from "C4"-1 June 2001:
I haven't seen the Mount Rushmore puzzle in years, do you still have it available? "C4"
*************** from Jim McW--2 June 2001:
We sold one Tuco Mt. Rushmore from our collection some time ago, but I don't think we've had the Milton BradleyTM puzzle. However, we received this picture from a contributor:
Mt. Rushmore
"Mt. Rushmore"

Does anyone have this puzzle and want to make it available to the enquirer?
Thanks, Jim McW

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[188]from Richard Ballhagen-2 June 2001:
Jim, your site is really fantastic.
Is anybody familiar with any lists existing for Milton Bradley's Big Ben series puzzles? Has anybody tried cataloging them at all, including box types and pictures?
*************** from Jim McW--3 June 2001:
Offhand, I know of no history or list of Big BenTM puzzles. I have made up an impromptu list of all the titles we have in our collection, as well as some of the ones we've seen or heard about:
Amsterdam, Holland
Autumn Road
Coquille Point, Oregon
Cypress Gardens, Florida
Danish Castle
Dolomite Mountains, Italy
Festival Time - Italy
Fishing Village
Formal Garden
Granada, Spain [I have this as Grandara, but mustn't it be Granada?]
Grand Tetons
The Hideaway
Home In England
Hunsett Mill, Norfolk, England
Indian Valley, California
Jenne Farm, Reading, Vermont
Locomotive in New England
Lumaha'i Beach, Kauai, Hawaii
Mother and Baby Elephants
Mt. Blanc, France
Mt. Rushmore
New Harbor, Maine
Niagara Falls
Old Killarney Castle
Paris FLower Market
Peaceful Mill
Quiet Mooring
Ramsau, Germany
Red Coat Inn
Rhodes, Greece
Seville, Mykonos
Silver City Ghost Town, Idaho
Split Rock Lighthouse, Minnesota
St. Etienne Cathedral, Bourges, France
Sunrise Symphony
Trinidad Lighthouse
Urquhart Castle, Scotland
Valley of Temples, Oahu, Hawaii
Wilson Peak, Colorado
The Windmill
Does anyone have any additions or corrections to this list?
Anyone know of a list already available?
Thanks, Jim McW

from Jim McW--5 June 2001:
Richard has sent us some great pictures of some Big BenTM puzzle boxes we don't have. You may look at them and read his comments about them on our Big BenTM page.
Thanks, Jim McW
from Jim McW -- 1 September 2008:
See also Richard's Big BenTM site.
Thanks, Jim McW
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[189]from "AR"-3 June 2001:
Hello, I recently got this beautiful puzzle and while trying to find some information about it, I came across your helpful website. I wondered if you could give me any further information about it.
It looks like a Thomas Hart Benton painting, however there is no identification of the artist, only the puzzle titled "Spring Plowing." Also, is there any way to tell how old the puzzle is? I put the puzzle together and all the pieces are here! Amazing. Is this something that is collectible?
The box says:
Whitman Publishing Company
Crown Jig-Saw Puzzle
Machine Cut
Extra Heavy Board - Size 29" x 22 1/2" - 713 Pieces, Interlocking Border
Price: $1.00, Series No. 711
Thanks in advance for any help you can offer. "AR"
from Jim McW--3 June 2001:
"AR" was kind enough to send us a picture of the assembled puzzle:
Spring Plowing "Spring Plowing", a Crown puzzle.
We have found a Whitman Guild puzzle with the same subject:
Spring Plowing "Spring Plowing"
Without a picture of the puzzle box, it's hard to say exactly how old "AR's" puzzle is, but I would guess the 60's, perhaps, from the price. It is derived from a beautiful painting by Thomas Hart Benton [see "Master Pieces", by Chris McCann]. As far as I'm concerned, it's highly collectible!
Thanks, Jim McW

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