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[2019]from "anon"-- 26 October 2008:


from Jim McW -- 29 October 2008:

One of the greatest rewards of having created this website is ... when various individuals add various pieces of information to help us to learn about an old jigsaw puzzle.
This may be another of these stories. See no. 1207 on our page 77, for [a previous post]. Here's a picture of the puzzle :

girl playing pianogirl playing piano
It was a puzzle published by A.M. Walzer. We have a small group of A.M. Walzer puzzles shown on our A.M. WALZER page. There you may see four children's puzzles. The girl at the piano looks like the same girl shown kneeling at prayer in another puzzle. It would be nice to learn the title of one or more of these old puzzles, and "Onward Christian Soldiers" would be a plausible title for the one with the girl playing the piano.
Good luck in your search!
Thanks, Jim McW
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[2020]from "TB"-- 4 November 2008:

Re: our Good Companion page, Type C, no. 89


I am trying to track down a favourite puzzle I had when I was a child and I am pretty sure it was the Oriana in Sydney harbour. Having found this entry on your web site, could you send me a picture of this puzzle if you have access to it, and some advice on how to track one down..? Thanks a lot.



from Jim McW -- 4 November 2008:

We probably have less than twenty photographs of Good Companion puzzles. We don't find these puzzles very often in the USA, so we have only a few in our own collection.
However, we did find this picture of a VICTORY wooden puzzle:

S.S. Oriana at Sydney"S.S. Oriana at Sydney"

Does anyone have a picture of the GOOD COMPANION puzzle (no. 89)?
Thanks, Jim McW
from "PW" -- 12 February 2009:

Dear Jim

Greetings from England

I noticed that one of your site visitors wanted a picture of the Good Companion Puzzle no 89 (the Oriana). Please find [below] a photo of the made up puzzle (not classic photography I’m afraid).

I am slowly completing a collection of Good Companion and Sujan jigsaws, so I may have answers if you are unable to answer queries. I am also trying very hard to find out a bit more about the history of Good Companion. When I have succeeded I will let you know.

Kind regards,

"PW", England

The Oriana"The Oriana"
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[2021]from "JG"-- 4 November 2008:

Dear Jim,
After reading your site whilst doing some research for my mother on "The Elfin" Jigsaw, I thought you might like some images of this most intricate and mischievous puzzle!

Elfin Jigsaw" Elfin Jigsaw ", Chad Valley

boxbox, " Elfin Jigsaw "

It is mentioned by a few of your contributors to your site, but no-one seemed to have a full jigsaw in "Good" quality. Well I think my mother has it! There are no pieces missing, albeit slight damage to several. the printing is still virtually intact!

The box has a little more damage, but comes with its three original "Shelves" for sorting each of the pieces into, and no sellotape has been used to "repair" it, therefore no messy yellow marks"

After finally working the jigsaw out I managed to scan it. Unfortunately it was too big for the scanner, but with the marvels of modern software these days, I scanned it in 2 pieces and put it together digitally....

Also included in the images is the note within the jigsaw stating that it was forwarded by

H.M. The Queen as a gift to the Primary Department's Stall, Astley Bridge Baptist School, Bolton on the occasion of the Bazaar held the 18th, 19th and 21st October, 1933.

Please reply with your comments and please, feel free to add this information to your website!

Kindest Regards,,

"JG", UK

from Jim McW -- 11 November 2008:

We deeply appreciate this contribution to the site, and we are posting all the information on our CHAD VALLEY page, as well as on the several Q&A pages, according to the dates of original receipt. [For instance, see No. 1986, Page 118.]
Thanks very much, Jim McW
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[2022]from "PMA"-- 11 November 2008:

Do you know anything about the manufacturer "Efroc" who made this puzzle? When where they in business?

best regards

Efroc Jigsaw" Efroc Jigsaw "


from Jim McW -- 14 November 2008:
According to Tom Tyler's British Jigsaw Puzzles of the 20th Century, EFROC was a producer of wooden puzzles during the 1950's.

Thanks, Jim McW
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[2023]from "PMA"-- 11 November 2008:

Do you have any information about this lovely puzzle? How old could it be?

best regards

parrotparrot, title not known, CHAD VALLEY



from "CL"-- 16 November 2008:

Hi. I love looking at this site! I think that the parrot in 2023 is beautiful but am wondering if the box is correct. I can't see that there are 500 pieces in the puzzle - maybe I'm wrong - but the cut certainly looks like it could be Chad Valley. I had a Chad Valley puzzle of a Capercaillie which had no name....I spent a good deal of time looking at birds before I decided that was what it was. My puzzle was from the 1950's and I would think that another interesting bird puzzle of the same size is probably from a similar time. Best regards.


from Jim McW -- 16 November 2008:
I think you must be right about the box. The bird looks like a parrot or parrakeet, but the colors seem unusual. Also, the depiction of the bird looking directly at the viewer seems off, somehow, almost as though it were drawn a bit like a cartoon.

Can anyone identify the artwork or the species?

Thanks, Jim McW

from "PMA"-- 22 November 2008:

If you look carefully at the box, you can see that there has been a piece of paper glued over "500" that now has fallen off. Also the size of the box (18,5x13x4 cm) indicates that 500 pieces are not possible. I wonder why they did it this way?



from Jim McW -- 23 November 2008:
I do see the outline around the "500". This suggests to me that they used excess boxes, on hand at the factory, for a purpose other than originally intended. This leads me to ask why they would do this. Tom Tyler, in his important book, British Jigsaw Puzzles of the 20th Century, says that CHAD VALLEY did not produce puzzles during World War 2 (except for a few made for military hospitals). The style of this box seems wrong for the post-war years. All in all, I think this may have been issued during the years immediately preceding the war, somehow due to the economic difficulties of the 1930's.

Thanks, Jim McW

from "PMA"-- 14 December 2008:

Hi again!
...I would like to share another [bird puzzle] with you. It is only 40 pieces, a so called "post card puzzle" dated 1934.



2 parrotstwo parrots

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[2024]from "JF"-- 13 November 2008:

Hello Puzzle History,
I am looking for a complete list of Waddington circular puzzles from the 50s and 60s with Design #s, starting with "No. 501" and going at least up to Design No. 552 (Veteran Motor Car). These puzzles came in sturdy rectangular boxes, and many of these puzzles were reproduced by Springbok. Also included in my request are Jig-Maps and specialized puzzles such as the "Dan Dare" puzzle (Design # 451), Eagle Comics (Design #452), and the "Coronation Souvenir Series", which had at least two Queen Elizabeth II puzzles from ~1953. I'd like to know if I have them all, and which ones I'm missing! Any info would help. Thanks -


from Jim McW -- 23 November 2008:

Here's a beginning list, but we need help from all you puzzlers! [Those of interest to "JF" are in Italics]:

Arabian Nights, 1971
Birds and Butterflies, John Francis, 1988
British Waders, 1980
The Circus Comes to Town, no. 517
Coral Reef, 1992
Coronation of Elizabeth II, 1953
Costumes from the Castle Howard Collection, Yorkshire
Endangered Species, 1990
European Holiday[s?], no. 584
Express Trains, no. 518, 1965
Famous British Battles
Famous Inventions, no. 525
Four Seasons
Game Birds, 1974
Garden Birds
Giblets and Plume, 1974
Great Discoveries and Inventions
History of Flight
London Scenes, no. 547
London Views, 204, 1939
Mammals, 1973
Nordic Animals
Olympian Games, Tokyo,
On the River
Outdoors Activities, no. 536
People of the World [?], no. 519
Railways of the World
Scenes at the Zoo
The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World
Ships Through the Ages, no. 550
Some Birds of the British Isles, no. 535
Stately Homes of Britain, no. 556
Station Buffet, 1987
Transport Veterans
Tropical Birds
Veteran Transport, no. 584, 1970
World Cities, no. 505
A Winer Scene, by Isack Van Ostade
A winter Scene, by Avercamp, 1966
Woodland Wildlife, 1985
World Shipping
York Castle Museum, 1971

Thanks, Jim McW
from "JF"-- 24 November 2008:


D-no # Coronation Souvenir Series - QE2 and Philip in center, trooping on outside
D-no # Coronation Souvenir Series - QE2 w/ numerous circular pictures
D-? Treasure Hunt
D-? **Carnival Scenes** or **The Five Continents** (5-panel starfish
pattern, Europe / Asia, etc)
D-? Cavalcade of Kings and Queens (carousel)
D-? Meccano Magazine - octagon train in center "Dump Truck at Work" is one label
D-422 Africa (jig-map)
D-423 British Isles (jig-map)
D-424 South America (jig-map)
D-426 India (jig-map)
D-427 Northern Europe (jig-map)
D-428 Southern Europe (jig-map)
D-429 Ireland (jig-map)
D-451 Dan Dare *blue rocket plane at bottom*
D-452 **Eagle Comics**
No.501 ?
No.502 **Indian Scenes - snake, wolves, bulls**
No.503 ?
No.504 **Alice in Wonderland**
No.505 World Cities
No.506 **Flight Through the Ages** - Wright Brothers, R34 Airship,
Montgolfier's Balloon, Jet Stratoliners, World War I, World War II
No.507 **Great Britain's History** - Boadicea and Her Chariot
D-508 **Maritime Scenes Through the Ages** - 5 boats
D-509 ?
D-510 ?
D-511 **Scenes from the Commonwealth**
D-512 **Shakespeare**
D-513 **Native American**
D-514 **Horse and Carraige** (Traditional Transport?) - no panels
D-515 ?
D-516 Aladdin and His Lamp
D-517 The Circus Comes to Town
D-518 **Trains Around the World** - 5 panels
D-519 **People of the Commonwealth**
D-520 The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World
D-521 ?
D-522 What's My Line?
D-523 ?
D-524 ?
D-525 Famous Inventions
D-526 Kings and Queens of England
D-527 ?
D-528 Prize Dogs
D-529 **Sports - run, swim, boat, cycle, auto**
D-530 Windscale Nuclear Power
D-531 Dancing Around the World
D-532 Great Britain Tourist Scenes
D-533 Wild Animals of Plain and Forest
D-534 Around the World Under Sail
D-535 Some Birds of the British Isles
D-536 Outdoor Activities
D-537 Fishing Around the World
D-538 Motor and Cycle Racing
D-539 **Boeing 707 flight in center**
D-540 Helicopters
D-541 The Circus
D-542 World Shipping
D-543 Horses
D-544 British Soldiers and Battles
D-545 Tokyo Olympics 1964
D-546 Old English Inns
D-547 Famous London Scenes
D-548 Views of Scotland
D-549 Railways of the World
D-550 Scenes at the Zoo
D-551 Famous World Landmarks
D-552 The Veteran Motor Car

Thanks for your interest! -


from "MAGS"-- 12 December 2008:

Hi, I'm not sure which circular puzzles you are interested in. Waddingtons made 2 different sets, as far as I am aware as I have quite a few of them. One set just had a picture of the subject matter on the front, the other had what I assume to be a paint pallette, brushes and tube of paint in the top left-hand side of the box with the words "Circular" and underneath was written "Jig Saw Puzzle" A picture of the subject matter on the right, the boxes are also flimsier than the other set.

"Paint Pallette" Set:
No 519 is People of the Commonwealth
No 520 is Seven Wonders of the Ancient World

Ordinary circular Set:
Stock No 515 is an oddity in that it does not have a title either on the box or the puzzle itself. Normally the title would be in the centre of the puzzle. It depicts scenes from famous battles and some traditional uniforms of the time - Battle of Blenheim 1704, Battle of Marston Moor 1644, Battle of Agincourt 1415, Battle of Caen 1944, Battle of the Somme 1916, Battle of Waterloo 1815, Royal Artillary Drum Major , The Guards , Muskateer Royalist Army, Yeoman of the Guard, Grenadier Guardsman, Argyll and Sutherland Highlander.
No 516 - York Castle Museum.

Hope this is of help.


"MAGS", England

from Jim McW -- 8 December 2008:
See our Waddingtons page for a few pictures. We post here the " Famous British Battles " box (I thinks this is it.)
Famous British Battles" Famous British Battles ", no. 515

Thanks, Jim McW
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[2025]from "NB"-- 13 November 2008:

I have quite a few Seascape puzzles, I find them at garage sales and have found a couple on internet auctions. One of them I bought had two complete ones in the box, same picture, but they are not cut from the same position on the picture, so you could not replace the bottom right corner piece of puzzle one with the bottom right corner piece of puzzle two. That was certainly strange! Other than the two of the same in one box, I don’t think I have doubles of any others.


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[2026]from "MAGS"-- 16 November 2008:

Hi Jim, I am an avid collector of old and unusual jigsaw puzzles most of which I pick up in Charity Shops (Thrift Shops) or car boot sales. I am always interested in finding out about the jigsaws I have and can usually find out lots of information from your website.

I recently acquired an old Chad Valley Jigsaw from a charity shop for 50p and it was complete! It is a 100 piece, interlocking and is made of plywood. The title on the top of the box is "Highways and Highwaymen. Thomas Dun. He swam for his life .... but was finally overcome" Thomas Dun was a famous murderer and highwayman. On the end of the box there is quite a long description of the exploits of Thomas Dun. I would love to know if this is part of a series of "highwaymen" jigsaw puzzles. I would also like to know the approximate date of the jigsaw. It has the "By appointment Toymakers to H.M. The Queen" under the Royal Warrant. I know this appointment was given in 1938 and in 1953 when Queen Elizabeth II came to the throne it was changed to Toymakers to HM Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother. So although I know it was made between 1938 and 1953 I was wondering if there is any other way to date it more accurately. I have quite a lot of old Chad Valley jigsaws, some of which are featured on your website but have never come across one like this before.

Keep up the good work!

Many thanks

"MAGS", England

 Highways and Highwaymen , CHAD VALLEY

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[2027]from "NS"-- 25 November 2008:

Hi there. I am sending a picture of a puzzle I have, titled "Flowertime." I didn't see it listed on your site and thought you might want to add it....
The info on the box:

Picture Size - 14 1/2 x 11
Over 250 pieces

No. 1410
Made in U.S.A.


Flowertime" Flowertime ", PERFECT PICTURE

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[2028]from "CD"-- 1 December 2008:


In 2002, Hasbro (Milton Bradley) launched a series called “Picture Perfect Puzzles.” There were at least 18 titles, all 18” by 24” with 550 pieces. The pieces have many different shapes and average .79 sq. in. The series title derives from the fact that the pieces are very flat and the seams almost disappear when the puzzle is assembled. Also, the back and sides of the cardboard pieces are nicely finished leaving no dust in the box or on the table.

I bought “This Side of the Meadow” (49018-14), painting by John Powell, around 2003 in Lancaster County, PA, where I had seen several more of the series. I had been saving it for a special occasion, which turned out to be this year’s Thanksgiving gathering. We really enjoyed the puzzle so I went to the web hoping to buy more. Alas, they seem to have disappeared, although I will be searching in Lancaster County on my next visit.

The flyer which came in the box describes another series of 1000-piece puzzles called “Bill Coleman’s Lancaster Country.” I remember seeing several of those in Lancaster County, but they seem to have disappeared too. The flyer pictures 18 of this series (as well as 18 of the Picture Perfect series).

[Below is a picture] of the top of the “This Side of the Meadow” box and a silhouette of a dozen of its pieces showing the variety.

Artist, Elin Pendleton’s site shows two “Picture Perfect” boxes which appear in my flyer. Unlike my puzzle’s, these boxes don’t include the artist’s name or puzzle title on the top.

Artist, June Dudley’s site mentions the use of her painting, “Grandmother’s Garden”, as a puzzle in the “Picture Perfect Puzzle” series.


This Side of the Meadow" This Side of the Meadow ", MILTON BRADLEY PICTURE PERFECT PUZZLE.

piece shapespiece outlines

from Nancy Ballhagen -- 19 July 2009:
Regarding the "Picture Perfect Puzzles, I can recall the following titles:

Pantry Cat, by Elin Pendleton
Grandmothers Garden, June Dudley
Prel's Iris, Watercolor, Carol Canber
Grand Lake, Pastel, Marion Hirsch
A Pitcher For Bats, Elin Pendleton
Sunlit Patio, Ming Fong
Villa Coastline, Ming Fong
Hollyhocks Against The Wall, John Powell
Hacienda View, John Powell
Poppy Bouquet With Blue Chair, John Powell
Calla Lillies, John Powell
Rose Cottage, Henri Plisson
This Side Of the Meadow
The Canal, Christian Title
Seaside House, Ming Fong
Here are all the Coleman puzzles we had, as far as I can remember:

#1. Lenna and Barbara
#2. Henry's Pride
#3. Just Like Dad
#4. Buggy Ride
#5. Fall Splendor
#6. School House Lane
#7. Look Ma No Shoes
#8. Early Learning
#9. Homeward Bound
#10. All In The Family
#11. January Wedding
#12. All In A Day
#13. Brother's Four
#14. Sunday
#15. While the Sun Shines
#16. Class Photo
#17. Milk 'N Cookies
#18 Sunday Suitor
#19. Sister III
#20. Meeting Ground
#21.Simplicity & Strength
#22. Ruth's Wedding
Nancy Ballhagen, Nancy Ballhagen's Puzzles
from "ML" -- 24 August 2009:
Thanks for referring me to the titles of the puzzles for Bill Coleman's photos. She lists 21 and I can add one more to the list. I also have one title, “Green Mountain Road”. I have all but 5 of the others. I look every day for the sale of those 5. Thanks for the service you offer.
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[2029]from "B8"-- 8 December 2008:

I'm needing help in re-locating a puzzle I put together. However, it was destroyed accidentally before I could get it glued and framed. The remaining pieces I placed in the puzzle box, and it has been put away somewhere I can't find. This puzzle has really become a puzzle! I want to put the puzzle together again for my daughter who is a musician. The description would include a violin resting on a baby grand piano, showing most of the piano keys. The piano was covered with a scarf, a vase of flowers and old framed photographs of various sizes, and there might have been something more that I can't recall. It was a 1000 or 1500 piece. Does any of this make any sense to you at all. I can't even recall the artist, or the maker, or the distributor of the puzzle. I would consider it a fine art product. I did find a product entitled Charles Antoine J. Loyeux: A Musical Still Life - 2000pc Jigsaw Puzzle by Castorland on another site that was a close match, but not the puzzle I'm looking for; but it was the same type of style.

Also, do you have a newsletter in the subscription to the membership of your online site? I would be interested in receiving them if you do.

Thank you for your time and consideration in the above matter. I hope you are able to help me find this puzzle again.


from Jim McW -- 8 December 2008:
We don't have a newsletter. In fact, we just barely find (sometimes) the time to maintain these Q&A pages!
I imagine the best way to enjoy our site is just to wander around in it, as though one were drifting aimlessly through a huge, old house.
Anyway, can anyone among our readers recall the puzzle to which "B8" refers? It does sound familiar....

Thanks, Jim McW
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