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[149]from "BD"-21 March 2001:
Hi, I am interested in knowing how puzzles are made. Can you give me any information on the puzzle process from beginning to end! I would be mighty grateful. Thank you.
*************** from Jim McW--30 March 2001:
You can read a little about the puzzle-making process in Anne Williams' book, Jigsaw Puzzles: An Illustrated History and Price Guide. We have no connection with any manufacturers or retailers of jigsaw puzzles, so we really don't know that much about the production end. We just know that we like to work puzzles!
Thanks, Jim McW

*************** from "anon"--14 May 2001: Hi, I have worked at a puzzle manufacturing company for 6 years . The picture is laminated on a piece of cardboard , trimmed to size, then it is die-cut which means there is a machine that has a die with the shapes of the pieces , the machine cuts the laminated picture, the operator then pushes the puzzle out it goes onto a conveyor belt. The puzzle travels through a breaker, the pieces go down the chute and into a bag which gets sealed. It is a little more detailed but hard to explain. "anon" [Our apologies to "anon" and everyone for the delay in posting this info - Jim McW]
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[150]from "GP"-23 March 2001:
Hello, do you know of any web sites where I can purchase coca-cola jigsaw puzzles or white tigers?
Thank you
*************** from Jim McW--14 April 2001:
It is not unusual to find COCA-COLATM puzzles offered on internet auction sites. There was an unopened one which just closed. White tigers should be a little more difficult, but it should be possible to find them once in a while.
Good luck and thanks, Jim McW

*************** from Nancy Ballhagen--23 May 2001:
Hello GP, Check out for many Coke puzzles. These are all new. Nancy Ballhagen's puzzles. Email me at Check them out. Nancy
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[151]from "KD"-23 March 2001:
Hello--When I was very small, in the mid-50's, my family had a book that was part nursery rhyme, part puzzle. It was spiral-bound, approximately letter-size, contained maybe six or eight puzzles, and the rhyme and puzzle pages would oppose each other. I can't recall much about this book but would love to know if it sounds familiar to anyone; if I had a name and/or publisher I might be able to track it down.
Thank you for your time and any help you can provide.
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[152]from "MP"-24 March 2001:
This is a great website. Have you ever heard of a "Five Star Picture Puzzle". It is stamped The Musicians. There is no picture on the box but it has a No. 2082. We found it in the wall of a house we remodeled about 20 years ago and I've always been curious about how old it might be. Anything you can tell me would be appreciated. Thanks.
*************** from Jim McW--28 March 2001:
I never realized this until you brought it up, and I looked in Anne Williams' book, Jigsaw Puzzles: An Illustrated History and Price Guide: there seems to have been three different lines of "Five Star" puzzles produced over the years. One, Five Star Adult Jig was made by WHITMANTM , apparently another by WARRENTM , and the Five Star Interlocking Picture Puzzle. I'm not familiar with any of these except the first. An example of the box of the Five Star Adult Jig can be seen on the "Other Puzzles" page.
Anybody have anything more on these? Thanks, Jim McW

*************** from "MP"-7 April 2001:
Thanks very much for your answer on Five Star Puzzles. The one I have must be from the Warren line. It is a very plain, orange box with black lettering-nothing like the picture of the Adult Jig box and the pieces do not interlock. Do you know when these were produced? Thanks again.

*************** from Jim McW--8 April 2001:

Again referring to Anne Williams' book, Jigsaw Puzzles: An Illustrated History and Price Guide, she says the WARRENTM Five Star was produced 1947-1956. Your puzzle may be a Warren, but several lines of puzzles had many changes of box design over the years. I don't believe I have ever seen one such as you describe. Send a picture for posting, if you get a chance. Thanks, Jim McW
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[153]from "AL"-30 March 2001:
I pulled your e-mail address of your website, you said if you had any questions to write. And I do. I have a Lou Gehrig puzzle that was issued, I believe by the US post office, do you know if there were any more sports figures puzzles issued (Babe Ruth, Ted Williams, etc.) I have seen a Babe Ruth one at a 'Card Show' before, so I know it exists. Can you provide any help or thoughts?
*************** from Jim McW--30 March 2001:
I have not been able to find any comprehensive sources of information about the jigsaw puzzles to which you refer. As far as I know, they were all licensed by the U.S. Postal Service and produced by COLORFORMSTM . They seem to be somewhat in demand, or rare, or both.
Anybody have anything more on these? Thanks, Jim McW

*************** from Jim McW--12 April 2001:
Word is that this puzzle came out in 1989. Thanks, Jim McW
*************** from Jim McW--7 May 2001:
This image of a Babe Ruth puzzle from Springbok comes from Frances Main:
The Babe"The Babe", SPRINGBOKTM PZL 2412

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[154]from "anon"-15 March 2001:
I would like to request that a Veteran's Series of puzzles be created to include these:
1. Korean Memorial
2. The Fighting Soldiers Memorial (the three V/N soldiers)
3. The Nurses Memorial
4. The Wall Vietnam Memorial
5. The IWO JIMA Memorial
6. The Tombs of the Unknowns
7. The New WW II Memorial
8. The Women's Memorial
9. The Proposed Air Force Memorial
10. A view of Arlington National Cemetery. There's others that could be added to the above list.

from Jim McW--8 April 2001:
I agree. Any puzzle manufacturers listening? Thanks, Jim McW
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[155]from "VM"-1 April 2001:
Dear Puzzle History,
How many pieces are there in the following puzzles?
Round pre hallmark-1965 C908 "A Court Reception"...1965
Round pre hallmark.................."African Animal's"......1966
Round pre-hallmark..................."Ebstorf Map............1968
Round pre Hallmark................ "California"..............1969
Were these puzzles ever sealed with cellophane?
Thanks for your help, "VM"
*************** from Jim McW--8 April 2001:
According to Frances Main,
"A Court Reception", C908, was issued in 1965.
"African Animal's", PZL6012, was issued in 1968.
"Ebstorf Map", PZL6013, was issued in 1968.
"California", PZL5003, was issued in 1971.
Number of pieces for each was 500, I believe.
I suspect that none of these puzzles was ever sealed with cellophane, but I don't know for sure.
Anyone who can help us to understand the dates and numbers of pieces better, please write.
Thanks, Jim McW

from Frances Main--3 May 2001:

I've had several pre-Hallmark puzzles, but never saw any indication that the puzzles had any type of "security" packaging other than a shrink wrap or celephane cover. If another type of sealer was used, there would be tape marks, etc. on the boxes.
Frances Main

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[156]from "PB"-5 April 2001:
Do you have a list of the puzzles in the Milton Bradley Home Town collection and those by Charles Wynsocki?
***************from Jim McW--12 April 2001:
I'm a bit confused. The Hometown America series is a Rose ArtTM series. Do you mean the Frontier Days series, or the Good Old Days series? You may see a partial list of the Hometown America titles on our Rose Art Puzzles Page.
Thanks, Jim McW

***************from Nancy Ballhagen--25 May 2001:
Hi PB, I just got a new shipment of Hometown puzzles, these are just out. Nancy Ballhagen's puzzles. Email me at Nancy
***************from Nancy Ballhagen--25 May 2001:
So far as I know, the Hometown series is only put out by Rose Art. There are 6 new ones.
I don't know of a list of Wysockies. The big problem with them is that MB uses the same number over and over. The series number is 4962 - ??? (I think). When they get up to - 25 or so they start all over with -1 again. I think we have had at least 3 different series of 1-25 or so. Nancy Ballhagen's puzzles. Email me at Nancy

*************** from Jim McW--19 June 2001:
Several people have contributed lists of Wysocki puzzles, which we've put on two separate pages, still not quite complete, but you can see one of them here: List of Wysocki Puzzles.
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[157]from "BH"-2 April 2001:
Hi :
Just wondering if someone would know where I could find the 1988 Ceaco Puzzle #3016 called: "Makin Tracks" We are missing several pieces. It was a 1000 pce puzzle. I would appreciate any ideas.
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[158]from "CH"-2 April 2001:
Hi Jim,
I was referred to you by Dave in England. I have fond memories of doing puzzles with my grandmother, and I would like to find two of the puzzles we did together. She would have purchased them back in the 60's or early 70's in Southern California. They weren't expensive, and were probably bought at the local five n' dime or Hallmark store. Both were round and probably had 500-1000 pieces. One had birds of all sorts with their names, and the other had flowers of all sorts along with the names.
If these two puzzles ring a bell with you, and you know how I could try and locate them, I'd greatly appreciate your help!
Thank You Very Much, "CH"
***************from Jim McW--9 April 2001:
These sound a lot like early Springboks. Take a look at "Wild Flowers", which is one of the puzzles we have been trying to find the time to put up on the "Items For Sale" page. I believe I have seen a similar puzzle with birds, too.
Thanks, Jim McW

***************from Jim McW--12 April 2001:
Among early Springboks were:
"Upland Birds" [or "Upland Game Birds" ?], by Maynard Reece, Octagon, O-105, 500 pieces, 1967
"Western Birds", by Donald Leo Malick, PZL8015, Octagon, 1968
"Water Birds", C912, Round, 1965
"Song Birds", C928, Round, 1966
"Tropical Birds", PZL6007, Round Hallmark, 1968
"Birds of the Southwest", PZL6024, Round Hallmark, 1969
"Birds of Prey", PZL6032, Round Hallmark, 1969
"Aviary Birds", PZL8022, Octagon Hallmark, 1969
"Familiar Birds", PZL6039, Round Hallmark, 1971
"Wild Flowers", C911, Round, 1965 [see a picture of it on the "Items For Sale" page]
"Bouquet of Flowers", C919, Round, 1965
"Garden Flowers", PZL6038, Round Hallmark, 1970
Any others, anyone?
Thanks, Jim McW

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[159]from "LH"-8 April 2001:
Hello we went to a estate sale, and a lady gave my son a box with a old Jaymar puzzle in it , it has a small print at the top right hand side that says Copyright-Famous artists Synd, Cate Jaymar Specialty Co 200 fifth ave. New your 8043-2 and it has the words "crime does not pay club charter no 1, we learned the hard way. To our pals the cheif and Tracy." Is this something I should put up and frame or is it not worth much? Thank you for you help.
*************** from Jim McW--9 April 2001:
Sounds like Dick Tracy. I think these date mostly from the forties and fifties, and they are very popular. If it is complete, in good condition, and the box is also in good condition, it should be worth at least $10 or $15 to a collector. We would love to have a picture!
Thanks, Jim McW

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[160]from "PC"-9 April 2001:
I have a Kodaclor puzzle,1000 pieces, with the No. 21001 on the box . The puzzle depicts a snow scene of the "Union Church 1853". Is there anyway to find out where this church is?
Thank you for your time,
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[161]from "PLS"-9 April 2001:
I bought a puzzle at a flea market a couple of years ago and was wondering if I could get some additional information about it; how old, if it is worth anything, where I could get more in the series.
It is a Guild Picture Puzzle distributed by Whitman Publishing Company entitled "Man's Best Friend" - no date on the box. It depicts a soldier down on the ground being protected by a german shepherd wearing a Red Cross banner around his abdomen and carrying the man's head gear in it's mouth. It looks like it may be from around the World War II era, possibly World War I. It has over 300 pieces in it, all of which were there when I put it together, and the pieces to the puzzle are not all jigsaw - there's an air plane, propeller, pipe, anchor, etc. The box says that it is Series "V" and that there are 6 puzzles in each series. I am especially interested in the rest of the puzzles in this series if they all depict the roles of dogs in war.
Any information would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks - PLS
*************** from Verl Cook--9 April 2001:
I just sold a complete Guild puzzle "Man's Best Friend" for $35. There are at least 7 other wwii/patriotic Guild puzzles in that series but no others have dogs.

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[162]from "DW"-13 April 2001:
Your picture of the springbok puzzle, noahs ark has a # and date that is incorrect. I met the woodcarver whose ark they used for the puzzle and she said the puzzle was about 3 years old. She had the puzzle along with the ark carving at a gallery. The # on the box was pzl9029. I would like to purchase this puzzle but can't find it. Any suggestions?
*************** from Jim McW--14 April 2001:
According to my main source of info on Springboks, Frances Main's list, PZL9029 is entitled, "This Must Be a Love Bug". Her list is not complete, especially after 1997, however. I'm not sure about the number of this puzzle, but I do know that there is a copy of it being offered on an internet auction site.
Good luck, and let us know what you learn about it.
Thanks, Jim McW

from Frances Main--3 May 2001:

The PZL9020 is a mini puzzle design "This Must Be a Love Bug". However it also appears as "Noahs Ark". It is 1500 pieces, not 500 and currently available (I think). The children's puzzle, PZL 1142 was also Noah's Ark (1981) and another in 1986, PZL1203. There may even be a more recent one because it has always been a popular subject.
Frances Main

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