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[1687]from "TE"-19 May 2006:
I purchased a puzzle between 1990-2003. It was a puzzle of I believe Robert E Lee or at least troops preparing their next move. It has a fire and a map in the foreground, and men and horses in the back, out of the firelight.
Can you tell me the name of this puzzle and if it's still available.
Thank you,
from Nancy Ballhagen's Puzzles --25 June 2006:
I think the name of the puzzle in question is "There Stands Jackson", but there were three I think, that one and "Covered in Glory" and one other that I think was "The Last .....?" and I can't remember what will try to do research and see. Any how they are all out of print now.
from Jim McW--27 May 2006:
That was clue enough for me to find this one: The Last Council
" The Last Council "
, by Mort Kunstler, 750 pieces, THE PUZZLE COLLECTIONTM,
I have added it and several similar puzzles to our "Non-WW2 Military History" page.
Jim McW
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[1688]from "CRM"-3 June 2006:
We have a puzzle that has all of the Disney characters from these movies and/or cartoons: Snow White, Jungle Book, Dumbo, 101 Dalmations, Lady and the Tramp, Aristocats, Robin Hood, Winnie the Pooh, Pinnochio, Cinderella, Three Little Pigs, Peter Pan, Alice in Wonderland, Donald Duck, Scrooge McDuck and his nephews, Mickey, Mini, Chip and Dale, and there are a few characters I don't recognize, one looks like Paul Bunyan, but I could be wrong, and there is a little native american boy with a tomahawk. There are a few others I can't identify, but that is most of them. It is a large rectangular puzzle with a yellow background. The characters are in a collage format. Do you have any information about this puzzle? We can't find anything about it online and we don't have a box anymore (was lost many years ago). My husband remembers putting it together in the early 80's and they had gotten it from a flea market. Could this be a rare thing? Any info you have would be greatly appreciated!
Thank You,
"CRM", from Ohio
from "CRM"--25 June 2006:
We finally did find the puzzle. It's the 1981 Whitman Disney Fantasy Puzzle. Thanks for your help!
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[1689]from "WJ"-5 June 2006:
4679-P15 Old Homestead
4679-P17 Buzzards Bay

If possible, wish to know if these are unique Charles Wysocki puzzles or are they perhaps re-issued with a new name from some previously issued puzzle: i.e., is " Old Homestead " really " Pioneers "?

Thank you, any info would be appreciated or referral to somewhere else would also be appreciated.
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[1690]from "FF"-13 June 2006:
I have a jig saw puzzle that I can't seem to find out any information on. It is titled,
Two in One box
" Two in One Box Jig Saw Puzzles ", that was manufactured by The Colonial Sales Corporation, NY.

It seems to be made of wood or composite. Does anyone have any information on this puzzle? What a shame it is missing one piece!

from Jim McW--23 June 2006:
The style looks like the 1930's. Does anyone know anything about this company or this series?
Thanks, and BY THE WAY, we have been updating our equipment the last few weeks. That is the reason for the recent delays in posting material on our site. Please bear with us, and thanks for your patience,
Jim McW
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[1691]from "JM"-14 June 2006:
I've recently acquired a Family Favourite puzzle - " North Bound Express ".

I know Family Favourite was a British puzzle maker. Can you advise when they were in operation and who they may have sold to or merged with?

Thank you.
from Jim McW--28 June 2006:
Can anyone contribute to this answer?
Thanks, Jim McW
from Keith--28 June 2006:
Hi Jim,
These puzzles are very similar to Good Companion puzzles. Two other titles in this series are "SS Chusan" and "Royal Navy at Gibraltar". They are similar to Good Companion puzzles: both were made 19 1/2" x 13 1/2" and had over 400 pieces on box, with 408 interlocking card pieces in practice, line cut 24 lines x 17 = 408. I suspect they were made by Tower Press but cannot confirm this with any evidence.

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[1692]from "NED"-15 June 2006:
Hello Jim,

I had a question regarding William "Schim" Schimmel. I have a collection of his puzzles made by MB and several other manufacturers.

My first question is on the MB line, there is a gap that I have in the numbering of them. It goes from 4684-27 to 4684-30. Is there any way to find out the missing ones? I tried to contact MB/Hasbro, and they do not have an inventory of puzzles like that. I don't know if it is true or not. I wanted to see which ones I am missing.

I am also looking for puzzles by him that are from Japan, Germany and France. They are difficult to locate, and I wanted to know if you had any suggestions.

Below is a list of the puzzles that I have (and those which I am missing). Could you please direct me to where I might find these at?

Thanks for you time,
4684-1        Precious
4684-2        Embrace, The
4684-3        Where are my Brothers?
4684-4        Earth Song
4684-5        Lights Of Home, The
4684-6        Total Eclipse
4684-7        Nurturers
4684-8        Serengeti Soul
4684-9        White Lion's World
4684-10       Watchful Eye, A
4684-11       Playful World
4684-12       Guardians
4684-13       In Mother's Arms
4684-14       Children Of Earth
4684-15       Mother Earth, Father Sky
4684-16       Ambassadors
4684-17       All The World's Children
4684-18       Mother's Kiss, A Father's Touch
4684-19       Africa's Furture
4684-20       Eternal Rivers
4684-21       Mother And Father
4684-22       Arctic Dreams
4684-23       Two For The Future
4684-24       My World
4684-25       Sweet Dreams
4684-26       Tree of Life
4684-27       Leap of Creation
4684-28       UNKNOWN
4684-29       UNKNOWN
4684-30       Friends Around the World
157594        Bed of Clouds
______        Between Heaven And Earth
______        Dawn Of Life
1804-2         Earth Blanket
1804-5         Secret, Places
______        End Of Innocence
158744        Friends around the world
90042          Heart of the Forest, The
______        Longing
157952        Together Time
32079          Mother Mountain
______        Pandas Paradise
160679        Secret, Mystery, And Hope
149032        Serengeti
90052          Spirit Of Africa
90055          Spirits Of The Serengeti
161645        Sleep Tight
______        Warmth Of Home, The
______        Well Spring
9099           Whale Song
130085        White Tiger
RP876921      Arctic Window (I don't have)
166503         Lion Brothers (I don't have)
______         Wächter der Steppe (I don't have)
______         In Search of His Future (I don't have)
RP876945      Lair Of The Snow Leopards (I don't have)
______         One Earth, One Ocean (I don't have)
______         Only One Home (I don't have)

           Puzzle Name
______         Only One Home (JAPAN, made by JEUX NATHAN)
RP876921      Arctic Window (FRANCE)
______         One Earth, One Ocean (JAPAN)
RP876945      Lair Of The Snow Leopards (FRANCE)
______         In Search of His Future (UNKNOWN)
from Imaginatorium Shop--15 October 2006:
Epoch in Japan produce a range of puzzles of his artwork - here's the page from their website:

You can order any of these puzzles through us; please ask for any other details you need, or help with titles and other bits of the website you can't read.

Hope this helps.

Best wishes
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[1693]from "MD"-22 June 2006:
I need find a Milton Bradley puzzle named "Paris - Marchè aux Fleurs - 1895".
The number is 3150.26 and is composed of 6000 pieces.
Format is 157,5 x 107 cm, 62" x 41".
I have lost some pieces and I would like to buy anothere copy but I can' find it.
Can you help me?

Thanks and best regards.
from Jim McW--25 June 2006:
We don't recognize it by the description. Why don't you try looking through the internet puzzle stores for which we have links on our LINKS page? If it is no longer in print, you may have to look on the secondary market.
Jim McW
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[1694]from "PR"-15 June 2006:
I have two puzzles which are [both] from the same company.
The box ends have the following:
Jig Saw style Puzzle
Subject " Purity "
Schall's Inc. Clinton, Iowa

Neither of the two puzzles are the same picture as the ones on the boxes, although the puzzle pictures look like they could correspond to the Subject. There is no information as to the number of pieces or anything else except the above.

Thanks for any help you can give.

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[1695]from "LM"-18 June 2006:
I saw a disney puzzle containing if i'm not mistaken 2000 or 3000 pcs.
The theme is disney characters and its glow in the dark. I wasnt able to ask regarding the manufacturer. I've been browsing the internet but couldn't find it. I wonder if you can help me with this matter. Thank you!

from Jim McW--25 June 2006:
We don't recognize it by the description. Why don't you try looking through the internet puzzle stores for which we have links on our LINKS page?
Thanks, and good luck
Jim McW
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[1696]from "EW"-18 June 2006:
Re: August 7th, 2002 inquiry by "anonymous" - Inquiry #668 (See also, Inquiry #1463)

This is four years later, but I too would like to know if there's any information regarding "Twilight Express" - puzzle box . This is a jigsaw puzzle which has six sections to it. (five cars and locomotive. ) It measures, when each section is put side by side "nine feet long".

I have the box (which is just about in perfect condition and the puzzle......all the pieces in perfect condition except for one small nick out of one of the pieces.

The cover of the box shows a steam engine roaring off to the left... With a young boy and girl (with dog) waving at the conductor from behind a fence beside the train track. The number on the train is MBCRR 3406. And on the very bottom left hand corner of the box is stamped the number: 4692
It says at the bottom:
"Five cars and locomotive making a complete modern train over nine feet long"

I have no idea of what date the puzzle was made, however the puzzle was found at my grandparent's home long after they had died... And if it was bought for my father when he was young (say when he was ten years old), that would date the puzzle somewhere around 1925. I don't know, it could be older or it could be slightly newer.

I now have the complete puzzle and box framed under glass to protect it. But I've never found any information about when it was made or if it was of any value. So if there's any information you could provide, it would be appreciated.

Thanks !
from Jim McW--25 June 2006:
Anne Williams discusses this puzzle on page 23 of her great book, Jigsaw Puzzles: An Illustrated History and Price Guide. She says that it was an early die-cut, large-format puzzle produced by the MILTON BRADLEY COMPANY, circa 1900-1935.
Thanks, Jim McW
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[1697]from "JE"-3 July 2006:
I was wondering if any of you fine dissectologists out there could help me identify a puzzle I used to have. I have just read Anne Williams book and am deeply regretting the loss of a collection of some 200 puzzles I had when I was a teenager (got rid of them when I went away to college). Here goes the long shot:

A cardboard puzzle with very small pieces (about a cm square) cut on a grid, that were unusually thin and tight fitting, makes a near-square picture approximately 24" or so on a side. The picture was a painting of a seated woman in a velvet dress and lace cap, lots of blue velvet drapery, creamy complexion, possibly a window view in the background. The style of the painting is somewhat reminiscent of "Blue Boy" (sorry, I'm not an art person. . . ) I remember predominantly blues, purples, and browns, and the box was a purplish brown. This puzzle would have been obtained by my mother sometime after 1950 and before 1965.

Does the description ring a bell for anyone as to manufacturer, or indeed as to artist? I know this is a huge long shot, but I am trying to get a starting point [for my search]. . .

Thanks so much,
from "JE" -- 1 March 2009:
I have more information on the image in this puzzle: It is "By the Seashore" by Pierre-Auguste Renoir. My memory of the image is pretty good, except there is no window.
from Jim McW-- 3 March 2009:
The only puzzle we could find based on this work was a JAYMAR puzzle, which we estimate to have been issued in the 1950's or 1960's, approximately.

By the Seashore
" By the Seashore ", by Renoir, JAYMARTM
Thanks, Jim McW
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[1698]from "CA"-4 July 2006:
We have put together several puzzles at my work place.
Can you tell me any info on an artist who signs as " e thomas" ?

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[1699]from "JJ"-6 July 2006:
I am finding it real hard to solve a 3000 piece jigsaw puzzle. Similar colours and pieces make it even more complicated. Can u plz help me by giving few guidelines???
"JJ", from India
from Jim McW--8 July 2006:
We receive this kind of question or request not infrequently. One suggestion someone sent in, was to turn the puzzle over (backs of the pieces up) and assemble the pieces from shape alone.
When assembling a puzzle with pieces which are mostly the same shapes, it may help to group the pieces by "shape-type":
piece shapes We might call these such names as:
"tepee"        "jumping jacks"        "catcher"        "pelt"
Once you have all the similarly shaped pieces grouped together, you may find it easier to find the one which fits in a certain place in the puzzle.
Of course, another approach is to group pieces by color and pattern, say all the blue pieces together, all the pieces with red and green on them together, and so on.
Let's face it, though, some puzzles are just downright HARD!
Thanks, and we hope this helps a little,
Jim McW
from "LJ"--16 July 2006:
I just wanted to add a suggestion to everyone working on very large puzzles. I'm personally working on a 12,000 piece puzzle of the NYC skyline. With so many pieces, starting out can be difficult. Therefore, I recommend separating the pieces into sections. I separated the pieces into "water," "sky," "bridge," etc. and placed these into labeled ziploc bags before I even began the puzzle. It takes work to go through all the pieces, but with large puzzles it's better to stay organized. Staying organized has helped me a lot.

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[1700]from "MM"-6 July 2006:

I have a 3-D foam puzzle of the capital. I'm having trouble getting the dome part of the capital done, could you please help me? I have been working on it since Sunday. The base is done. There are two sets of windows and another piece that has white on the bottom and light brown parts on the top with lines going through them. I also need to know how to get these pieces to go around them and make the top fit in also.

I found your e-mail on the internet.

Thank you so much in this matter

from Jim McW--8 July 2006:
I have never tried to assemble a 3-D puzzle like this.
Can anyone help this puzzler?
Jim McW
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[1701]from "CW"-7 July 2006:

Dear Puzzle History,

Hi, I have a question for you, If you could answer it I would be very grateful. I have a glued puzzle and I had it hanging for awhile. What ended up happening is the corners slowly started breaking away. When I go to put these few pieces back to together these pieces aren't tight and secure to the rest of the puzzle. I tried glueing them again and I may try again. I try getting them as close as possible but the top of the puzzle is not straight and the problem areas have a gap(That I don't like).

Is there any way of fixing the puzzle? Once you have the glue on, is there a way of fixing loose pieces? I even thought of blow drying the problem areas to fix the problem I figured if the glue is hot it will break the pieces off. I didn't try that because I think it may wreck the puzzle for good. Any help is appreciated.


from Jim McW--8 July 2006:
We don't use glue ourselves, but many people do. Some seem to find the results satisfactory. It is possible to mount puzzles in a frame of the right sort without glue.
Having said that, what you have to deal with is a repair of a deteriorating mounted puzzle.
We don't know much about this, but different kinds of glue work well on bonding different kinds of materials. For instance, some glues are designed to bond plastic to plastic, other glue to bond paper to wood, etc. In other words, you need to find the best glue for this particular purpose.
Another thought is that you may be able to prepare the edges to which you are trying to re-attach the broken-off pieces by trimming them (CAREFULLY), under magnification.
See our FAQ page for some links to other discussions of mounting, framing, and gluing puzzles.
Meanwhile, can anyone give any other advice to this puzzler?
Jim McW
from Jim McW -- 1 September 2008:
You can also try doing a search for frames or framing, for instance, in the search box below.
Thanks, Jim McW
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[1702]from "EF"-7 July 2006:

I recently bought a very old puzzle at a Yard sale for $1. I can tell it is old - the pieces are thick and cut very oddly and strange. The people I bought it from said they did not know if all the pieces are there, nor did they know what the puzzle was of. It came in a box that I do not believe was the original. I have put together about 70% of the puzzle, and it is beautiful! From what I have put together so far, in the lower left corner is a women with her hands raised. She is going up a flight of short stairs, and in the right hand corner of the puzzle is a HUGE man dressed in bright and blood-red, an old man - he is holding his head in defeat. At the top of the stairs is another old man sitting on a throne - he is dressed in a King's cloak, and he is scratching his chin. To the right of that King is what looks like Jesus. I do not know what is in between the woman and the King. It is a very large puzzle, and I do have some pieces missing so far. To me, it looks like a woman reaching up towards God with Jesus seated at the right hand - and the man in red may be Satan. I am thinking perhaps this is a depiction of a bible story in the Bible - the colors were obviously once very vivid - it seems a little faded, but it is very exquisite and elegant. The woman's dress is very elaborate and she is wearing a beaded necklace. Her hair is very long and tied in the back. I am thinking this puzzle is from the 1930's or so.

I am dying to know what this puzzle is called, or who the artist is - or anything I could know about it. I think it is a true treasure and piece of history.

Thank you so much!

from "EF"--7 August 2006:
Hi -
I have completed the puzzle that I had asked about regarding Satan on one side, with the woman and what seems to be God and Jesus at the top of a flight of stairs. I am missing 8 pieces. I have not counted yet but I know there are well over 200 pieces to the puzzle. It is beautiful and very dull overall in color. I looked at the back, and on every other piece or so there is either the letter "O" or the number "0." Question is, was this a trait or characteristic of any artist or puzzle maker many decades ago? What does this mean?The puzzle is most definately from the 1920's or 30's. I would love to know more about it! I hope someone can help - thank you.
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[1703]from "JST"-19 July 2006:
Dear Puzzle History --

My husband and I recently bought a Hometown Collection puzzle by Heronim...("Be Mine" to be exact). We so enjoyed working this puzzle that we bought two more ("San Franciso" and "Beautiful Bridges"). We decided that we wanted to start a collection and I started surfing the web and found several on internet auction sites and then stumbled upon your comprehensive list and determined that these puzzles are all the "1000 pieces in small boxes." My question is ....what is a good way to start trying to find and collect these puzzles? I didn't have much luck with finding vendors online and since some are dated are they only available for a limited time? Any advice from an obvious expert would be greatly appreciated.

All the best,

from Jim McW--19 July 2006:
Dear puzzler:

A new series is released periodically for sale in retail outlets. Different puzzle lines are retailed in different stores or puzzle websites. After a few months, or a year or so, a given puzzle may well be "out of print". If you are looking for a slightly older puzzle, and you can't find it at the usual stores, browse the internet puzzle stores for which we have links on our LINKS page. If you don't find it there, look on the secondary market: online auction sites, garage sales, second-hand stores, etc.

Jim McW
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