The Art of Pauline Jackson on Jigsaw Puzzles
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The Picnic"The Picnic"

Square Dance"Square Dance"

Basket Weavers"Basket Weavers"

The Auction"The Auction"

Marina Grand Capri"Marina Grand Capri", a Whitman Guild puzzle.

Quilting Party"Quilting Party"

Farming in Toscana"Farming in Toscana"

Chris McCann's book,Master Pieces: the Art History of Jigsaw Puzzles.

one the four "Seasons". This is a Gold Seal puzzle, 500 pieces, interlocking, 24" x 19 1/4"; puzzle # 5337:59.
According to the person from whom we bought this, it was one of a series of 6 puzzles, the others of which were:
A New Shoe
The Three Hunters
Peaceful Village
The Auction
Marina Grande Capri.
Autumn" Autumn ", TUCO
Winter" Winter ", TUCO
Summer" Summer ", TUCO


[54]from "anon"--23 October 2000:
Hi--we have a Tuco interlocking extra thick picture puzzle entitled: square dance--Any idea as to age or value? It is a wonderful picture and we were unable to find it on tuco site--thank you--"anon"
from Jim McW--23 October 2000:
Dear "anon":

Do you have a picture or a scan? That might help date or identify it. Thanks, and here's hoping that someone out there has some info on that puzzle. Jim McW
from "adirondack"--1 November 2000:
Its me again, I sold the Tuco interlocking puzzle "Square Dance" on an internet auction site last year for $10.50. It was in the blue-black-white interlocking box. Artist was Pauline Jackson.
Take care,
from "adirondack"--8 November 2000:
I have had this puzzle in the Tuco interlocking box (red-white & blue). The artist is Pauline Jackson, she did "Winter", "Summer", "Spring" and "Autumn" plus some others ("The Picnic" & "Square Dance" come to mind). Her style make her puzzles collectabe in their own right.
Take care,
from Jim McW--9 November 2000:
Dear "adirondack":
Thanks once again! Jim McW
from "anon"--13 November 2000:
Hi Jim--Here are the pictures of Squaredance--So mad--took hours putting it together and one piece missing--It certainly is a neat picture.
Square Dance "Square Dance"
from Jim McW--23 November 2000:
Dear "anon":
Thanks for the picture! I think most of these Pauline Jackson puzzles came out in the fifties. They are very popular with collectors, depending on condition of puzzle and box. Jim McW
from Jim McW--23 November 2000:
Here's a picture of a Whitman Guild version of the same picture. Jim McW
Square Dance "Square Dance" [Box]

[138]from "EK"-3 March 2001:
I am looking for information-manufacturer-date and etc of a cardboard jigsaw puzzle titled the picnic. Thanks.
from Jim McW--3 March 2001:
I think you may be referring to the work by Pauline Jackson, a very popular artist among jigsaw puzzle enthusiasts [see item 54 and The Tuco 1950's Page]. I believe her work includes
The Picnic"The Picnic",
"The Auction", "Basketweavers", "Square Dance", and the four "Seasons". Most of these puzzles came out in the fifties, as far as I know. Can anyone give us more info, confirmation, or corrections?
Thanks, Jim McW

from Jim McW--7 March 2001:
Here's a picture of one of our puzzles with art by Pauline Jackson:
one the four "Seasons". This is a Gold Seal puzzle.
Thanks, Jim McW


[239]from "EJR"-12 July 2001:
Hi, I'm one of those collectors who likes Pauline Jackson. I had a Guild puzzle of "The Auction" as a kid and went looking for more. There is a fourth puzzle called "Quilting Party" that goes with the auction, the square dance, and the picnic. These four pictures also show up as prints on internet auction sites. I have a print of "The Basket Weavers" too, so I am sure that it is also hers. There appear to be three others in this (Italian?) series: "Farming in Toscana", and "Sorrento." I own some of them as Tucos and some as Guild puzzles, in two different formats. She also illustrated several children's books, but I don't have any biographical information and would love to know more about her.
from Jim McW--14 July 2001:
The works ( and the puzzles ) of Pauline Jackson are, indeed, popular. If anyone knows of a definitive source on her work, we would love to hear of it. Question 54, on page 5, and Question 138, on page 10, as well as the Tuco Puzzles of the 50's page, have some more pictures, information, and discussion of her work. We found a picture of one of the puzzles you mention:
Marina Grand Capri"Marina Grand Capri", a Whitman Guild puzzle. It also exists as a Tuco puzzle. We cannot confirm absolutely that these three are Jackson's work. Thanks, Jim McW

from "EJR"--15 July 2001:
Jim, here's pictures of two puzzles in our collection:
Quilting Party"Quilting Party" Farming in Toscana"Farming in Toscana"
As for attributing them to Pauline Jackson, "Quilting Party" says so on the front of the box, under the picture. I have a framed art print of "Farming in Toscana" which labels it as being by her. You found a better picture of "Marina Grand Capri" than I have, because the Tuco box cuts off a large part of the picture. However, the Tuco version of this does have her signature, as Polly Jackson, on the bottom right corner of the puzzle.
My Tuco version of "Sorrento" is in poor condition, so I'm not scanning it. I just bought a Guild version on an internet auction site and will scan that when it arrives. It also shows her name under the picture on the front.
Thanks for posting all the info about puzzles. I enjoy it very much. "EJR"
from Jim McW--16 July 2001:
Thank you for sending us such excellent photos of these puzzles in your collection. We have a picture of "Sorrento", but it is very poor. Thanks, Jim McW
from Jim McW--17 July 2001:
I have sold a series of Pauline Jackson puzzles called, Summer, Winter Autumn and Spring. They were produced by Guild and Tuco.... Verl Cook

[255]from "EJR"-30 July 2001:
Here is the scan "Sorrento" by Pauline Jackson that I promised a couple of weeks ago. "EJR"
Sorrento"Sorrento, a Whitman Guild puzzle.

[904]from "EJR"-2 February 2003:
RE: no 500, Page 36.
I have a similar set of prints that were represented as uncut puzzles on an internet auction. The only difference is that in my set the auction and the quilting party are stamped on the back. I also just found an item on the Internet that seems to refer to this artist. It says that she worked in New York City until 1965 and then moved to Vermont. It is not clear if she or someone else donated some prints to a benefit auction in 2000.
Thank you, "EJR"

from "SG"-26 March 2004:
Hi, have four of Pauline Jackson's prints ( The Auction, The Picnic, Square Dance and Quiltting Party).
They're 10"X9" approx. ( the rest of the print is covered by the matting) In perfect condition.
I found them all rolled together at a rummage sale at $1.00 a piece last summer here in Vermont. Couldn't believe my eyes. I took them to a nearby framery and had them all matted and framed. They came out beautiful. What a find. I'm very happy to own four of what I consider her best. On the bottom left they each have a number assigned (consecutively) [example 77/250].
Would like to know how many controlled printing there are of these particular scenes. Does anybody know? Thanks "SG"
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