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According to Anne Williams, Jigsaw Puzzles, An Illustrated History and Price Guide, Perfect Picture Puzzles were made by Consolidated Paper Box Co., beginning in the 30's, and continuing until the late 50's or early 1960's.
En su libro, Jigsaw puzzles, una historia ilustrada y guía de valores [en inglés], Anne Williams dice que la compañía Consolidated [Consolidated Cajas de Papel] desde 1932 hasta 1960[?], aproximadamente.

Spanish translations are in magenta letters.

See Jim Ciccotti's for much more information on the puzzles and history of Consolidated.

EARLY YEARS (1930's -1940's):

"Garden Cuttings"
early Perfect Picture box,
[picture provided by RB Puzzles]

Idle Hour Series, (example of an early box design)

"Jingle Bells"

For Safety and Guidance
"For Safety and Guidance"
, [The Box]

For Safety and Guidance
"For Safety and Guidance"
, 1930's.

Keep 'em Flying,
(see another [Tuco] example of this title)

"Perfect Performance"

"Favorite Pastime"


"End of the Rainbow"

"Homeward Bound"

"The Last Supper"(Puzzle) [after a painting by Leonardo da Vinci]

"The Last Supper"(Box)

"National Capital"

Flowertime" Flowertime ", No. 1410 [thanks, "NS"]

"Peaceful Valley"


"Western Paradise"(Puzzle)

"Western Paradise"(Box)

"On the Loire"

"Public Gardens Boston"

"Winter's Embrace"

"Buster Beware"

LATER YEARS (1950's - 1960's):

"Rainbow Paradise"

"Reflected Solitude"

"Southern Homestead"

"Winter Nightfall"

"In Northern Climes"

"Mt. Katahdin"

"The Lighthouse"

"In Flight"


Chris McCann's book,Master Pieces: the Art History of Jigsaw Puzzles.

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