Master Pieces
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Spanish translations are in magenta letters.

Bay Point Reflections"Bay Point Reflections", by Stephen O. Gunter
"Reflecciones de la Punta del Bayo"

Eternal Light"Eternal Light", by
"Luz Eterno"

Lighting the Course"Lighting the Course", by Judy Gibson
"Iluminando el curso"

The Hobbit" The Hobbit ", 1000 pieces.

Lord of the Rings: ClassicClassic " Lord of the Rings ", 1000 pieces.

Lord of the Rings: Journey in the Dark" Lord of the Rings: Journey in the Dark ", 300 pieces, "JUMBO E-Z Grip" pieces.

Back in the Fifties" Back in the Fifties ", 300 pieces, "JUMBO E-Z Grip" pieces, featuring the artwork of Bruce Lakofka.

Cuddle Me Kitty" Cuddle Me Kitty ", 500 pieces, Heart-shaped puzzle.

Gettysburg - Into the Wheatfield
" Gettysburg - Into the Wheatfield "
, by Bradley Schmehl, 550 pieces, MASTER PIECES TM

Battle of Peachtree Creek
" Battle of Peachtree Creek"
, by Rick Reeves, 1000 pieces, MASTER PIECESTM

The Alamo, For God and Texas
" The Alamo, For God and Texas "
Texas Rebellion, 1836, by Richard Luce, 1000 pieces, MASTER PIECESTM

P-51D Mustang" P-51D Mustang ", 550 pieces.

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