World War 2 on Jigsaw Puzzles
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Much of the work on this section has been done by Verl Cook, who is one of the two or three most knowledgeable people in WWII-era puzzles. Some of the scans are from his puzzles, as well. Thanks to him for all his contributions.

"Navy Trainers"
, a Five Star puzzle.

Liberators of the World" Liberators of the World ", SAALFIELD, 1940's.

"Stirling Invaders"
, a Built-Rite puzzle.

"Stirling Invaders"

American Liberator Bombers
"American Liberator Bombers"
, a Genesee puzzle.

American Liberator Bombers
"American Liberator Bombers"
[the Box]

Assault Force"Assault Force",
Fighters for Freedom, WHITMANTM, 1944.

Battle for North Africa"Battle for North Africa", Fighters for Victory, by JAYMARTM.

Iwo Jima
"Iwo Jima"
(Box) -- A Holiday Puzzle. For Pre-Teens. FAIRCO

Iwo Jima
"Iwo Jima"
(Puzzle) -- A Holiday Puzzle. For Pre-Teens.

See our HART page for the AMERICA IN ACTION series.

"Bell Airacobra", HART. [1940's]

Patchwork Puzzles"Patchwork-Modern Type Jig Saw Puzzles". 4 puzzles combined to make a large map on other side.

Patchwork - detaildetail. Manufactured in Chicago, early 1940's.

WELCOM Epics of the War series, by WILLIAMS ELLIS & CO
As we understand it, some of the puzzles of this series were issued as single puzzles and some as sets of four puzzles. At least some of these four-puzzle sets were in the form of "puzzle books".
Keith reports, "I have at least one "Epics of the War" Jigsaw Book, Vol. 1. The 4 puzzle titles in this are:-
1. The Miracle of Dunkirk
2. The Glorious Attack at Taranto.
3. RAF Fighters Master the Luftwaffe.
4. The Capture of Sidi Barrani.

These books were made in early wartime and are invariably very delicate. The size was 11 ¼" x 14 ¾". They were described on the cover as "4 Original Stories illustrated by 4 Large Puzzles".

I also have a single 200-piece puzzle, " Commandos attack on Norway ", size 14" x 10". Another single title is " British Torpedo Boats in Action ". I think we can say early 1940's.".

We also have the following in our database:

BEF [British Expeditionary Force?] Moves Up to the Front
British Navy Drive Off Nazi Bombers

Can anyone add to this information?

World War 2 puzzles of J.S. Publishing Co.

World War 2 themes on more recent puzzles

puzzles depicting military themes OTHER than of World War 2

View TUCO puzzles from World War 2

Chris McCann's book,Master Pieces: the Art History of Jigsaw Puzzles.

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