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According to Anne Williams, Jigsaw Puzzles, An Illustrated History and Price Guide, Milton Bradley produced travel game kits for soldiers during the American Civil War. The company has produced many different lines of puzzles, including Bradley's, Piedmont, Beach, Chevy Chase, Buckingham, Etonian, Sheffield, Strand, and, of course, the familiar MILTON BRADLEYTM or "MB"TM line. The company has been a division of HASBRO, INC.TM since 1987 or 1988.

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A (partial) list of MB series and categories:
antique (below), Artist Series, Best of America, Faces of America, American Heritage (below), Avon (below), Betty Crocker Series, Big Ben, Buckingham (below), Byerley, Cats, Challenge or Super Challenge, The Cobblestone Way, Collector Series, Colossus, Coventry, Croxley, Croyden, Devon, Dorset, Early American Series, Easy Grasp, Essex, Forest Friends, Frontier Days, Gallery, "Gig" ("Big Eyes"), Good Old Days (below), Goosebumps, Grand, Hasbro Guild, Hourglass, Just Imagine, Kent, Liberty Magazine Covers, Look-Alikes, Magical Moments of Childhood, Magnum, Medley, Museum Art, Norman Rockwell, Nature Series, Old Masters, Oxford, Panorama, Past Impressions, Poster Series, QuiltScapes, Rhapsody, Sanctuary, Schimmel, Sculpture, SeaScapes, Seasons, Sheffield, Sierra Club Series, Somerset, Special Fireside, Springfield, Strand, Stratford, Tender Moments, Textured, TV and Movies, World's Fair Series, Wysocki, and York.
We think it likely that this list is incomplete and that some of the names of series may not be exactly correct. Some, such as TV and Movies, are not necessarily series, but categories or themes of puzzle subjects.

Antique MILTON BRADLEY Puzzles

Flag Ship Dissected Puzzle" Flag Ship Dissected Puzzle ", early MILTON BRADLEY [ circa 1890's ], boxfront illustration.

Flag Ship Dissected Puzzlephoto of the wooden box, " Flag Ship Dissected Puzzle "

Below is a transcription of the description visible in the box above.:

"Our picture is a lithographic reproduction from an instantaneous photograph of the U.S.S. Chicago, taken in Boston Harbor, Nov. 25, 1889, by H.G. Peabody, just before she sailed for Europe as flag-ship of the Squadron of Evolution. The Chicago may be taken as a typical vessel of the United States Navy, being of neither the largest nor the smallest class. She was built by John Roach and her cost, outside of armament, is stated to be $889,000. She would rank as a cruiser, and , although carrying a good battery, would in event of war with a first-class power be used as a commerce destroyer, her speed of about sixteen knots enabling her to overhaul a merchant steamer or escape from a large battle-ship. Although a steel vessel, she is not armored, but is what is called 'coal protected,' that is, her coal bunkers are placed between the hull and the engines.

Over the engines and steering gear the deck is of steel, one and a half inches thick.
Her length from stem to stern 334 feet 4 inches, width 48 feet 2 inches, draught of water 19 feet, displacement 4500 tons, indicated horse-power 5000. There are two four-bladed screws of 15 feet 6 inches diameter. The full sail capacity is 14,880 square feet. The main battery consists of four 8-inch breech loading rifles, eight 6-inch and two 5-inch. The secondary battery has two 6-pounder rapid-firing guns, four 47mm revolving cannon, two 1-pounder rapid-firing guns and two Gatling guns.
The 8-inch rifle fires a shell of 250 lbs with a charge of 125 lbs of powder.
The 6-inch rifle fires a shell of 100 lbs with a charge of 50 lbs of powder. The 5-inch rifle fires a shell of 60 lbs, with a charge of 30 lbs of powder.
The crew of the ship, officers and men, is about 370.
The number of officers about 20.
The number of marines about 50.
[courtesy "LG"]

Buckingham Jig Picture Puzzles


"All About Ghosts"

"Santa Barbara"
[See a similar puzzle on the
Fairę page.]

"Don't Lose Him, Dad!"

The Mill On the Floss "The Mill On the Floss", c. 1930's, no.15, over 240 pieces.


Avon Series [1940's-1950's?]

Hello! Redbird" Hello! Redbird ", C.MOSS 1943.

Good Old Days Series

A list of the puzzles in this series:
"The Letter"
"Close of Day"
"Days To Remember"
"A Special Time"
"The Old Bridge"
"The Old Swimming Hole"
"In Days Gone By"

Friends have very kindly sent in additional data on this series:
4181- 2 "Going Home" [no signature] (1978)
4181- 3 "Meeting the 114" [Swexey] (1982) ["MC" suggests this may be by Fredric Sweney]
4181- 3 "School's Out" (1970) [sent in by "SC"]
4181- 4 " Horse and Buggy Days ", by Detlefsen, 1970 [sent in by "CG"]
4181- 4 "A Special Time" [Detlefsen] (1982)
4181- 5 "Steam Age Memories" [Detlefsen] (1978)
4181- 6 "Watch Out" [Philip Aarhus] (1981)
4181- 7 "Days to Remember" [Detlefsen] (1978)
4181-10 "Water Wagon" [Detlefsen] (1986)
4181-11 "Those Were The Days" [Detlefsen] (1986)
4181-13 "Sleigh Ride" [Detlefsen] (1987)
4181-14 "Spring Blossoms" [Detlefson] (1987)
4181-15 "Swimming Hole" [Detlefsen] (1987)
4181-16 "The Old Apple Tree" [Detlefsen] (1987)
NOTE: The puzzles above may be from two or more series, but they seem to us to form a natural series of similar artwork, most by Paul Detlefsen, some by P. Aarhus, and one by Swexey.

Also by Paul Detlefsen is the SEASONS series:
Additions and corrections can be sent to mail center.

The Letter
"The Letter"

Close of Day
"Close of Day"

Days To Remember
"Days To Remember"
, 1970, by Paul Detlefsen. [We believe he may also have done the two above.]

A Special Time
"A Special Time"
, 1970, by Paul Detlefsen. [detail]

American Heritage Series [American Civil War]

We now know of twelve puzzles in this series [circa early 1960's?] :
The Battle of Fredericksburg" The Battle of Fredericksburg ", No. 5
Battle of Lookout Mountain" The Battle of Lookout Mountain ", No. 1
The Battle of Mobile Bay
" The Battle of Mobile Bay "
, by William Overend, 1961, 600 pieces [thanks to "RM"]
The Confederate Camp at Corinth" The Confederate Camp at Corinth "
Guerilla Warfare" Guerilla Warfare "
Sinking of the Alabama" The Sinking of the Alabama ", 1961
Battle of the Crater" The Battle of the Crater "

"RJF" writes in from Pennsylvania with these additional numbers in this series:

#7 - Hill's Division at Gettysburg
#9 - Lee's Veterans
#10 - Fourth Pensylvania
#11 - Prison Camp at Salisbury
#12 - Drummer Boy
# 8 - Confederat Camp at Corinth

This new information leads me to believe there may have beena total of twelve titles in this series. Does anyone know of any others in this series?

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