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TUCO Puzzle Site --- MY favorite! Much information and many images. Tuco only.

Jigsaw Puzzles - A Brief History, by Anne D. Williams. [See also, below]

The British Jigsaw Puzzle Library--- In existence since 1933!

AGPC Games and Puzzles Portal--- The American Game and Puzzle Collectors website.

Springbok Jigsaw Puzzles, a really well-done site devoted to just Springboks!

"We Love Springbok Jigsaw Puzzles", a new site, with lots of pictures of vintage Springboks!

"Springbok Fever, by Mike Helland", A Web Site for Springbok Jigsaw Puzzle Enthusiasts, with special emphasis on the older Springbok jigsaw puzzles.

British Jigsaw Puzzles - Tom Tyler

Richard Ballhagen's great, new BIG BENTM puzzle website !

PerfectPicturePuzzle.com - A website all about Perfect Picture Puzzles!

Contact "LL" by e-mail - "LL" can make replacement pieces for your puzzles!

http://www.jigsawdoctor.com/ - No more missing jigsaw pieces!
[We have heard the replacement pieces are excellent! - Jim McW]

icollectpuzzles.com - A great puzzle website! Lots of old puzzles and an excellent essay on the history of jigsaw puzzles!

puzz3d.org/ - A lot of information about 3D jigsaw puzzles.

Lorrie Pellack's website, which includes several great lists, including puzzles relating to mystery !

My Collections --- An interesting collection of collections, including GOOD COMPANION jigsaw puzzles!

All My Puzzles --- Many, many 3-dimensional puzzles illustrated and discussed. [Note: Dial-up connections may take quite a while to load.]

The Poly Pages --- The purpose of this site is to try to provide information on the various polyforms: poly-ominoes, -iamonds, -hexes, -cubes etc.

American Jigsaw Puzzle Society --- Some information and a list of puzzle companies.

Canadian Jigsaw PuzzlesTM -- a summary of jigsaw puzzle manufacturers in Canada, past and present and the puzzles that they produced.

(Some of these are out of print but may be found on internet auction sites sometimes. Anyone with extra copies for sale or trade can notify us, and we will post that information here.)

The Jigsaw Puzzle, Piecing Together a History
The Jigsaw Puzzle, Piecing Together a History, by Anne D. Williams.
Look for it in your favorite bookstore!
Anne Williams' website
See more information and order books from Anne Williams!

Jigsaw Puzzles: An Illustrated History and Price Guide Jigsaw Puzzles: An Illustrated History and Price Guide, by Anne D. Williams. Photographs by Harry L. Rinker. Pub. 1990, by Wallace-Homestead Book Company, a division of Chilton Book Company. This is the seminal work on jigsaw puzzles, especially for the United States. It is indispensable for the collector but out of print, unfortunately. It is available occasionally on internet auction sites (bidding is usually brisk!), and we are always looking for copies which we can make available to those who cannot find them elsewhere.
Anne Williams' website
See more information and order books from Anne Williams!

Master Pieces: The Art History of Jigsaw Puzzles, by Chris McCann. Pub. 1998, by Collector's Press, Inc. This book is a stunning presentation, virtually all in color, of the artwork of jigsaw puzzles. The link is the page giving information about it and how to order it.

British Jigsaw Puzzles of the 20th Century, by Tom Tyler

The Jigsaw Book, by Linda Hannas, "celebrating two centuries of jigsaw-puzzling round the world". Pub. 1981, by The Dial Press, New York. Paper, 92 pages, many illustrations in color and b/w.

TUCO Puzzles: 1932-1957, by Sterling Mason. Originally published in limited numbers, long out of print.

The English Jigsaw Puzzle: 1760 to 1890, by Linda Hannas. Pub. 1972, Wayland Publishers. [See our SALE page.]

"Springbok Puzzle List", by Frances Main.
List of almost all Springbok puzzles manufactured through 2000 is available for $5.00. Send an email to : thevorys@gmail.com.

The One, The Only, The Original Jigsaw Puzzle Book, by Francene and Louis Sabin, pub. 1977, by Henry Regnery Company, Chicago. 110 pages, some b/w illustrations.

Stukje Voor Stukje: Geschiedenis van de Legpuzzle in Nederland, by Betsy and Geert Bekkering. Pub. 1988, Van Soeren & Co., Amsterdam.
We have received this kind note from Geert Bekkering:
Anyone who would be interested in buying old and antique European jigsaw puzzles can get my selling list on request, by email:
g.h.bekkering@fys.hen.nl .
Postal Address:
Geert Bekkering
J.P.Coenstraat 24
7541 BP (that's the postal code)
Enschede (that's the city, about 2 hours east of Amsterdam, close to the German boundary)
tel: +31-54-4300691

" Scroll Saw Art Puzzles ", by Tony and June Burns, published by Fox books, available through Fox Books or your local book stores .
" Scroll Saw Farm Puzzles", by Tony and June Burns, will be released late fall of 2002 and available through Fox Books.

" Victory Jig-Saw Puzzles ", by Brian P Price. For more information and prices, write to:
Brian P Price
Grange Close
Lymington Hants

Wooden Puzzle Websites

Nancy Ballhagen's Puzzles --- Many commercial puzzles and "Granny Nanny's Hand Cut Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles".

Bob Armstrong's Old Jigsaw Puzzles --- Many images and much information. It's about ALL jigsaw puzzles.

MGC's Custom Made Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles and Fine Art - Makers of hand crafted wooden jigsaw puzzles for adults and children using personal enlarged photographs, fine art prints, old antique maps and corporate logos. Each wood jigsaw puzzle is custom made to order and completely unique.

FIREBIRD PUZZLES --- Individually hand-cut, wooden jigsaw puzzles.

Dave's Jigsaw Puzzle Page--- Some wonderful images of jigsaw puzzles, mainly British, with some available for purchase.

Custom Puzzle Craft ---Quality Hand Made Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles --- Carefully Chosen Artwork Complimented by Graceful Cutting Styles.

RB Puzzles --- Artistically cut wooden puzzles are made on 1/4" thick, 5-ply, Finland Birch plywood, with interlocking pieces.

Jardin Puzzles --- Elegant, hand-cut wooden jigsaw puzzles uniquely designed with intricate, beautiful cutting styles and delicate figural pieces from prints, photographs or other artwork.

Stave Puzzles --- Looking for the finest handmade wood jigsaw puzzles available? Look to StavePuzzles.com for handmade wood puzzles where they have been crafting the finest and most clever handmade wood puzzles since 1974.

Just Ducky Puzzles --- One of a kind, hand crafted, heirloom quality wooden jigsaw puzzles.

The Puzzle House - We sell WENTWORTH wooden puzzles.

Turtle Tracks Puzzles --- Hand cut custom wooden jigsaw puzzles by Aleen Kienholz, 5 to 500 pieces, crafted from your photo or artwork and personalized with your choice of figure pieces such as birds, animals, names or dates. Wooden you just love one?

Doug' s Puzzles --- Custom made wooden jigsaw puzzles.

art-puzzle GMBH --- QUALITY Art prints on 3mm wood and laser cut with classic small puzzle pieces. (ENGLISH Version)

Puzzles of Leonid Mochalov --- Leonid Mochalov is a Russian puzzle creator and contemporary author on puzzles of many kinds.

Enigma Enterprises --- Fantastic One-of-a-kind Puzzles! "Our company offers heirloom quality, one-of-a-kind, wooden puzzles that are individually hand cut."

Jack-in-the-Box Puzzles --- Jack-in-the-Box Custom Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles - Beautiful and brainteasing jigsaw puzzles from your prints, photos, or computer images. Tricky cutting, elegant figurals, and eyecatching irregular edges.

Grains of Time, Wooden Puzzles n' More --- Classic Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles, Games, & Toys to Experience.

CraftyPuzzles.com --- Puzzles, Brain Teasers and Wooden 3D Jigsaws. Unique designs, shipped internationally.

Jenny's Jigsaws --- We specialise in out-of-the-way puzzles, either with difficult pictures or unusual cuts.

Puzzled1.com --- creatively designed, durably made, heirloom quality, reasonably priced, handcrafted wooden puzzles and toys

Jigsaw Puzzle Licensors and Manufacturers

BITS & PIECES ONLINE CATALOG - Here you can find a large selection of puzzles not available anywhere else! There's also a "Puzzle Arcade", and you can order a print catalog, too.

http://www.megabrands.com/Shop/MEGA_Puzzles/ --- Rose Art puzzles (also know as Warren Industries) was purchased by MEGA Bloks in 2005 and is now called MEGA Puzzles, a division of MEGA Brands America. MEGA Puzzles produces many popular puzzle lines that can be found at major retail stores.

Buffalo Games, Inc.TM --- A large and very nice corporate site. Buffalo Games is making some very interesting and innovative puzzles.

Springbok PuzzlesTM --- Authentic SPRINGBOK puzzles.

ART-PUZZLE.COMTM --- This manufacturer may offer the world's largest, commercially available puzzle!

LARSEN PUZZLESTM --- Producing and exporting fun and educational puzzles of the highest quality throughout the world.

SHMUZZLES.com --- The SHMUZZLE PUZZLE: The puzzle with identically shaped pieces.
[Note, Jim McW: There is a page on the history of the SHMUZZLE!]

PURRFECT PUZZLESTM --- See our Celtic, , Pre-Raphaelite, and other Collections - on the highest quality blue board.

KOLIBRI Puzzles --- Kolibri puzzles and their history. (In Dutch, but there is a link for ENGLISH!)


TDCGAMES.COMTM --- Games, puzzles... and more.

Bermuda Triangle Jigsaw --- Challenging, Unique and fun, the Bermuda Triangle Jigsaw Puzzles are 324 interconnecting triangles that form into an 18" triangle when completed. Presented in a triangular box these puzzles will keep you caught in the Bermuda Triangle for hours.

the W.B. ADAMS CO.TM --- WB Adams specializes in multicultural puzzles. Puzzles are both educational history puzzles and fine art puzzles.

PuzzledArt.comTM --- Puzzled Art by Alva is the newest creator and retailer of fine art jigsaw puzzles that focus on African American heritage and history.

DiabolicalPuzzles.comTM --- Laser Cut Stainless Steel jigsaw puzzles.

ScreenPlayGames.comTM --- Makers of the game Movie Time! - a game exclusively dedicated to the great lines of great movies.

Jigsaw Puzzle Stores
(SEE our
FAQ page for links to make puzzles from your photos.)

Nancy Ballhagen's Puzzles - Around 2400 different jigsaw puzzles in stock, in our Missouri Ozarks location, from about 50 American & European companies. These are all new and current jigsaw puzzles ranging in size from 100 pieces to 13,200 pieces.

Magic Labs Established in 1997 Magic Labs is a company specializing in personalized jigsaw puzzles. You can order your own from your favorite photos. Available with 40 pieces, 140 pieces, 280 pieces, 560 pieces, and1120 pieces, they are made of high quality cardboard, like commercial jigsaw puzzles, and are presented in an original package.

BITS & PIECES ONLINE CATALOG - Here you can find a large selection of puzzles not available anywhere else! There's also a "Puzzle Arcade", and you can order a print catalog, too.

The Puzzle House - Upscale, high quality, hard to find jigsaw puzzles.

Jigsaw JungleTM, The "Puzzler's paradise" and now expanding into Games, Arts and Crafts, Brainteasers and Educational Products. Great people and a great site!

Charles Wysocki.com --- This great, fun site offers lithographs, Puzzles, Needlecraft, Plates, Books, Calendars, and Note Cards, and a number of other products, based on the work of the very popular artist, the late Charles Wysocki.

PUZZLEWAREHOUSE --- Provides a very large selection of jigsaw puzzles.

Vintage Jigsaw Puzzles For Sale --- Vintage puzzles offered for sale by the owner of RBPuzzles.com.

Simple Pastimes --- Jigsaw Puzzles, Classic Games and More...

jigsawsrus.com --- We stock a huge range of quality jigsaw puzzles.

Leanin' Tree Museum of Western Art --- "The only major collection of privately held works of American Western art that is free and open to the public for viewing." You can also buy posters and greeting cards of museum art on the website.

Jigsaw Tree --- Jigsaw Tree aims to supply you with top quality, beautifully packaged jigsaw puzzles for all the family.
In the U.K., try www.jigsawtree.co.uk

JIGTHINGS.COM --- Jigsaw accessories

SeriousPuzzles.com --- Serious fun for puzzle lovers! (Many kinds of puzzles, including jigsaw puzzles.)


Great Hall Games --- A wide selection of games, puzzles, and accessories in this store in Austin, Texas!

Fine Wooden Toys | Children's Jigsaw Puzzles - Colorful and fun wooden jigsaw puzzles for children including handcrafted, free-standing jigsaw animals, flat jigsaws and educational preschool alphabet and numbers puzzles.

AllJigsawPuzzles.co.uk --- The UK's Leading Online Jigsaw Puzzle Store.

TC`s Jigsaw Puzzles --- the jigsaw puzzle specialists, over 1000 different adult and children's jigsaw puzzles --- something to suit every age and taste, from 4 pieces to 13,200 pieces

FarscapeGames.co.uk --- Your Search has ended! If it¹s to do with games, you¹ll find it here at Farscape Games!

Galaxy Puzzles --- Selling a wide variety of jigsaw puzzles.

The Imaginatorium Shop

--- It's hard to find jigsaw puzzles from Japan, and The Imaginatorium Shop is one of the sources!
You can also learn a great deal here about Japanese puzzle companies.

Jigboxx ...the big box store of jigsaw puzzles!

JigsawGallery.com --- Jigsaw Puzzles and Games Shipped Worldwide

WholesalePuzzles.com --- Expect Guaranteed Low Prices and Excellent Customer Service.

Vintagegamestore.com --- Vintage Board Games & Trade Ads

PuzzlePicks.com --- PuzzlePicks offers fine jigsaw puzzles, children's educational puzzles, quality wooden puzzles, floor puzzles, games, toys and other fine products

Citadel Puzzles --- Quality puzzles based on social and military themes.

www.jigsaw2order.com --- Create a personalized Jigsaw Puzzle with your own photo. Many puzzle sizes to choose from including large 1000+ piece puzzles.

PositivelyPuzzled.com --- Photo Puzzles: We turn your favorite photos into jigsaw puzzles. Great gift ideas from Positively Puzzled!

JigsawPuzzleFactory.com --- We Specialize in 1000 Piece Custom Jigsaw Puzzles. You supply us with your favorite photo, artwork or drawing and we will turn it into a classic 1000 piece cardboard based jigsaw puzzle, it's the perfect personalized gift!.

Custom Photo Jigsaw Puzzles --- Great Jigsaw Puzzle Gifts on cardboard and wood. -Get a To You from You present-all featuring great pictures and art. Have your pictures, photos made into Personal custom made jigsaw puzzles that enhance the specialness of your memories.

www.littlefolkspuzzle.com --- A place to buy childrens, giant, colorful floor puzzles.

Connections, Jigsaw Puzzles for Healing --- Unique and beautiful jigsaw puzzles with the power to heal through meditation and self-awareness.

Alvin's Vintage Games --- A very nice site offering a wide variety of vintage games, toys, puppets, jigsaw puzzles, and related materials.

NostalgiaGames.net --- Antique and vintage games, vintage jigsaw puzzles and nostalgic classic toys.

PuzzlesandBeyond.com --- Jigsaw puzzles, religious puzzles, bible puzzles, monopoly board games, animal puzzles, floor puzzles & wood puzzles for children, with a wide variety of pictures & themes to choose from

www.worldslargestpuzzle.com --- 24,000 pieces!

PuzzlesForSale.com --- Allied Springbok jigsaw puzzles!

Pazuru Puzzles --- high quality jigsaw puzzles from Japan.

Puzzle Pieces --- Sells, assembles, frames, and/or makes puzzles from photos and artwork.
P.O. Box 80202
San Diego, CA 92138

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