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According to Anne Williams, Jigsaw Puzzles, An Illustrated History and Price Guide, Warren Paper Products Co. produced the Built-Rite line from the 1940's until 1976 and the Warren line from then until 1986, when the company was acquired by Random House Publishing. Warren, Kodacolor, and Rose Art are now affiliated. According to information on the boxes, Rose Art has been in business since 1923. Según Anne Williams, en su libro Jigsaw puzzles, una historia ilustrada y guía de valores [en inglés], Warren Productos de papél producieron puzzles « Built-Rite » desde 1945 [aproximadamente] hasta 1976 y los puzzles « Built-Rite » desde 1976 hasta 1986, cuando se adquieran por la casa editorial Random House. Warren, Kodacolor, y Rose Art ahora son empresas filiales. Rose Art dice que hicieran negócios desde 1923.

Spanish translations are in magenta letters.

Cascade Canyon, Wyoming "Cascade Canyon, Wyoming"

Claret Cup Cactus "Claret Cup Cactus"
Old Barn, Wyoming "Old Barn, Wyoming"


Hughes Street, New Jersey"Hughes Street, New Jersey" Blue Bonnet Drive "Blue Bonnet Drive"
The Christmas House "The Christmas House - Elmira, New York" Cayuga Street "Cayuga Street - Salinas, California"

Jackson, Cape May, NJ
Drummond, Vicksburg, MS
Rosalie House - Eureka Springs, AR
Lousiana at 7th, Lawrence, KS
The Gables - Santa Rosa, CA
304 West Center, Medina, NY [2001]
White Berries Inn, Bridgewater, NY
Carson Street - Lafayette, IN
West Van Buren - Gallatin, MO
Elm Street, NY
915 S. Crockett, Sherman, TX.
The Gingerbread Mansion
East Jones Street, North Carolina
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