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Jiggety Jig puzzles were produced by Harter Publishing Co. [1930's?]
La Casa Editorial Harter producieron estos puzzles.

Spanish translations are in magenta letters.

Most of the illustrations and their titles have been provided by Verl Cook.

Jiggety Jig box
"a typical Jiggety Jig box"


Pirate Ship"Pirate Ship",
by Harvey Dunn. [No. 1]

Huck Finn"Huckleberry Finn", by Eugene Iverd [No. 2]

Blowing Bubbles
"Blowing Bubbles"
, by Frances Tipton Hunter. [No. 2A]

The Old Mill
"The Old Mill"
, by G. B. Fox. [No. 3]

The Prize Winners
"The Prize Winners"
, by Hintermeister. [No. 4]

The Stay-at-Homes
"The Stay-at-Homes"
, by Norman Rockwell. [No. 5]

by Thomas Moran. [No. 6]

A Castle in Spain
"A Castle in Spain"
by James Greig. [No. 7]

Valley of Yosemite
"Valley of Yosemite"
. [photo]
[No. 8]

Over the Top
"Over the Top"
, by Harvey Dunn. [No. 9]

In Old Venice
"In Old Venice"
. [No. 10]


Golden Galleon
"Golden Galleon"
, by Frederick Grant. [No. 1]

Port of Heart's Desire
"Port of Heart's Desire"
by R. A. Fox. [No. 2]

Princess Of Treasure Island
"Princess Of Treasure Island"
, by Edward Eggleston. [No. 3]

, by Aldrich. [No. 4]

Puppy Love
"Puppy Love"
, by Annie Benson Müller. [No. 5]

Grandeurs of the Rockies
"Grandeurs of the Rockies"
, by Wm Thompson. [No. 6]

Yosemite Falls
"Yosemite Falls"
, by Thomas Moran. [No. 7]

Memories' Garden
"Memories' Garden"
, by Sylvester Stannard. [No. 8]

By A Waterfall
"By A Waterfall"
, by R A Fox. [No. 9]

Red Demon Of The Forest
"Red Demon Of The Forest"
, by Philip Goodwin. [No. 10]
(Another picture)


Sunset On The Grand Canal
"Sunset On The Grand Canal"
, by May Ferris Smith. [No. 1]

Ann Hathaway's Cottage
"Ann Hathaway's Cottage"
, by Sylvester Stannard. [No. 2]

Mountain Lake
"Mountain Lake"
, by Sultzer. [No. 3]

Fishin' And Wishin'
" Fishin' And Wishin' "
, by Frederick Spiegle. [No. 4]

, by Alfred Baldridge. [No. 5]

Old Ironsides
"Old Ironsides"
, by Albert F. Bishop. [No. 6]

Indian Maidens" Indian Maidens ", by L. Goddard. [No. 7]

The Bear Hunt
"The Bear Hunt"
, by Frank Stick. [No. 8]

Racing Cowboys
"Racing Cowboys"
, by R. Farrington Elwell. [No. 9]

The Pointers
"The Pointers"
, by Edmund Osthaus. [No. 10]


Hollyhock Garden
"Hollyhock Garden"
, by J. Halford Ross. [No. 1]

A Big Chance
"A Big Chance"
, by Frank Stick. [No. 2]

Way Down East
"Way Down East"
, by Henry Pember Smith. [No. 3]

Springtime In Old England
"Springtime In Old England"
, by G. Sheridan Knowles. [No. 4]

Mount of the Holy Cross
"Mount of the Holy Cross"
[No. 5]

The Savannah
"The Savannah"
, by Albert F. Bishop. [No. 6]

Master Craftsman
"Master Craftsman"
, by E. Irving Couse. [No. 7]

The Wayside Tavern
"The Wayside Tavern"
, by Yeend King. [No. 8]

Harbor Scene
"Harbor Scene"
, by Gaston Roullet. [No. 9]

The Gang's All Here
"The Gang's All Here"
, by Rudolph Ingerle. [No. 10]


Valley of Peace
"Valley of Peace"
, by Charles Appel. [No. 1]

Alert Partners
"Alert Partners"
[No. 2]

Castle Rock
"Castle Rock"
, by Thomas Moran. [No. 3]

, by Alexis Podchernikoff. [No. 4]

Path That Leads To Home
"Path That Leads To Home"
[No. 5]

Santa Inez Valley
"Santa Inez Valley"
, by Alexis Podchernikoff. [No. 6]

It's Your Move
"It's Your Move"
, by Norman Rockwell. [No. 7]

Glories of Autumn
"Glories of Autumn"
, by Gustave Wiegand. [No. 8]

Ramona's Marriage Place
"Ramona's Marriage Place"
, by Marius Smith. [No. 9]

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Chris McCann's book,Master Pieces: the Art History of Jigsaw Puzzles.

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