The Art of James C. Christensen on Jigsaw Puzzles
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We find James C. Christensen's captivating, enchanted art on at least four brands of jigsaw puzzles:

The Responsible Woman" The Responsible Woman ", CEACOTM,500 pieces, 1993.

Parables"Parables", SUN'S OUTTM, 1999.

All The World's a Stage" All The World's a Stage ", SUN'S OUTTM

Once Upon a Time" Once Upon a Time ", F.X.SCHMIDTM

Other titles may include:
The Great Garibaldi, 1994, CEACOTM
The Collector, CEACOTM
Voyage of the Basset, 1993, CEACOTM
Fantasies of the Sea, F. X. SCHMIDTM
Royal Procession, JUMBOTM
Flight of the Fablebaker
Santa's Other Helper
Sisters of the Sea
Burden of the Responsible Man
Burden of the Responsible Woman
The Candleman
Olde World Santa
The Pelican King
Conversation Around A Fish

See also no. 185, Page 13

Chris McCann's book,Master Pieces: the Art History of Jigsaw Puzzles.

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