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List of Heronim puzzles published by Rose Art TM


[The following is a list of the Rose Art puzzles featuring the art of Harry (Heronim) Wysocki (brother of Charles Wysocki). I have all of these. There may be more that I don't know about. -- Ed Tabor.]

500 PC 1999 (3 in 1) - Hearst Castle , San Francisco , December (CANDLELIGHT INN)
750 PC 2000 USA Lighthouses ( USA Shaped )
750 PC 2000 USA Train Stations ( USA Shaped )
750 PC 2000 USA Farmland ( USA Shaped )
750 PC 2000 USA Houses of Worship ( USA Shaped )


1996 Mattei's Tavern
1996 Bird in Hand Quilts
1996 Maple Sugaring
1996 Point Bonita
1996 Chester County Fair
Cider Time"Cider Time", 1996.

1999 Los Altos Mail Train
1999 Delta Queen
1999 Bayberry Junction
1999 Kite Flying at Recess
1999 Ladies of Lancaster
1999 Sixteenth at Cypress

2000 Port City
2000 Swan Boats in Boston Park
2000 Skater's Waltz
2000 Valentine's Day
2000 Rampart Street Parade
2000 Pumpkin Picking

2001 Harvest Moon Dance
2001 Chester County Fair
2001 Great Balloon Race
2001 Morning in Maine
2001 Candlelight Inn
2001 Maple Sugaring
2001 Cider Time
2001 Mattei's Tavern
2001 Seattle
2001 Bird in Hand Quilts
2001 Mushroom Farm
2001 Point Bonita

2002 County Fair
2002 New England Light House
2002 Amish Harvest


2002 Amish Harvest
2002 County Fair
2002 Grand Peacock Hotel
2002 Southern Mansion
2002 New England Lighthouse
2002 Maple Sugaring II
2002 Bird in Hand Quilts
2002 Point Bonita
2002 Maple Sugaring
2002 Mattei's Tavern
2002 Chester County Fair
2002 Cider Time

2003 Round Barn
2003 Mount Rushmore
2003 Snowman Contest
2003 Adirondacks
2003 Cherry Blossom Festival
2003 Homecoming

2004 New England Clambake
2004 Weather Outside is Frightful
2004 Pine River Lodge
2004 Honeymoon Bound
2004 Castle Country
2004 Santa Cruz Holiday

All of the 1000 pc puzzles have a catalog number of 09200 with no other numbers differentiating each puzzle.

[From Ed Tabor - 28 March 2005]
Rose Art has recently released 6 new 1000 piece Heronim puzzles. These are copyright 2005.

Check In
Deck the Halls
Keystone Capers
Cable Cars
Firehouse Fun
Lazy Summer Days

Heronim has a gallery in Cambria, CA. He has a website hwysocki.com....

[From Ed Tabor - 18 October 2005]

Rose Art has recently issued 6 1000 pc Heronim puzzles. Strangely, these have no copyright date. They are duplicates of 6 issued in 2001 except they are in the new small boxes.

Morning in Maine
Candlelight Inn
Harvest Moon Dance
Mushroom Farm
Great Balloon Race
Seattle, Washington

[Note from Ed Tabor, November 2005]

Today, I received 6 new Rose Art 1000 piece Heronim puzzles.
These do not have a copyright date on them. The puzzles are:

Doe See Doe
Cozy Kitchen
Be Mine (same painting as Valentine's Day issued in 2000)
Down By the Boardwalk
Fabulous Farmer's Market
Car Show

[Note from "TS", May 2006]

We just bought 4 new Home Town Collection puzzles...small boxes with no copyright date:

Sam's Barber Shop
Rampart Street
Beautiful Bridges
Farm Store Delivery

We've been using your list to collect all the Heronim puzzles in small boxes...thanks!


[note from "RL", June 2006]
I found 5 more puzzles in the small boxes. They all have the number 09200 on them.:
1. Beautiful Bridges
2. Farm Store Delivery
3. Rampart Street
4. Sam's Barber Shop
5. San Francisco.

These puzzles sell really fast and I feel lucky to have found them.
I love your website. It is very informative.

[note from "AM"]
As of November 2006, here are three brand new Heronim puzzles that I have seen / bought that do not appear in your lists:

Barn Raising

[note from "TS"]
January 2007:
Hi...we recently saw another new Heronim puzzle called:


Just wanted to let you know!


[March 2007] "KR" says,
"I just found 6 new Hometown Collection Puzzles. There names are:

Camden's Independence Day Parade
Sunday in the Park
New England Christmas
Mom's Apple Pie
Boat Parade

The puzzle manufacturer is not Rose Art, but Mega...."

[March 2007]"S" in West TN, reports finding the following titles recently:
Barn Raising
San Francisco
[We suspect one title is missing from this series. - Jim McW]

[June 2007]"TS" adds the following titles:

Point Bonita
and, perhaps more recently, Grauman's Chinese Theatre

[July 2007]
Just wanted to let you know we bought the following Home Town Collections Puzzles in small boxes - 2007:

Sausalito Water Front
Grand Central Terminal
Holiday at the Beach
Saguaro Dude Ranch
Owlhead, Maine Lighthouse


[March 2008]
Hi...we wanted you to know we just purchased the following Home Town Collection - Heronim Puzzles in small boxes:

Vet Hospital
Grandma & Grandpa at Christmas
Gentlemen, Start Your Engines
White House Easter Egg Hunt

There is also another new one out that we haven't gotten:
Central Park


[July 2008]
Hi...I love your Heronim List!

Here are 6 new puzzles, 2008, small boxes:

After the Rain
Harvest at the Mission
San Diego Zoo
Sausalito Ferry
Wing Walkers
Winner's Circle


from "RK"-- 6 January 2009:


I was on your site recently looking for information about the Heronim Hometown Collection puzzles. I found your wonderfully informative page listing all of the ones that your readers have come across, and it was just what I was looking for. First, I just wanted to thank you for keeping such a detailed, accurate list of these puzzles!

Second, I was given eight of these puzzles for Christmas, and noticed that six of them, all of which are copyright 2008, are not on your list! So I wanted to share the names of those puzzles with you so they can be added to the list. As mentioned, they are all copyright 2008, and are all in the small boxes. Here are their names:
Brown Derby
Cape Cod Beach Party
Lone Cypress
River Walk
Scotty's Castle

I hope you find this information helpful! Thank you again for maintaining such a wonderfully informative site.


from "JP"-- 29 June 2009:

Here are 6 new Heronim Hometown Collection puzzles, dated July 2009:

Soapbox Derby
Old Faithful
Santa Barbara Mission
San Francisco
Amish Barn Building

from "JP"-- 17 August 2009:

Esphera 3D Heronim Hometown Collection puzzle entitled “Lighthouses Across America”
Copyright date on the box is 2005.

from "JG"-- 16 June 2010:

Here is a list of puzzles I purchased last month in Florida

At the Lake
Changing of the Guard
Drive in Theater
Driving in the Gold Spike
Venice Boat Parade
Winter in New England

They are manufactured through MegaPuzzles and in regular size boxes again, not the small ones any more.

Thank you for your hard work on maintaining this online resource!

July 2010:

Rose Art puzzles (also know as Warren Industries) was purchased by MEGA Bloks in 2005 and is now called MEGA Puzzles, a division of MEGA Brands America. MEGA Puzzles produces many popular puzzle lines that can be found at major retail stores. See their website: http://www.megabrands.com/Shop/MEGA_Puzzles/.

An alphabetical list of HOME TOWN COLLECTION puzzles by HERONIM.:
[We have put this together with the help of several people, including "LC", "AM", "RL", "TS", "KR", and Ed Tabor.]

Adirondacks, 2003, small box
Amish Harvest, 2002, large box
Amish Harvest, 2002, small box

Barn Raising, 2006, small box
Bayberry Junction, 1999, large box
Be Mine, 2005, small box
Beautiful Bridges, 2006, small box
Bird in Hand Quilts, 1996, large box
Bird in Hand Quilts, 2001, large box
Bird in Hand Quilts, 2002, small box
Boat Parade, 2007, small box

Cable Cars, 2005, small box
Camden’s Independence Day Parade, 2007, small box
Candlelight Inn, 2001, small box
Candlelight Inn, 2005, small box
Car Show, 2005, small box [2007, also?]
Castle Country, 2004, small box
Central Park, 2008, small box
Check In, 2005, small box
Cherry Blossom Festival, 2003, small box
Chester County Fair, 1996, large box
Chester County Fair, 2001, large box
Chester County Fair, 2002, small box
Cider Time, 1996, large box
Cider Time, 2001, large box
Cider Time, 2002, small box
County Fair, 2002, large box
County Fair, 2002, small box
Cozy Kitchen, 2005, small box

Deck the Halls, 2005, small box
Delta Queen, 1999, large box
Doe See Doe, 2005, small box
Down By the Boardwalk, 2005, small box

Fabulous Farmer's Market, 2005, small box
Farm Store Delivery, 2006, small box
Firehouse Fun, 2005, small box

Gentlemen, Start Your Engines, 2008, small box
Grand Central Terminal, 2007, small box
Grand Peacock Hotel, 2002, small box
Grauman's Chinese Theatre, 2007, small box
Great Balloon Race, 2001, large box
Great Balloon Race, 2005, small box

Harvest Moon Dance, 2001, large box
Harvest Moon Dance, 2005, small box
Holiday at the Beach, 2007, small box
Homecoming [2003?]
Honeymoon Bound, 2004, small box

Keystone Capers, 2005, small box
Kite Flying at Recess, 1999, large box

Ladies of Lancaster, 1999, large box
Lazy Summer Days, 2005, small box
Library, 2006, small box
Los Altos Mail Train, 1999, large box

Maple Sugaring, 1996, large box
Maple Sugaring, 2001, large box
Maple Sugaring, 2002, small box
Maple Sugaring II, 2002, small box
Mattei's Tavern, 1996, large box
Mattei's Tavern, 2001, large box
Mattei's Tavern, 2002, small box
Mom’s Apple Pie, 2007, small box
Morning in Maine, 2001, large box
Morning in Maine, 2005, small box
Mount Rushmore, 2003, small box
Mushroom Farm, 2001, large box
Mushroom Farm, 2005, small box

New England Christmas, 2007, small box
New England Clambake, 2004, small box
New England Light House, 2002, large box
New England Lighthouse, 2002, small box

Owlhead, Maine Lighthouse, 2007, small box

Pine River Lodge, 2004, small box
Playland, 2007, small box
Point Bonita, 1996, large box
Point Bonita, 2001, large box
Point Bonita, 2002, small box
Port City, 2000, large box
Pumpkin Picking, 2000, large box

Rainbows, 2006, small box
Rampart Street Parade, 2000, large box
Rampart Street, 2006, small box
Round Barn, 2003, small box

Saguaro Dude Ranch, 2007, small box
Sam's Barber Shop, 2006, small box
San Francisco, 2006, small box
Santa Cruz Holiday, 2004, small box
Sausalito Water Front, 2007, small box
Seattle, 2001, large box
Seattle, Washington, 2005, small box
Sixteenth at Cypress, 1999, large box
Skater's Waltz, 2000, large box
Snowman Contest, 2003, small box
Southern Mansion, 2002, small box
Sunday in the Park, 2007, small box
Swan Boats in Boston Park, 2000, large box

Valentine's Day, 2000, large box
Vet Hospital, 2008, small box

Weather Outside is Frightful, 2004, small box
White House Easter Egg Hunt, 2008, small box

We believe that the large box was used approximately 1996-2002, and the small box has been used from about 2002 to the present.

List of Heronim puzzles published by Spilsbury TM

3007 Ladies of Lancaster , 1000 pieces
3008 Fourth of July , 550 pieces
3009 Harvest Dance , 1000 pieces
3010 Candlelight Inn , 550 pieces
3110 Apple Village (leaf shaped) , 1000 pieces
3439 Spring in Rhode Island , 550 pieces
3440 Fall in Portland Maine , 550 pieces, 1998, Lighthouse Collector Series
5033 Summer in Cape Cod , 550 pieces
5034 Winter in Rockland Maine , 550 pieces
5042 Skaters Waltz (christmas tree shaped) , 1000 pieces
5044 Spring Melody (flower shaped) , 1000 pieces
5046 Summer Carnival (shell shaped) , 1000 pieces
5195 Boat Parade , 1000 pieces

List (incomplete) of Heronim puzzles published by Bits & Pieces TM

Nob Hill , 100 pieces
White House Easter Egg , 100 pieces
Amish Church , 100 pieces
Cambria Milk and Eggs , 100 pieces
Snowman Lighthouse , 100 pieces
Gay Head Lighthouse , 100 pieces

02-0320 Lighthouse Links , 1000 pieces
02-0321 Fox Hunt , 1000 pieces
02-0360 Sausalito Ferry , 1000 pieces

One Heronim puzzle published by Chateau TM

Boat Parade , a lighted puzzle.

The Question of the Cat

[Q&A 882]from "JP"-12 January 2003:
RE: Cat in the Heronim's "Cider Time" puzzle
Supposedly there is a cat hidden in the picture - looking at me. Where is it? I can't put this puzzle away until I find it.
from Jim McW--14 January 2003:
We have taken a look at this puzzle:
Cider Time"Cider Time", ROSE ART HOMETOWN AMERICATM, 1996.
We were unable to find a cat. Does anyone know the answer?
Jim McW
from "D18"--18 January 2003:
I, too, have been unable to find this cat and it's maddening. JP, or anyone else, if you find it, PLEASE post it's location...
from "JP"--27 January 2003:
Thank you for getting in touch with me. I have now moved this puzzle to a guest bedroom since I am determined to find the "cat" before putting it back into the box. I also bought another puzzle by the same artist...."Quilt Time" and found the cat immediately, peeking around a quilt. I am somewhat happy to hear that the cat is eluding someone else......but really hope that someone can give me the answer. Do you know if this artist is still alive? Maybe I can go to the source.......
Thanks again!
[994]from "RJD"-2 May 2003:
RE: # 882-Cat in Heronim Cider Time puzzle
I just found this website through Google, because I, too, have been frustrated to death by this puzzle! I have gone over it piece by piece and still have been unable to find the cat. I have 3 other Heronim puzzles, and the cats are readily visible on the small cover picture, but no luck with Cider Time! I'd love to know the answer too.
"RJD- Wilmington, MA"
[1191]from "HAO"-8 February 2004:
RE: inquiry 882 - where's the blasted cat?? [Page 60]

Hi all,

My mom got this puzzle for christmas last year, which it looks like you all did too since your inquiries are all from a year ago...well, we just got around to putting it together, and we too have been unable to find the cat. and yes, it is driving us nuts too. Mom is about to start a new puzzle, and is equally determined to find the cat before this one goes back into the box.

Did ANYONE find it??? come on, someone has to have resolved this!!


[1292]from "MP"--5 July 2004:
RE: question #882, 994, and 1191 - Cider Time Hidden Cat
Hi there. It's been a long time since I've been to your site and it has taken quite a while to catch up on all the questions and answers. You must devote a lot of time and effort to keeping up with everything and this is surely appreciated by all who find puzzles interesting and fun.

Re the hidden cat. I think you are all looking too hard. If you lean or stand back from the puzzle you can see the cat's head which fills nearly the whole picture. It is sort of a picture behind the picture. He is looking to the left and the ears are the house to the left of the lighthouse at the top and the church steeple a little bit right of the lighthouse. The dark tree line between the lighthouse and the church is the top of his head and the long slanting roof line of the house and garage in the middle toward the bottom is the jaw line.

If you put a piece of tissue paper over the puzzle and draw these lines out you can see where the outline is a little better and when you look at the puzzle itself the cats head will pop right out at you. Hope this helps and good luck.

[1310]from Jim McW--7 August 2004:
We received a letter from "LB", expressing bepuzzlement at not being able to find no. 1293, which we had cited as having a clarification of the question of finding the cat in a Heronim puzzle.
It turned out that we had made several errors:
First, the number should have been 1292 !
Secondly, we inadvertently dropped two or three entries from Page 81 for a few days. We have put them back, so, if you're looking for the cat, see No. 1292, Page 81.
Jim McW
[1416]from "LB"--3 December 2004:
Hi Mr. McWhorter,

Not sure if you remember me.... I finally have photos to send.... I'm hoping you'll find at least one you can use.

Thank you,

from "BK"--11 January 2005:
I have four Heronim puzzles and can't find the cat on Cider Time. Do you know of an e-mail address for Harry Wysocki, or a puzzle chat room where I can get someone to tell me where to find the cat?


from "LO"--18 January 2005:
RE: question #882, 994, and 1191 - Cider Time Hidden Cat and #1292 from "MP:

I wonder why he didn't just paint a black cat, like the other paintings. If you look at the squares just above the water wheel, there is a stylized outline of a cat. Could that be his cat?

from Jim McW--22 January 2005:
Here's one of "LB"'s pictures:
Cider Time"Cider Time" (in a different box than the one above).
I, too, have looked and looked, and I could never see a cat. Just now, I looked again, near the water wheel. I didn't see a cat above the water wheel, but now I see one in the water, between the water wheel and me!
cat in water
However, it is not black. In fact, it doesn't look much like a cat, really....
Are the cats in the other puzzles always black? Might it help to discuss the other cats and their appearance in the other puzzles?
Jim McW
from "Minnesota Puzzle-makers"--23 January 2005:
RE: Black Cat Mystery
My husband and I discovered your website after we unsuccessfully searched for the black cat in the puzzle "Cider Time". Is it possible that when the original picture was cropped for puzzle-making, the cat was cropped off? In the extreme lower right-hand, bottom corner of the picture, there is a black part that looks like the head of a cat. Or is it possible that the artist is "playing" with us and has put the black cat on a black roof or in a black doorway, where the cat cannot be distinguished?
Minnesota Puzzle-makers
from "BK"--23 January 2005:
I have three Heronim Hometown Collection 1000 piece puzzles. Two of them, Maple Sugaring and Cider Time, have a free offer to order a gift-quality pin depicting the charming playful cat that secretly adorns each Heronim painting, by mailing a proof of purchase and $.95 shipping. The offer ended 12/31/04.

My problem is that I can't find the location of the cat in the Cider Time puzzle. In Maple Sugaring and The Round Barn, the cat is clearly on a tree branch. I have asked six other people to look for the cat and we have concluded that Heronim left the cat out.

Thank you for responding. I appreciate your help.
from "Minnesota Puzzle-makers"--24 January 2005:
RE: Black Cat Mystery
Okay--I just wrote an email to the Warren Company in Lafayette, Indiana and asked them about the black cat. (That's the company listed on the side of the puzzle box). I usually have good luck getting information online from companies--and I will let you know as soon as they send any information about the elusive cat to me!

(I asked them if the cat is always black, too!) We are doing a puzzle now called "Pine Ridge Lodge" and my husband found a tiny black cat on the beam of the ski lift. We've done a number of Wysocki puzzles, but until the "Cider Time" puzzle we didn't know there were black cats lurking in the puzzles.

Minnesota Puzzle-makers
from "Minnesota Puzzle-makers"--26 January 2005:
RE: Black Cat Mystery
Hi! No word yet from the puzzle company.

"Pine Ridge Lodge" is a Heronim puzzle. It is in the Hometown Collection manufactured by the Warren Industries. It is number 09200. We bought the puzzle at Target last weekend. Maybe there are more "new" Hometown puzzles--the copyright on this one is 2004.

The cat in "Pine Ridge..." is walking on a beam. He is a scrawny little guy, almost like a stick figure. Now, when we look at the "Cider Time" puzzle we are wondering if the top of the weathervane (which has a lot of random-looking lines) might not be a stick-figure cat. Maybe Heronim has a sense of humor and knows cat behavior! (Cats love climbing to the highest limit and watching the action from there).

When puzzle-makers look at the picture of the cat on the side of the "Cider Time" box, they are looking at a picture of the cat pin. It is a realistic, natural-looking cat. But figures in Heronim's paintings are more simple, so it would make sense that his cats are simple too.

Have you tried "Cider Time"? Do you have a theory?

Have a good day!
Minnesota Puzzle-makers
from "Minnesota Puzzle-makers"--27 January 2005:
RE: Black Cat Mystery
Hi, Jim! A rep from Warren Industries [said] "...Hi ______,
We believe that this painting may have been produced before the cats were in every Heronim picture. However, we have had other opinions on what could have happened to the cat. In the puzzle process, we may have cropped in too close on the painting and lost the cat in the process. Perhaps the ink is just too dark in the painting to see the cat. I have had customers tell me that they think the cat is in the pumpkins, either in the barn or beside it.

I myself have not been able to say for sure where the cat is located in the picture. All the other Hometown Collection puzzles we carry do contain a cat visible somewhere in the picture.

Thank you for your feedback!

Customer Service
Warren Industries
from "JH"--24 January 2005:
I was wondering if there is a new list of Heronim puzzles for the year 2005. Has he got any new ones?
from "LB"--3 April 2005:
Hello Mr. McWhorter,

Sorry it has taken so long to respond....

In response to your queries, yes, all of the cats I've seen in the other Heronim puzzles except "Cider Time" are small and black. I'm attaching a few picture examples. In the completed puzzle, they are about 3/4 of an inch long.

Regarding the special offer, yes it has to do with the cat. The offer was for a small pin representation of the cat that appears in his works. As an aside, I'm not sure why the offer refers to Harry Wysocki, since the artist is Heronim, unless Mr. Wysocki was somehow involved in the making of the pin. At any rate, the offer expired last year. I'm also including a picture of the offer that appears on the box. Of course feel free to use what if anything might be useful.

From reading the updates on your Heronim page, it appears that folks either didn't find the cat in "Cider Time" (like myself) or believe they found a representation different from in the other works. Makes for good conversation, anyway!
Skater's Waltz" Skater's Waltz "?, by Heronim, ROSE ART.
Skater's Waltz" Skater's Waltz "?, cat detail.
County Fair" County Fair "?, by Heronim, ROSE ART.
County Fair" County Fair "?, cat detail.
cat explanationcat explanation, from side of box.
from Jim McW--4 April 2005:
Well, of course, we understand Heronim to be the pseudonym for Harry Wysocki, brother of the late Charles Wysocki.
Thanks for the pictures,
Jim McW
from "BJS"--13 March 2007:
Looking for the cat in the Hometown Collection, " San Franciso ". Please Help!!

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