Harett-GilmarTM - Jigsaw Puzzles

This company was in business from 1947 to 1988 ( or later ). According to our sources, these puzzles may have been cut twice, once for the horizontal lines and again for the vertical lines. Many of their puzzles feature popular fairy tale themes and other themes for children, sold in cylindrical canisters. There were also other lines, including quite a few which featured popular TV series.

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Cute Chicks"Cute Chicks"

Gone Fishing"Gone Fishing"

Puppy Party

STORYLAND SERIES (96 pieces; 10 x 14 inches)

Aladdin and His Lamp" Aladdin and his Lamp ", canister

Aladdin and His Lamp" Aladdin and his Lamp " [no. 422]

Hansel and Gretel

Sleeping Beauty

Peter Pan

Shaped Puzzles of 50 pieces (Fairy Tales):

Pinocchio" Pinocchio " [no. 406]

Goldilocks" Goldilocks " [no. 412]

Puss N' Boots" Puss N' Boots " [no. 413]

Red Riding Hood" Red Riding Hood " [no. 417]

Rapunzel"Rapunzel", [no. 419]

Snow White [no. 431]

Cinderella [no. 457]

3 Little Pigs"Three Little Pigs", [no. 418 - thanks to "PJ"]

Gingerbread Man"The Gingerbread Man", [no. 411 - thanks to "EH"]

ROUND SERIES (75 pieces)

Snow White"Snow White"

Snow White[canister]

The Pied Piper"The Pied Piper"



Cinderella" Cinderella "

Jack and the Beanstalk" Jack and the Beanstalk "

GIANT OUTLINE ( 27 inches, 50 large pieces )

Cinderella" Cinderella "

Pinocchio" Pinocchio "

JUMBO ( 100 large pieces )

Alice in Wonderland" Alice in Wonderland ", art by Oppenheimer. [Thanks to "KC"]

Other HG titles in canisters and/or the "fairy tale" category:

Rip Van Winkle
Little Dutch Boy
Sleeping Beauty
The Wizard of Oz


Harett-Gilmar produced a series of puzzles based on TV shows such as
The Fonz" The Fonz ", from HAPPY DAYS

Also, they produced some puzzles based on movies such as:
Bond vs Jaws" Bond vs Jaws ", JAMES BOND 007, with 150 pieces.
King Kong" King Kong ", 250 pieces, 14.5 x 36 inches.

Other Series

Can anyone provide pictures of puzzles from series called PLAYTIME and AMERICAN FOLKLORE ?
They came in canisters and are reported to have been produced by HG TOYS.
If you can, please go to our CONTACT page.

An INCOMPLETE List of "fairy tale" HG canister puzzles:

Titles (in the "fairy tale" category) which have been reported:

Little Dutch Boy [no. 402]
Pinocchio [no. 406]
Jack and the Beanstalk [no. 408]
The Gingerbread Man [no. 411]
Goldilocks [no. 412]
Puss N' Boots [no. 413]
Red Riding Hood [no. 417]
The Three Little Pigs [no. 418]
Rapunzel [no. 419]
Aladdin and his Lamp [no. 422]
Snow White [no. 431]
Cinderella [no. 457]
Alice in Wonderland
Hansel and Gretel
Pied Piper
Rip Van Winkle
Sleeping Beauty
The Wizard of Oz

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