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H.M.S. Victory
" H.M.S. Victory ", 1949, No. 1, over 400 pieces.

Stratocruiser Taking Off
" Stratocruiser Taking Off ", No. 10

Village Wedding
" Village Wedding "
, no. 33

In a Foreign Port
" In a Foreign Port "
, no. 36

The Elizabethan
" The Elizabethan "
, no. 43

Market Day
" Market Day ", No. 44.
« Día del mercado »

" Tournament "
, no. 38 [thanks to "LT"]

1. H.M.S. Victory (1949)
2. The Pool of London [thanks to "MC"]
3. Southward Bound
4. RMS Edinburgh Castle.
5. Dover Harbour.
6. Shipbuilding [thanks to "MC"]
7. Blast Furnaces
8. Euston Station.
9. A Friend at Night. ( Royal Sovereign Lightship and " RMS City of Bombay"),
10. Stratocruiser Taking Off
11. East Coast Route [thanks to "MC"]
12. Cornish Riviera Express [thanks to "MC"]
13 A Cotswold Village
14. Arc de Triomphe.
15. SS Chusan.
16. Village Scene Tonbridge
17. Motor Racing [thanks to "MC"]
18. Coronia Leaving New York ["Caronia"?]
19. Preparing for Take-Off [thanks to "MC"]
20. Irish Mail
21. Dockland
22. Yorkshire Pullman
23. The First Chapter [thanks to "MC"]
24. Speedway Racing
25. Through the Rockies. (train)
26. The End of the Day.
27. Royal Navy in Gibraltar.
28. United States. (ship)
29. Comets over Africa [thanks to "MC"]

30. The Sawdust Ring
31. The Highwaymen.
32. Orchestral Concert 1589.
33. Village Wedding.
34. Vickers Viscount.
35. Britania Homeward Bound.
36. A Foreign Port. (SS Chusan in Aden)
37. Torbay Express.
38. The Tournament [thanks to "MC"]
39. Down by the Sea.
40. Punch and Judy.
41. Old Bridge House.
42. Forth Bridge
43. The Elizabethan. (train)
44. Market Day.
45. Three Generations.
46. Elizabethan Schoolroom.
47. Leaving Harbour [thanks to "MC"]
48. Aircraft Carrier at Sea.

[Also Unumbered in this style of box was "Blackpool Tower". An image of the Tower was shown in a circle on the box side in place of the normal number. ]

[I think there are 3 further un-numbered Good Companion puzzles, Type A. They are:
Blackpool illuminations,
Edinburgh Castle & Art Gallery
The Colour Party

Blackpool Illuminations was once for sale [at auction] so I know for certain that one exists.
Regards, "BB", Basingstoke, Hampshire, UK]


Television Studio
" Television Studio "
, no. 60 (Type B)

Family Picnic
" Family Picnic ", no. 71 (Type B)

Air Display
" Air Display "
, by Bagley, no. 61

Train Ferry
" Train Ferry "
, no. 67

Rocket Workshop
" Rocket Workshop "
, no. 65

Country Market
" Country Market "
, no. 53 [thanks to "LT"]

One unumbered puzzle is known in this group: "Edinburgh Castle and Art Gallery". It has the blue St Andrews Cross in the circle where numbers are normally found. [I suspect this was made for a special event or for sale in the Art Gallery. - Keith]

49. Motor Racing.
50. Landing the Catch [thanks to "MC"]
51. Airport Arrival.
52. Gipsy Camp at Sundown.
53. Country Market.
54. In the Paddock.
55. The King's Regiment. (train)
56. Channel Steamers
57. Round Pond Hampstead.
58. The Meet.
59. The Boatyard.
60. Television Studio.
61. Air Display.
62. The Market Square.
63. In Full Cry.
64. Santa Fe Railroad.

65. Rocket Workshop.
66. Main Line Terminus [thanks to "MC"]
67. The Stage Coach. [Train Ferry - "MC"]
68. Le Mans Sports Car Race.
69. 18th. Century Wrestling.
70. Market in Nepal.
71. Family Picnic.
72. Parisian Cafe.
73. Comet over New York.
74. The Master Cutler. (train)
75. London to Brighton.
76. Queen Elizabeth Visits the Golden Hind.
77. The Village Fete.
78. River Boat Skiffle.
79. Moroccan Market..
80. Down by the Sea.

[Note from Keith: No 75 refers to the Annual Veteran Car Run from London to Brighton. The first and original run of this type.]


Mending the Nets
"Mending the Nets"
, no. 117 [1940's?]

The Busy Junction
" The Busy Junction "
, no. 84 [thanks to "LT"]

81. Point to Point Races.
82. A Helping Hand.
83. Fighting for the Lead.
84. The Busy Junction.
85. The Last of the Cargo.
86. 15th Century Banquet
87. The Stage Coach.
88. The Winning Pair.
89. The Oriana (entering Sydney Harbour) [thanks to "AS"]
90. Market Day.
91. Road Builders [thanks to "AS"]
92. The New Settlers.
93. Pets Corner.
94. The Fairground [thanks to "AS"]
95. The Final Bend [thanks to "AS"]
96. The Yacht Harbour [thanks to "AS"]
97. Anything to Declare? [thanks to "MC"]
98. The Circus comes to Town [thanks to "MC"]
99. The Flower Show
100. Belle of the Mississippi.
101. Preparing for Take-off [thanks to "MC"]
102. Go Kart Racing.
103. Italian Holiday [thanks to "MC"]
104. Waiting Their Turn.
105. SS France.
106. Yeoman of the Guard.
107. Entering the Lock.
108. Robert E. Lee [thanks to "MC"]
109. South Wales Pullman [thanks to "MC"]
110. The Grand Canal
111. Show Jumping
112. Setting Sail.
113. Polo Match [thanks to "MC"]
114. Elizabethan Harbour.
115. Elephant Ride [thanks to "MC"]
116. Village Blacksmith.
117. Mending the Nets.
118. Battle of Flowers. (Jersey)
119. Sportscar Racing [thanks to "MC"]
120. Deck Games [thanks to "MC"]
121. The B.O.A.C. VC 10 [thanks to "AS"]
122. Early Rivals [thanks to "AS"]
123. The Showground.
124. Morning Ride [thanks to "AS"]
125. The Prize Catch.
126. Arabian Market.
127. The Old Mill Cottage [thanks to "AS"]
128. Burmese Dancers.
129. Village Green [thanks to "MC"]
130. Old Time Market.
131. Cruising Down the River.
132. Fishermen All.
133. On Safari. (VW Beetle).
134. Deisel Train, Isambar Kingdom Brunel.
135. Venice.
136. Grand Prix, Monaco

137 Does not exist [thanks to "MC"]
138 Quiet Waters [thanks to "MC"]
139 Cottage and Garden [thanks to "MC"]
140 Cheese Market [thanks to "MC"]
141 Reflection [thanks to "MC"]
142 Snowdon Massif [thanks to "MC"]
143 Garmisch, Austria [thanks to "MC"]
144 Menton Harbour [thanks to "MC"]
145 Mounument to St Francis of Assisi [thanks to "MC"]
146 Thames Backwater [thanks to "MC"]
147 Spanish Festival [thanks to "MC"]
148 Fishing Harbour [thanks to "MC"]
149 Alassio, Italy [thanks to "MC"]
150 River Garden [thanks to "MC"]
151 SAn Michele, Italy [thanks to "MC"]
152 18th Century Cottages [thanks to "MC"]
153 Stage Coach at Windsor [thanks to "MC"]
154 Clovelly [thanks to "MC"]
155 Country Carden [thanks to "MC"]
156 Split, Yugoslavia [thanks to "MC"]
157 River Thames at Marlow [thanks to "MC"]
158 Traeth Bychan [thanks to "MC"]
159 Feeding the Pigeons [thanks to "MC"]
160 Springtime in Paris [thanks to "MC"]
161 Vintage Days [thanks to "MC"]
162 Morris Dancers [thanks to "MC"]
163 Boulevard de la Madeleine [thanks to "MC"]
164 Morning Bath [thanks to "MC"]
165 Piazza SAn Marco [thanks to "MC"]
166 Alleford [thanks to "MC"]
167 Mevagissey [thanks to "MC"]
168 Desenzano, Italy [thanks to "MC"]
169 Arosa, Switzerland [thanks to "MC"]
170 Springtime [thanks to "MC"]
171 Wickham Bishop [thanks to "MC"]
172 Bowness-on-Windermere [thanks to "MC"]
173 Malaga Harbour [thanks to "MC"]
174 Stanislas Place [thanks to "MC"]
175 Stanms Monastery [thanks to "MC"]
176 Hotel Wetterstein [thanks to "MC"]
177. Isola Bella

[I am not sure how high the numbers go.... - Keith]

[I see that in your list of Type C Good Companion Puzzles you include numbers 138, Quiet Waters; 139, Cottage & Garden etc. As far as I am aware these puzzles and the subsequent numbers are 500 piece "photograph" puzzles rather than 400 pieces artwork puzzles. SO I guess they should be noted as a different type. I need only 11 more to complete my collection from 1 to 136, although a few have missing pieces.
Regards, "BB", Basingstoke, Hampshire, UK]


At some point, another company may have taken up production of the GOOD COMPANION line of puzzles.
For now, we designate them as follows:

Later GOOD COMPANION - 400 piece:

Size of box: 12½ in. x 7 in. x 1½ in.
Approximately 400 pieces.

Lake Como [reported as GOOD COMPANION - HOPE]

Later GOOD COMPANION - 500 piece:

Size of box: 10 in. x 7 in. x 1½ in.
Approximately 500 pieces.

Series no. ?
1. Cottage in Hampshire
2. Golden Labradors
3. Vintage Car
4. Bavarian Castle
5. Harbour
6. Locomotion

Series no. ?
1. Cottage in Hampshire. (Is this the same puzzle as in the series above ?)
2. Golden Retrievers.
3. Pony and Trap.
4. Mabry Mill, Virginia USA.
5. Harbour.
6. Locomotion.

Series no. ?
1. Brixham Harbour
2. Ballooning
3. Cottage
4. Collies
5. Bauerhaus
6. On Parade

Series no. ?
1. Traction Engine.
2. Ponies.
3. Daily Delivery.
4. Oriental Dancers.
5. Fire Engine.
6. Locomotive.

Much of the information and many of the photos on this page have been kindly provided by Keith. We hope to develop this page further. Anyone who can provide further information (titles, photos, anecdotes, etc.) about GOOD COMPANION puzzles is invited to contact us.


With deep regret, we must report that Keith died in December 2007. We dedicate this page to him. We will try to follow his example in the rigorous study of the history of jigsaw puzzles.


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