Great American Puzzle Factory
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The original name for GAPF was the Puzzle Factory. The name was changed after the first four or five years. Their original puzzles were double-sided and showcased art work.
Fundex Games bought Great American Puzzle Factory in 2007 and continues to produce GAPF puzzles.
El nombre original de la compañía era La Fábrica de Puzzles. Se cambió despues de cuatro u cinco años. Sus puzzles originales tienen pinturas por ambos lados y llevaban obras de arte.
Fundex Games ha comprado esta compañia in 2007, y continua producer puzzles de GAPF.

Spanish translations are in magenta letters.

Grand Canyon"Grand Canyon",
by Alexander Chen.
«El Gran Cañón»

The Drug Store"The Drug Store"
, by Lee Dubin.
«La Farmacía» [Una tienda donde se compran medicamentos, regalos, cosmeticos, periódicos y otras cosas]

Raining Cats and Dogs
"Raining Cats and Dogs"
, by Gale Pitt.
«Llueve a gatos y perros» [Llueve a cántaros]

Cafe Society" Cafe Society ", 550 pieces.

Battlecreek Train Station
" Battlecreek Train Station "
, 550 pieces

Autumn Memories" Autumn Memories ", by Charles Freitag, 1000 pieces

99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall
" 99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall", 1983, over 550 pieces.

99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall
, " 99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall"

Celestial Planisphere
"Celestial Planisphere"
, by Tomas J. Filsinger, 1969.

Celestial Planisphere
guide picture
, "Celestial Planisphere", 1000 pieces.

House Beautiful
" House Beautiful "
, 550 pieces, August, 1925.

Beetles & Bugs
"Beetles & Bugs"
, over 500 pieces, by Janeen Mason, 1999.

Cat Quilt
" Cat Quilt "
, by Elizabeth King Brownd, 1997

Chuck and Louise
" Chuck and Louise "
, by Mary Lake Thompson, 1987.

Coastal Light
" Coastal Light "
, by J J HimsworthIII, 550 pieces

Portland Light House
" Portland Light House "
, THE EDGE, 1000 pieces, OVER 650 straight edge pieces, 16 CORNERS [!]

Golden Finches
" Golden Finches "
, by Marc Hanson

One Off at Darwin
" One Off at Darwin "
, by Randy Green, 550 pieces

Vanishing Prairie
" Vanishing Prairie "
, by Janet Skiles, 1000 pieces, 1996.

People Are People
" People Are People "
, by Paul Palnik,550 pieces, 1979.

Comics" Comics "
«Cómicos» [periódicos de historietas]


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