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[985]from "TW"-21 April 2003:
We have a set of 4 Milton Bradley puzzles. 1000 pieces each puzzle. They are called "Rustic". The date on the side of the boxes shows 1977, MB company, under Berne & Universal copyright conventions. The series are: Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall. The artist is Frank M. Hamilton. Do you have any information on this series? Do you know anything about the artist? We have searched online for any information on him, but to this date have not found any information.
Thank you for your time in this matter.
The only thing we found in our files was this picture, also from 1977: Autumn"Autumn", by Frank M. Hamilton, 1977 [?].
We're not sure about the title. Does anyone have other information about this series or about Frank M. Hamilton?
Jim McW
***************from "AB"--25 October 2003:
I too am searching for information about the artist Frank M. Hamilton. My Grandfather has had a picture in his living room for at least 20 years by this artist. I also came across a stationary card with the painting titled "Cool and Crisp" by Frank M. Hamilton. It is a winter scene of a Farmhouse with wagon. The company that published? the card was the 'Leanin' Tree' from Boulder, Colorado ..card 1527.
***************from "SS"-7 November 2003:
I have a Frank M. Hamilton picture from my parents. I have had it for about 20 years. I'm not sure how long they had it before that. I would also like to know more about him.
Frank M. Hamilton printprint, unknown title, by Frank M. Hamilton.


[1152]from "GC"-3 January 2004:
I too have a painting by Frank M. Hamilton. He has signed it, and the name is "Deep Winter." Size is approximately 24x30 and is a scene of a large farm house, a barn, and an old wagon sitting in front of the buildings. It is on canvas. My family has had it for about 50 years or so. I would love to know more about this artist and his paintings. Thank you for such a wonderful site.
from Jim McW--16 January 2004:
We received e-mails from three people recently, all saying they have this painting, all very curious about the artist. We are still trying to gather info, from wherever we can, about Frank Hamilton.
Thanks, Jim McW

[1162]from "JF"-10 January 2004:
RE: No. 985, Page 65
I met Frank in 1970, at his home in San Clemente, and I have one of his watercolors. He was just getting into oil paintings then and was associated with an art gallery in Laguna Beach. He later moved to Jerome, Arizona (1980's?) and was painting some great looking old houses and desert scenes.
P.S. His wife moved to Cambria, Ca. and had a shop there.
[1230]from "C24"-24 March 2004:
Hi..... I am a big fan of Frank M. Hamilton's work..... I don't have them in puzzles however I have them in prints.....

I have five of them....
1) Spring Blossoms
2) The Summer Months
3) Autumn Unfolds
4) Sudden Thunder
and the fifth one I don't know the name of it is of the front of an old house with an old bell in front of it.....

If you can give me any more information on him or where I might be able to purchase more of his prints I would appreciate it..... I am really looking for the Winter one to finish the collection.....

from "PB"-7 April 2004:
Hello, I beleive I have something of Mr. Hamilton.

It's title is " The Visitors " [see below]. It looks very much like the "The Autumn Days". The scene is that you are looking out of a barn, through a half door and the visitors are birds. When looking out, you see the white house of "The Autumn Days" in the distance.

Is there a catalog of F.M. Hamilton?
from "VW"-24 April 2004:
I have four collectable plates with copies of art by Hamilton. They are named DEEP WINTER ; GONE FOR THE SUMMER ; SPRING RAINS ; AUTUMN HARVEST .
The plates are made for hanging on the wall and were made in Japan.
Thank You.
from "SY"--31 May 2004:
In 1976 I had the honor of knowing Frank and his parents.... Holidays were at his parents' home. I met and spoke with Frank often. And at times watched over his shoulder while he painted. His parents proudly displayed many, many works of his through out the home. Lovely family. I have a small collection of signed prints. Sadly no originals.

Frank was a very nice person. Big man yet soft spoken. Open and honest to a fault. His earlier works were his favorites. He liked the water colors better than the oils. But the oils were the paintings that sold best. I recall in his Mother's home, one of the spare bedrooms, the walls were adorned with his earlier works. Boats, water and oriental style. He was proud of those.

There was an art gallery on Pacific Coast Hwy in Laguna that would show his art. He was always doing something special for a good cause. He painted a lovely picture of Capistrano with the bell, I believe it had a lot of lavender in it. This was commissioned by a bank to give out to it's customers.

I remember how he shook his head in disbelief when he found one of his four seasons on TV trays. But he did like the christmas cards. I believe I still have one from his Mother.
from "VM"-9 July 2004:
I recently purchased in a second hand store a print of "November" by Frank M. Hamilton. It has a snowy winter setting outside a window on the right with a copper bucket hanging with utensils and ears of drying corn centered. It was nice to find more of his artwork at this site.
from "CC"-6 August 2004:
Hello,I have a painting by Frank M.Hamilton called "drying the sails".It shows a boat at a pier with her full masts flying and drying her sails, there is a docking pier with a boathouse on it and a couple of dories in the water. I`ve had it about 20/25 years and each time I look at it it shows more beauty. I wonder if it has any significant value other than it's true beauty??
Comments please
from Jim McW--7 August 2004:
We do not offer appraisal services. See our FAQ page, as well as the very useful commentary from "The Leanin' Tree", below.
Thanks, Jim McW
from "RT"-21 September 2004:
My mother was an artist and had an appreciation for all kinds of art. She had a small print of Frank M. Hamilton's 'November' hanging in her home for many years. When she passed away my sister and I had to flip a coin for this wonderful print. I won and have cherished it ever since. Thank you for sharing the history on Mr.Hamilton and his artwork.
"RT", Canada
***************[1346]from "AP"--20 October 2004:
I have this painting,
Rollin' In"Rollin' In", by Frank M. Hamilton,
purchased at the Challis Gallery in Laguna Beach around 1970, watercolor 22" x 30" with fabulous detail. This painting has been in my family for almost 35 years and to my knowledge has never been printed, I also have been trying to find info on Mr. Hamilton and it is nice to finally have done so


"AP", CA
***************[1349]from "BW"--31 October 2004:
I found your site while looking up info on Frank M Hamilton.
I have a print called " spring cleaning".
I love it and wanted to share photo
Spring Cleaning"Spring Cleaning"
[1401]from "PE"--10 January 2005:
The title of the Frank Hamilton print that "C24" was looking for might be titled After The Rains. It features an old house, muddy road with a wagon and a large dinner bell in the foreground of the house. My print is from 1978, Donald Art Co., NY, no.9246.
Does anyone else know anything about this print?
[1408]from "DD"--15 January 2005:
I bought a picture in 1985 at a local antique shop in Parry Sound, Ontario titled "Winter Sets In" by Frank M. Hamilton. Searching the website I did not see this picture mentioned anywhere and am curious to see if anyone is familiar with it. I believe it is an oil painting but don't know enough about paintings to identify an original from a print. It is a side view of a barn with two chimney's at each end with an old wagon in front and a stone wall separating the two.
[1412]from "DDE"--17 January 2005:

I recently acquired a signed Frank M. Hamilton painting titled "Spring Airing." It is a beautiful portrayal of an old country house with a lovely colorful quilt handing on a clothes line, thus the title.

Also he has captured the tar based shingles on the front of the house. A big wooden water barrel sets to the left front of the house.

What happy memories this painting brings back to me, as my grandparents had a water barrel by their humble home.

The quilt is breath taking.

I am looking for information on the artist and the age of the painting.

Your site shows many of his paintings, but I have not seen Spring Airing shown. Any information would be appreciated.

Thank you

[1483]from "MBM"--16 April 2005:
Today I purchased an original ( I am quite sure) Frank M. Hamilton. It is mixed media -watercolor and acrylic - on watercolor board. It's colors are foggy greys and blue. It is titled ( on his business card on the back of the painting- written in his own hand in all capitals ) "Homeward Bound" The Jetty at Newport Harbor, Calif I am sad to tell you that I purchased it at a garage sale in Laguna Niguel, California for a pittance. Frank Hamilton was a friend of the widow's husband from whom I purchased it.

I recognized Hamilton's work immediately because I have a copy of "Deep Winter" that I purchased at the Brandywine River Museum 35 years ago for much more. Here is an interesting fact about "Deep Winter". My uncle was a friend of Frank's when Frank lived in Jerome, Arizona. He also had a signed copy of "Deep Winter". My uncle Flipped the painting upside down and showed me, hidden in the grass, "FRANK LOVES SHIRLEY". My uncle told me that Frank hid this love note in every one of his paintings. That I cannot confirm - I am still looking for it in "Homeward Bound" .
Homeward Bound" Homeward Bound "
Homeward Bound signatureartist's signature, " Homeward Bound ".
Homeward Bound cardbusiness card of Frank M. Hamilton, found in frame of " Homeward Bound ".
Deep Winter detaildetail from " Deep Winter ".
Deep Winter detail"hidden message", detail from " Deep Winter ".


[1490]from "JP"--6 May 2005:
I am privileged to own a painting by Frank M. Hamilton. It is called "Other Times" and depicts one of the old abandoned houses in Jerome. I treasure it. A friend gave me a piece of the granite lintel from that house.
I purchased the painting many years ago from the Challis gallery in Laguna Beach. Sadly, the gallery no longer exists.

When he lived in Jerome he illustrated a cookbook of old Jerome recipes. I haven't been able to find my copy.

I also own two prints. One is a winter scene called "Late for Lunch" and the other is called "The Summer Months"....

I was very sorry to learn from the "Learning Tree" information that he had died. He was a very talented man and I saw him often at art shows.

[1520]from "NB"--6 July 2005:
I think I may have the original 'Deep Winter' painting although I do not collect art so I do not know to be sure. My father bought the painting (not sure where or when) and he was a keen artist, however, he died when I was very young so I never spoke with him about it. It was hanging in my family home while I was growing up and as a small boy I was facinated by the secret message. Eventually we sold the house and my mother let me take the painting with me. I have always wondered who Shirley was and she was the reason why I started to look up Frank Hamilton on the web. As I say, I couldn't be 100% sure it is the original but any comments would be interesting.


from Jim McW--8 July 2005:
One person who knew both Frank and Shirley Hamilton said this about them,"...They had a joyfulness and love between them that was amazing.... two souls that somehow managed to find each other, and they were so in love, that they lit up every room they ever walked into. Frank, so gifted, so grounded. Shirley made his life full and rich. It is so hard to imagine one with out the other. If there were ever two people made for each other, it was Frank and Shirley.

They used to move a lot...traveling to various places so that Frank could paint..."
Thanks, Jim McW

[1520]from "Betty"--12 August 2005:
I have three Frank M. Hamilton originals all purchased from Challis Gallery in Laguna Beach. I am still enjoying them.
1. "Jenner by the Sea", WC
2. "Early Spring", Acrylic (from Jerome)
3. "Shooting the Hozu Rapids", WC (Kyoto, Japan)

"Betty" (pictures below)
Jenner By the Sea" Jenner By the Sea ", watercolor.
Early Spring" Early Spring ", acrylic.
Shooting the Hozu Rapids" Shooting the Hozu Rapids ", watercolor.

[1552]from "VLG"--22 August 2005:
I picked up "Deep Winter" by Frank Hamilton about 7 years ago from, sadly, a Thrift store in Orange Co. I have it in my family room and have never grown tired of it. When I read one of the comments about his hidden message I took the painting down and turned it upside down - sure enough there was the message, "Frank loves Shirley". Now that I know some info on the author the painting has even more meaning to me.
Thank you,
[1572]from "KW"--10 October 2005:
Here's another for the collection! This was inherited and after researching the internet, I thought I would post this Frank M. Hamilton painting. Interestingly enough, it is signed and titled "Autumn Days" but it appears very different then the other pictures that have the same title?
Autumn Days" Autumn Days ", by Frank M. Hamilton.
Autumn Days" Autumn Days ", by Frank M. Hamilton.
from "LL"--14 October 2005:
Hi...I have always loved and wondered about our painting titled "Gone For The Summer"...We bought it from a small Gallery at Circus Circus Casino Las Vegas back in January 1983. It's signed Frank M. Hamilton and now lives Down Under...Australia!
from "J", Lancaster Co., PA--7 January 2006:
Hi, any comment on this title, I do not see it on this site. The picture (or I think it is a print) was found in a old office building, probably has been there 20-30 years
Signed Frank M Hamiton Winter Rains
Picture looks like Mill, or Stone Barns, road leading up to the buildings, sky background, cloudy gray and white color
Interesting thing is, on the Stone Mill in the center, there is a a square piece with color squares, looks like it does not belong if you look close.
Just thought I would let you know the title....
"J", Lancaster Co., PA
from "JO"--22 January 2006:
Two titles (added below). The "M" appears to stand for MOSS.: Frank Moss Hamilton.
from "TG"--5 April 2006:
this morning, admiring my picture on the wall, I thought that I should look it up at the internet and see if this artist was actually known.
Lo and behold, I found this site. I live in Switzerland, but bought this picture "DEEP WINTER" at a garage sale in Nevada. It is on canvas, and on the backside of the frame is written; KIT CARSON, PURCHASED 1976
I always loved this picture and now even more that I know more about the artist. His love for Shirley written inside the picture fascinated me. I don't know if I have an original or not, I am no expert, but it does not matter, the picture is just wonderful and looks good on my wall, even in Switzerland.
"TG", Switzerland
from "PK"--31 October 2006:
I have just discovered FRANK M. HAMILTON and his absolutely beautiful art. I purchased an old picture at a yard sale a week or so ago. The frame was not much to write home about - so I figured I'd ditch that and re-frame the picture. It was a pencil drawing print of some ducks. When I took the picture out of it's old frame - I found another print in behind it.

It was a litho print dated 1978 by none other than FRANK M. HAMILTON. Now, I didn't know who this artist was but the picture captured my imagination and I was transported back in time (if just for moment) to my childhood memories. It is called "After The Rains" and it reminds me of my grandparents old farm where I spent many a day.

After finding this site and deriving all the information I could get on this artist - I must say that I am in love with these pictures. All of them are wonderful and magical in their own way. He has a fantastic eye for detail and naturalism. Thanks to you all for the valuable information I have gleened from this site. I will be buying more of his pictures for sure and if I am luck enough to obtain another - I will treasure it always. I am now looking for just the right frame for this litho to hang proudly in my home.

from "J2"--2 November 2006:
Greetings all,

From 1996-1998 I was Frank's mailman. He lived in the beautiful coastal city of Fort Walton Beach Florida. Frank wasn't able to get to the mail box on the street due to his declining health in 1998, so I dropped it off at his door. I had the honor to speak with him on many occasions and watch him paint. He would do a very detailed drawing by pencil on a sketch pad, then he would paint it to canvas. Wonderfully detailed art, that amazes me to this day. He was an extremely talented artist and a very kind person. At that time in his life he was still doing commissioned paintings for clients. He also sold his work in a southwest gallery. Just to let everyone know, Frank was loved by many people, for his artistic qualities and his kindness. He passed away in 1999. His paintings will survive for generations to come.

Cheers, Frank.

from "JEP"--19 February 2007:
When I was growing up as a teenager in Ft Walton Beach, Florida, I knew Frank Moss Hamilton. My uncle and aunt were his landlords...he was a like a second father to me. I learned from your site that he passed away in 1999...I wish I was there with him but I lost touch with everyone in Ft Walton Bch. My fondest memory from the age of 13 to 17 was watching Frank paint. He actually helped me succeed in life by helping me continue my education when I wanted to drop out. I remember Franks love of the classical composer Vivaldi and his Four Seasons for Strings. Which prompted me to be a classical musician for the rest of my life, more so than my parents (also classical musicians). He said his favorite thing to paint was the Arizona desert - Canyon DeChelle I think it was how he said it. I left Ft.Walton Beach for good in 1997 and never went back. I lost Frank's phone number shortly after my move. I will always remember Frank as being the one person in my life that didn't expect anything from me other than friendship. He was my role model and still is to this day.

from "JM"--28 February 2007:

I knew Frank ... in Pescadero, in the bay area of California. He showed me some of his work. I also knew Shirley.... What talent that man had. I was an amateur artist but was a joke in comparison. Frank's works took us all back to those old days when we were young on the farms and backcountry of the desert.
I saw Christmas cards of his many years later. He just kept on movin and painting. I did not know he had passed on but he did have some health problems. God gifts some people with those awesome abilities that make us gasp and know some higher power works through them. A gentle friendly man and of course cannot forget Shirley who was always right there for him. So nice to see his pictures once again and the comments from those who knew him well. thanks,
from "BD"-- 18 February 2008:
I knew Frank very well. I studied with him for many years. I stayed with Shirley and Frank in their home in Cambria many times. I worked with his constant attention to my efforts. He said I was his apprentice. I sold my own paintings in Santa Barbara for over 15 years. During the time I was studying with Frank my paintings began to look so much like his that some of the other artists said I was selling Frank's work not my own. Frank and I laughed a lot about this, calling me one of the Frankenstiens he had created. I have never learned so much about art as I have from him. Nothing he taught me was in art books. His knowledge was all from years of experiment and study and great attention to the craft. When I first went to study with him he told me I had no respect for my brushes. He made me put a brush under my pillow when I went to sleep at night to hope to get me to cherish the brush. I was so impressed until I had to suffer through him telling the story of the brush like it was a great joke to everyone. Frank was a kind man and he had an amazing sense of humor. Frank loved life and humor. I only own a few paintings but I have notes and drawings, knowledge and memories. Before I learned to paint in my own style I produced an obnoxious number of paintings in the style of Frank Hamilton. What I loved most about his work, and could never master as he could was to make the light dance throughout a painting. If you are still reading I can tell you one more story. When I first went to paint with Frank he challenged me to make one good brush stroke. All day for hours I worked with a brush and paint. All day he walked in with nothing but complaints. Finally after more than 12 hours I put the brush in my left hand and made one stroke. He walked in and practically danced. Finally he said, you finally made one good brush stroke. I put down the brush and grimaced at him and said, that's it Hamilton. You are left handed and backwards and that is why this brush stroke pleased you. He laughed a great belly laugh that boomed (he was a big guy) and said, ok I was right: he was left handed and backwards.
from "EW"-- 2 April 2008:

I have two signed and numbered prints of Frank M. Hamilton, "Winter Rains" and "New Season". They came from my father-in-law in Kingston. I thought they were possibly of local scenery, since we have many similar old stone buildings in this area, one of the earliest Canadian settlements. How these prints came from so far away to here will probably always be a mystery.
, Canada**************
from Jim McW-- 3 April 2008:
We've learned enough to know that Frank M. Hamilton lived in several areas and painted in many other places. He is reported as having lived in Kansas, California, Arizona, and Florida, among other places. We can also see from reading this page that people in many different countries appreciate his work, and it may turn up in art and antique shops almost anywhere in the world.
from "DD"-- 15 May 2008:
Summer of 1969 I went with my Dad to the Chicago Furniture Mart. He needed some prints for the walls of his furniture store and sent me to buy some. One that I bought was Autumn Days by Frank Hamilton.
I liked it so much I asked Dad for it and he gave it to me when I returned to college that fall. Next Spring I broke my leg parachuting, had to drop out of school, and the print was lost. I tried to buy another from the company that first sold it, but it was out of print. I tried for ten years to find another print of Autumn Days from many other companies but had no luck.
A couple of years ago I searched the internet about Frank and was impressed to learn about his talented life. When I searched for info on Autumn Days I was floored to learn it had been recently sold at auction. I contacted the auction house who contacted the buyer with the price I offered. Now, after 40 years of searching for this print, I have the ORIGINAL AUTUMN DAYS! God IS a wonderful mystery :-)
from "B28"-- 28 July 2008:


I was recently clearing out my Aunt's house (she now has to reside in a nursing home) and I unearthed this wonderful painting, 'Deep Winter' by Frank M Hamilton, hidden in a cupboard. I thought this was too good to dispose of and, thanks to your site, I see I'm not the only one to appreciate this marvellous painting. Love the hidden message.


from "DsH"-- 7 August 2008:
In May of 1971 I bought two paintings by Hamilton (HOW LONG AGO & AUTUMN AT FORT ROSS) from Challis Galleries in Laguna Beach, CA. Seems to me that they were $2200 each at the time but it might have been $1200....just can't remember. Anyways, they're great! Guess one might say they're a poor man's Wyeth and would be glad to acquire a couple more. The Gallery owner explained that Frank worked with water colors but mixed them with something???that made them durable so that the pictures didn't have to be under glass. They look like acrylics. Have been on my wall for thirty nine years without a hint of fading or discoloring so whatever he did, it worked. Can't find the "Frank Loves Shirley"....will keep looking though.

New York
from "SC"-- 24 August 2008:
I recently purchased a Frank Hamilton picture from a thrift store. It is titled " Gone for the Summer ". I bought it mainly for the windmill. I love pictures with windmills and have collected a lot over the years. I really like this one by Frank. I grew up on a farm up in south Georgia, so this picture causes me to have a lot of fond memories of my childhood.

Add your comments on Frank M. Hamilton and his work by writing to our Frank M. Hamilton page.

A PARTIAL list of Frank M. Hamilton titles [titles of artwork or puzzles].
We invite you to write us with any additional titles from your own collection:

" After the Rains " [title of a print, thanks to "PE"]
" Among the Hills " [title of a print, thanks to "SAS"]
Autumn Days" Autumn Days " [or " The Autumn Days " - painting courtesy of "RPW"][see above for another version!]
Autumn Harvest" Autumn Harvest ", PARKER "THIS LAND"TM Series [from our own collection]
Autumn Unfolds" Autumn Unfolds ", MILTON BRADLEYTM
" The Changing Season " [thanks to "TMP"]
" Cool and Crisp "
" Cleaning House " [thanks to "AM"]
" The Days Grow Shorter " [thanks to "JO"]
" Deep Winter "
" Drying the Sails " [print; thanks to "CC"]
" Early Spring "
" Finally The Sun "
" Fog at Bodega Bay " [thanks to "ES"]
" The Frozen Earth "
" Gone For The Summer " [old 2 story house and flatbed truck, milk jugs and daisies in front]
" Homeward Bound " [thanks to "MBM"; see above]
" Jenner By the Sea "
" Late for Lunch "
" Late October " [painting; thanks to "DB"]
" Milone's Hop Kiln " [thanks to "FD"]
" The New Season " [painting - thanks to "CB"]
" November " [thanks to "VM"]
" October Morning " [painting; thanks to "HMH"] [Can anyone identify Fort Ross?]
" Other Times " [painting; thanks to "JP"]
" Retired for Winter " [print, thanks to "PZ"]
" Rollin' In " (see illustration above) [thanks to "AP"]
" Shooting the Hozu Rapids "
" Snow Flurries " [painting; thanks to "LS"]
" Spring Airing " [painting; thanks to "DDE"]
" Spring Blossoms " [thanks to "C24"]
" Spring Cleaning " [a painting; thanks to "DP"][see picture above, sent in by "BW"]
Spring Rain" Spring Rain ", PARKER " THIS LAND "TM [from our own collection]
" St. Louis Cathedral, Vieux Carre, New Orleans " [thanks to "JO"]
" Sudden Thunder " [thanks to "C24"]
" Summer Days " [thanks to "AM"]
" Summer Evening " [print; thanks to "AW"]
" The Summer Months "
The Visitors" The Visitors " [thanks to "PB" and "MF"]
" Winter Arrives " [thanks to "TJM"]
" Winter Sets In " [thanks to "DD" ]
Winter Winds" Winter Winds " [thanks to "DP" ]

...and another painting, title not known [it has been described as "an old house with an old bell in front of it....."] [thanks to "C24" - according to "PE", this may be entitled "After the Rains"]

from the Leanin' Tree Museum of Western Art -3 March 2004:
I see that you have several comments and question regarding the history and biography of Frank Hamilton.

As to where his art can be bought or what it is worth, the answer to the first is that he had no gallery handling his original art at the time of his death (in Florida, sometime in 2000, we think). The Leanin’ Tree Museum is not a licensed appraiser, so we cannot give a value to his work. To sell it, [online auctions] come to mind, or else finding a local art gallery that will take re-sale art on consignment. There is still interest in Frank Hamilton’s work, but putting buyers and sellers together is tricky.

Finding a value to his original art and his prints involves using research departments at libraries to look up auction records and sales of Hamilton art in the past decade, or paying a licensed appraiser to do that for you.

Frank Hamilton was a personal friend of the founder and chairman of Leanin’ Tree Inc and we published dozens of Frank’s fine paintings as reproductions on greeting cards and calendars over the years. We are currently not printing any of Frank’s art on cards. We own ten of his original paintings but do not currently exhibit them. The following is the biographical material we have on Frank M. Hamilton (1930-2000?)

Frank M. Hamilton was born in Kansas City, Missouri in 1930, and traveled extensively in search of new and unusual ideas for his paintings.

Although his subjects were generally studies of rural life in America, reminiscences of the past, relics of civilization that have remained unchanged for a century or more, he also painted Hawaii, the Orient, Mexico, the Caribbean and Bahamas as well as American Indian life.

Architecture is often dominant in a Hamilton watercolor, reflecting his educational background. Cautioned that the life of an artist was often precarious, Frank was persuaded to study building design. After spending two years at Stanford University, he finally received his degree in architecture from Kansas University in 1954. Shortly thereafter he received his license to practice architecture in the state of Kansas. Then followed two years of commissioned service in the US Army, during which he continued his artistic studies. After service in the army, he returned to architecture, but soon thereafter made painting his full-time profession, something he had considered ever since he had produced his first serious drawing at age fifteen.

Hamilton became one of the country’s more successful artists. Although he is primarily self-taught, he did study for a time with the American watercolorist Eliot O’Hara. Hamilton developed a meticulously detailed style but with a visionary quality that took his work out of the school of photographic realism. He was influenced by several prominent artists, predominantly Winslow Homer and Andrew Wyeth.

His paintings, in both oil and watercolor, show an affinity for the soul of America. The subjects he chose, always thoughtfully selected, tell a story, or perhaps bring back a memory, yet are always exquisitely drafted. His paintings and printed works have been collected widely. Hamilton was listed in Who’s Who in American Art in 1978.

Chris McCann's book,Master Pieces: the Art History of Jigsaw Puzzles.

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