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Making high-quality puzzles since 1976.
According to British Jigsaw Puzzles of the 20th Century, by Tom Tyler, Hausemann & Hotte, of the Netherlands acquired Falcon, about 1996. Producieron puzzles excelentes hasta 1976.
Según Puzzles briteños del siglo XX, por Tom Tyler, Hausemann & Hotte, de Holanda, adquieran la compañía Falcon, hacia 1996.

Spanish translations are in magenta letters.

The Battle of Trafalgar"The Battle of Trafalgar",
by Thomas Whitcombe

The Orient Express"The Orient Express",
by George Heiron

Hampton Court, London"Hampton Court, London", Scenic DeLuxe.

Beside the Canal"Beside the Canal", by Willem Koekkoek, Fine Art De Luxe.

The Farrier"The Farrier", by Stephen Cummins, Country Life Series.

Napoleon And General Davout"Napoleon And General Davout", by Raymond Desvarreux.

"The Quarrel of Oberon and Titania" , by Paton.

An Elegant Soiree"An Elegant Soiree", by August Knoop.

"The Royale, Napoleon Receiving Queen Victoria At Cherbourg"

Yesteryear, New York, 1940"Yesteryear, New York, 1940"


"Interior of a Collector's Cabinet" , by Jan Van Kessel.



We are beginning, below, a listing of all known titles of jigsaw puzzles produced by FALCON.
Send in additional titles, if you please.

Action Between U.S. Frigate Constitution and British Frigate H.M.S. Java ,
      29th December 1812, by John Steven Dews , 2000 pieces [thanks to "RM"]
Admiral Lord Nelson , 500 pieces, HERITAGE Series
Ann Hathaway's Cottage , Stratford-upon-Avon , 1000 pieces
The Battle of Britain , by George Heiron , 500 pieces [thanks to "RM"]
Battle of Trafalgar , by Thomas Whitcombe
The Battle of Trafalgar , by William Stuart Frank , 1000 pieces [thanks to "RM"]
Beside the Canal , by Willem Koekkoek, FINE ART DELUXE Series
Bombardment of Algiers , British and Dutch attack on the Barbary Pirates 27 August 1816,
      by George Chambers Sr., 1000 pieces [thanks to "RM"]
Bringing Home the Sheep , by Ernest Walbourn, 500 pieces
Coronation Street , 1000 pieces
The Death of Nelson , by Dents Dighton , 1000 pieces [thanks to "RM"]
Elegant Ball , by Victor Gabriel Gilbert , 1000 pieces, no. 3162 [thanks to "JP"]
An Elegant Soiree , by August Knoop, 2000 pieces
Encounter with the Red Baron , by Frank Wootton , 500 pieces, 1988
The Ether Stream , by Rodney Matthews, 625 pieces
The Europa Puzzle
The Farrier , by Stephen Cummins , COUNTRY LIFE Series
Floral Tea , Botanic Garden , by Portmeirion , 1000 pieces
The Garden of Eden , by Bill Bell , 850 pieces
Gentle Moments , 500 pieces
Hampton Court , London , SCENIC DELUXE Series
Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn Observed by Queen Katherine , by Marcus Stone
Herndon Air Show
Hero of Trafalgar , by William Heysman Overend , 1500 pieces [thanks to "RM"]
Homer Simpson Sculpture Puzzle
I Love London
Interior of a Collector's Cabinet , by Jan Van Kessel, 3000 pieces
Jersey , 500 pieces
A Mad Tea Party , by Scott Gustafson
The Maiden Voyage of the Titanic , by Chris Mayger, 1500 pieces
The Monsters [four in series?]
Napoleon and General Davout , by Raymond Desvarreux , 1000 pieces
A Passing Cloud , by Marcus Stone , 1000 pieces, no. 3355 [thanks to "JP"]
Polperro Harbour , Cornwall , VISTA Series
The Quarrel of Oberon and Titania , by Noel Paton , 5000 pieces
The Reconciliation of Oberon and Titania , by Sir Joseph Noel Paton , 1500 pieces
Red Rum
The Royale , Napoleon Receiving Queen Victoria at Cherbourg , 1500 pieces
The Sermon , 3000 pieces
The Shortening Winters Day is Near a Close , 1000 pieces [thanks to "RB"]
The Orient Express , by George Heiron
Treebeard , by Rodney Matthews
Village in Winter , by Frans de Momper , 5000 pieces [thanks to "JM", in Finland]
Yesteryear , New York, 1940

LEGENDS OF THE WEST Series [1000 pieces, by Frank McCarthy]
After the Council
The Fording
In Search of the Hostiles
In the Land of the Winter Hawk
The Old North Trail
Sighting the Intruder
The Way fo the Ancient Migration
When the Land Was Theirs

WASGIJ [Guide picture on box is reverse of puzzle picture!]
Sunday Drivers [no. 1]
Happy Holidays [no. 2]
Full Monty Fever [no. 3]
A Day to Remember [no. 4]
Late Booking [no. 5]
[title not known] [no. 6]
Bear Necessities, by Graham Thompson [no. 7]
[title not known] [no. 8]


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