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Established in the 1980's [?].

Spanish translations are in magenta letters.

"American Gothic",
by Grant Wood.   "Gótico Norteamericano"

Camille Monet and Child"Camille Monet and Child",
by Claude Monet.  "Camille Monet e hijo"

Open Air Breakfast"Open Air Breakfast", by William Merritt Chase.  "Desayuno al aire libre"

Cafe Terrace..."Cafe Terrace on the Place Du Forum, Arles, at Night", by Van Gogh, 1888. [issued 1992]  "Terraza de un café en la Place Du Forum, Arles, en la noche"

by Gari Melchers, 1910. [puzzle issued 1992]

Poplars"Poplars", by Claude Monet.

Spring Flowers"Spring Flowers"
"Flores de la primavera"


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