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Old Built-Rite Logo

According to Anne Williams, Jigsaw Puzzles, An Illustrated History and Price Guide, Warren Paper Products Co. produced the Built-Rite line from the 1940's until 1976 and the Warren line from then until 1986, when the company was acquired by Random House Publishing. Warren, Kodacolor, and Rose Art are now affiliated. According to information on the boxes, Rose Art has been in business since 1923.
En su libro, Jigsaw puzzles, una historia ilustrada y guía de valores[en inglés], Anne Williams dice, la Compañía Warren productos de papél produjeran la serie Built-Rite desde 1940's hasta 1976 y la serie Warren después hasta 1986, cuando la compreron Random House Publicadores. Warren, Kodacolor, y Rose Art ahora son afiliados. Según a información en las cajas, Rose Art condujeran negocios desde 1923.

After The Rain"After The Rain"
«Después de la lluvia»

Autumn Reflections"Autumn Reflections"
«Reflecciones de otoño»

Fabulous Idaho
"Fabulous Idaho"
«Idaho fabuloso»

In the Good Old Summertime
"In the Good Old Summertime"
a "Mural" puzzle
«En el verano bueno de antaño»

, the "New States Series" [1959-1965?]
"Hawaii", la serie de estados nuevos.


Shepherd Comes Home"Shepherd Comes Home", Over 350 pieces, probably from the 30's, could be from the 40's.
«Pastor viene a casa», mas que 350 piezas, hizo 1932-1950.

Shepherd Comes HomeBox

Spirit of America
" Spirit of America "
, 1955, no. 450, "picture courtesy Kemper Thomas company" [thanks to "GB"]
«Espíritu de norteamerica»

Royal Hawaiian Hotel
"Royal Hawaiian Hotel"

«Hotel real de Hawaii»

Shorthorns Nooning
"Shorthorns Nooning"
by R. Atkinson Fox.
«Ganado con cuernos cortos en mediodía»

Pennsylvania Grandeur
"Pennsylvania Grandeur"
, "The Original" series.
«Grandeza de Pennsylvania»

Capri and Vesuvius
"Capri and Vesuvius"

Church Building and Wetterhorn
"Church Building and Wetterhorn"
, a Wabash puzzle
«Iglesia y Wetterhorn»

Germany: Radar Gate
"Germany: Radar Gate"
, "Diamond-Lock", "Paragon" [1950's or 1960's?]
«Alemánia: portón de radar»

Carlsbad Caverns" Carlsbad Caverns ",
600+ pieces, "standard card table size when assembled",
Photograph taken at entrance to Carlsbad Caverns: Photo courtesy of New Mexico Magazine.
[courtesy of "DC"]

7 Sta-N-Place puzzles" SEVEN Sta-N-Place Puzzles",
from a popular frame tray series for children.
«Siete puzzles para niños»

Wild Bill Hickock"Wild Bill Hickock", a GREAT shot of Wild Bill and Jingles!

riverboatriverboat [We think the title is " Mississippi Riverboat ".]
«Siete puzzles para niños»



ROSE ARTTM - Jigsaw Puzzles

According to information on one of the boxes, Rose Art has been in business since 1923.

The Uncanny X-Men"The Uncanny X-Men", 1992

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