The Art of BILL LAYNE on Jigsaw Puzzles
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Puzzles featuring the artwork of Bill Layne were very popular, in the 1950's (we believe), especially those featuring very industrious elves. His work also appeared on calendars and other media. Some people identify him as a DISNEY artist (1911-2005), who did work on such films and TV shows as "Disneyland", "Sleeping Beauty", "One Hundred and One Dalmatians", "The Sword in the Stone", "Mary Poppins", and "The Jungle Book". Others identify him with an artist who did a lot of pinup art.

The famous "elves" series:

There were several series of puzzles [1950's] with the artwork of Bill Layne depicting elves in various scenes, including:

Constructing a house:

·elves roofing a cottage, while others prepare to paint it
·elves building their own treehouses; one painting a sign: NO Peddlers or BIRDS!
·elves working inside a framed structure, installing wiring and conduit
·elves wiring the room - a detail from the subject just above
·elves hanging a light fixture
·elves working on outdoor pipes
·elves laying cinder blocks with mortar poured from a helicopter
·elves working on exterior, roofing and insalling window frames
·elves working at producing lumber from logs

Automotive work:

·elves painting a car
·elves working on a car on a lift
·elves operating a car chassis hoist

Seeking treasure:

·elves mining in cave
·elves deep sea diving for pearls
·elves working in a foundry (pouring gold?)
·elves panning for gold under a flowering cactus in the desert
·elves making a jack o' lantern with diamond eyes and pearl teeth
·elves mining diamonds on the moon
·elves and an idol's eye
·elves weighing out diamonds to the weight of a desert ruler in a turban

·elves working in a paint factory[?]
·elves working in a clock shop
·elves working in a garden
·elves bathing in kitchen sink
·elves water-skiing in a bathtub

See two puzzles based on artwork with a similar style [from the 1930's?] on our MARLBORO JIG page and on our PICADILLY JIG page.
There were also series by Bill Layne depicting animals in humorous scenes [see below].
Does anyone know any more about Layne or about these or similar series?
Yo creo que era una serie de puzzles de Sifo con el arte de Bill Layne pintando elfos. ¿Sabe usted algo de Layne o sobre esta serie u otras series?

" Construction Projects "

elves laying blockselves laying cinder blocks, pouring mortar from a helicopter{?} ["from the Land of Hiawatha" - original box?]
"Desde la tierra de Hiawatha"

elves' treehouseelves working on treehouse, sign says "No Peddlers or Birds!"
elfos trabajando en una casa, letrero dice << ¡prohibida la entrada de vendedores o de pajaros!>>

electricianselectricians, unknown title [detail from picture at right].
electricistas, título desconocido

working on a houseworking on a house, unknown title [see detail, at left]
construyendo una casa, título desconocido

elves hanging a ceiling lampelves hanging a ceiling lamp, unknown title
"elfos instalando un lámparo"

painting & roofingelves painting and roofing, unknown title
elfos pintando y techando una casa, título desconocido

plumbersplumbers, unknown title
plomeros, título desconocido

building a houseelves building a house, title unknown.
elfos construyendo una casa, título desconocido

" Seeking Treasure "

mining diamonds on the moonmining diamonds on the moon, title unknown.
minando diamantes en la luna, título desconocido

idol's eyeidol's eye, title unknown.
ojo del ídolo, título desconocido

his weight in precious jewelshis weight in precious jewels, title unknown.
su peso en joyas caras, título desconocido

jeweled jack-o'lanternjeweled jack-o'lantern, title unknown.
calabaza con cara y joyas, título desconocido

underwater pearl-huntingelves diving for pearls, title unknown.
, título desconocido

panning for goldelves panning for gold in the desert, title unknown.
, título desconocido

elves smelting gold, title unknown, picture not available
trabajando con oro, título desconocido

elves mining in a cave, title unknown, picture not available
minando en un caverno, título desconocido

" Automotive Themes "

auto assembly lineelves on an automobile assembly line, title unknown.
, título desconocido.

painting a car elves painting a car, title unknown.
, título desconocido.

car tune-upelves doing a tune-up on a car, title unknown.
, título desconocido.

" Miscellaneous Themes "

logginglogging or lumber mill, title unknown.
aserradero, título desconocido.

clockmaker's shopclockmaker's shop, title unknown.
haceadores de reloj, título desconocido.

paint factoryelves working in paint factory, title unknown.
, título desconocido

elves working in a garden, title unknown, photo not available.
<>, título desconocido

bathing in the sinkelves bathing in the kitchen sink, title unknown.
, título desconocido

playing in the bathelves playing in the bath, Bill Layne, title unknown.
jugando en el baño, título desconocido

" Themes with Animals "

duck serenade duck serenading a portrait, title unknown.
, título desconocido.

musical mice musical mice, title unknown.
, título desconocido.

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