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Five pictures of early puzzles were sent to us by Richard Ballhagen, with his comments on them.
See his great new site about BIG BENTM puzzles !
You will be able to learn more about dating clues for early BIG BENTM puzzles.

Mediterranean Villa
"Mediterranean Villa"
. This is from the 40's I believe; it may even be one of the first Big Ben boxes. It's the same box as pictured in Anne Williams' book. Notice there is no "Big Ben" clock in the logo yet. [TYPE 1 - Richard Ballhagen]

Type 2 is very similar to Type 3, but with somewhat different lettering on the sides of the box.
No picture available.

O'er Hill and Dale
"O'er Hill and Dale"
This one is not dated, but I'd guess it's from the late 40's/early 50's. They've started to use the clock in the Big Ben logo, but it's before the silver stripe on the left edge and before the MB, with the key logo. Also note that the words "Big Ben" are in a serif-style lettering, this was dropped sometime in the 60's, I believe. [TYPE 3 - Richard Ballhagen]

A Warm Welcome
" A Warm Welcome "
[TYPE 4 - MB logo to lower left of the clock tower] [photo courtesy of "NJA"]

The American Way
"The American Way"
[TYPE 4]

The American Way
"The American Way"
[A "Type 5" edition of the same puzzle. Courtesy, "JW"]

Big Rock Hole
"Big Rock Hole"
. Again, undated, but I'd guess this one to be the late 50's. Notice they have started to use the silver stripe on the left, but the Big Ben lettering still has serifs. Also note the MB logo is in black, whereas the later ones in the 60's were in red and blue. The "For ages 12 to adult" is a small rectangle, the later ones are in an oval. [Type 5 - Richard Ballhagen]

Stone Mountain
"Stone Mountain"
Still not dated, probably early 60's, but notice some similarities to both the last box, such as the small rectangle "12 to adult" box and b&w MB logo, but they are now using a sans-serif lettering for the words Big Ben. [Type 6 - Richard Ballhagen]

Roadside Dwelling
" Roadside Dwelling "

[Type 7 - note the different style "12 to adult" advisory - courtesy of "MD", Netherlands]

A Lewellyn Pair
" A Lewellyn Pair "

[Type 7 - courtesy of "MD", Netherlands]

Country Autumn
" Country Autumn "
[Type 9? - courtesy of "MD", Netherlands]

Mountain Lake
" Mountain Lake " [Type 10, but with guide picture oriented horizontally]

Pioneer Courage
"Pioneer Courage"
. This one is dated on the side 1965. By this time they have gone to the Red and Blue MB logo, the oval "12 to adult" blurb, and a sans-serif lettering for Big Ben. This one, unlike the previous mentioned ones, also has a small guide picture on each of the 4 sides of the box. [Type 10b? - There are several varieties during this period, and I find them confusing, to say the least. Jim McW]

Mission Bells
"Mission Bells"
. [Type 10b? - courtesy of "CT"]

, 1960's. [Type 11]

Rhodes, Greece
"Rhodes, Greece"
, 1968. [Type 11]

, 1968?. [Type 11]

Quiet Mooring
" Quiet Mooring "
[partial photo - Type 11?]

Stone Mill
" Stone Mill "
, 1968. [partial photo - Type 11?]

Bodensee, Germany
" Bodensee, Germany "
, 1000 pieces, 1973. [Type 12]

Elder, Germany
" Elder, Germany "
, 1973 [Type 12]

For a "Canadian version" of the BIG BEN puzzle, see no. 794, Page 55 of the Q&A pages.

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