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Since 1983.

Spanish translations are in magenta letters.

Express to Reno" Express to Reno ", by Kirk Randle
"Expreso a Reno"

The Flying Circus" The Flying Circus ", by Kirk Randle, 1995
"Circo aéreo"

Heading Home" Heading Home ", by Kirk Randle.
"Dirigiendo a casa"

Peeking Through the Tulips" Peeking Through the Tulips "
"Mirando por los tulipánes"

Housecalls" Housecalls ", by T.E. Breitenbach.
[Comical depictions of words and phrases related to house and home] [See "Things of the Garden", below]
"Llamadas en casas" [Dibujos de palabras y frases de casa, como títulos equívicos o juegos de palabras]

Gold Seal Series

Kylmore Abbey, Ireland" Kylmore Abbey, Ireland ", a GOLD SEAL puzzle.
"Abadía de Kylemore, Irlanda"

Tower of Babel"Tower of Babel",
"Torre de babel"

Things of the Garden"Things of the Garden", by T.E. Breitenbach, 1500 pieces. [See "Housecalls", above]
[Comical depictions of the names of plants and flowers, such as "cowslip" and "dandelion"]
"Cosas del jardín" [Dibujos de los nombres de plantas y flores, como títulos equívicos o juegos de palabras]

Wings of the Orient" Wings of the Orient ", 1996.
"Alas del Oriente"

Other titles in this series:

Autumn Pleasures , 550 pieces
Heading Home , by Kirk Randle , 1000 pieces
Just Hanging Around , 550 pieces

Land's End , by Ian Ramsay , 1000 pieces
Mist & Moss , by Bob Richert , 1000 pieces
Museum of Archaeology, Seville, Spain , 550 pieces
Swan Lake , 550 pieces

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