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Anne Williams' New Book

The Jigsaw Puzzle, Piecing Together a History, by Anne D. Williams.
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"Who knew the story of the jigsaw puzzle has so many pieces? Awesome research has yielded a compelling story."
-Noel Barrett, appraiser on Antiques Roadshow and antique toy auctioneer

The Jigsaw Puzzle, Piecing Together A History.
Publisher is Berkley Books, a division of Penguin Group;
2004, ISBN 0-425-19820-0, $22.95. 270 pages,
hardcover, more than 100 illustrations, both color and black and white.
It covers the history of jigsaw puzzles from the 1750s to the present.

Contents include:
Foreword by Will Shortz
1. Bringing Order out of Chaos
2. From Schoolroom to Playroom
3. Grown-Ups Turn to Cut-Ups
4. The Great Depression Mania
5. The Forties and Beyond
6. Luxury Puzzles
7. Pieces of Marketing
8. Collecting and Collections
9. The Sum of All the Pieces
App. A. Making Jigsaw Puzzles for Fun or for Sale
App. B. Selected Websites for Puzzlers
There are also extensive notes, bibliography and index.

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