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According to British Jigsaw Puzzles of the 20th Century, by Tom Tyler, ARROW GAMES produced puzzles from 1965 to 1987 (After 1972, in association with MILTON BRADLEY).

Spanish translations are in magenta letters.

The Brunswick" The Brunswick "
[from the collection of "RM"]
[desde la collección de "RM"]

The Clifton" The Clifton "

The Grafton" The Grafton "
[from the collection of "TT"]

Buckingham State Dining Room" State Dining Room ", The Buckingham Jigsaw Puzzle.
[from the collection of "AK", the Netherlands]

James Bond 007"James Bond 007",
from the movie, "Thunderball"
desde la película, <>.

vase of flowersvase of flowers, unknown title
jarrón de flores, de título desconocido

Village Landscape"Village Landscape", from a painting by Jan Bruegel, Connoisseur Series, 4000 pieces.
"Paisaje de un pueblo", desde una pintura por Jan Bruegel.

The Four Seasons
" The Four Seasons "
[thanks to "PK"]

Blue Peter" Blue Peter ", 200 pieces, 1971.

Blue Peter" Blue Peter ", 200 pieces, 1970's [?].

mustangmustang fighter in dogfight, unknown title, late 1970's-1980's [?].

Blue Peter" Blue Peter ", 200 pieces.

Rhapsody" Rhapsody ", unknown title, late 1970's-1980's [?].
Compare this with the MILTON BRADLEY puzzle, to the right.

five birds on branch
five birds on a branch
, untitled, MILTON BRADLEY, early 1980's [?].

We are beginning here a listing of all known titles produced by ARROW GAMES.
Please send in additional titles, if you please.

The Age of Steam , 500 pieces
Annecy, France
The Arrow [3D puzzle of double-decker bus]
The Ashley [autumn trees and lakes, 1000 pcs, No 5566, made in the Republic of Ireland - thanks to "BB"]
Blue Peter [1970's?; several different issues]
The Brunswick
The Clifton
Colle St.Lucia., Italy, 1000 pieces, no. 30501.6 - Europa Series, 1987 [thanks to "KC"]
Common Redstart, by Maurice Pledger, 500 pieces, RHAPSODY Series
Fighter Aircraft, 200 pieces, 1979
Flower Arranging, by Julia Clements, 750 pieces
The Four Seasons, 2000 pieces, 1970's [?] [thanks to "PK"]
High Plains, Vic., 1000 pieces, no.30503.6 - Outback Series, 1987 [thanks to "KC"]
James Bond, From Russia With Love, 375 pieces, 1964
James Bond, Goldfinger, 375 pieces [?]
James Bond, Thunderball
Kent, England, 1000 pieces, no.30501.3 - Europa Series, 1987 [thanks to "KC"]
Lago Di Garda, Italy, 1000 pieces, no.30501.5 - Europa Series, 1987
The Lakeside, 750 pieces
Mariefred, Sweden, 1000 pieces, no.30504. - Scandinavian Series, 1987 [thanks to "KC"]
Murchison River, W.A., 750 pieces, no.5204.06, 1984 [thanks to "KC"]
Neuschwanstein Schloss, no. 5201, 500 pieces [thanks to "CM"]
Noddy, 60 pieces
Sardinia Palace, Italy, 1000 pieces, no.30501.2 - Europa Series, 1987 [thanks to "KC"]
Scotney Castle, 1000 pieces, no.5203(22) - 1984 [thanks to "KC"]
Snoopy and friends (no. 4) [thanks to "PW", Stockholm, Sweden]
The Spectrum, 500 pieces
State Dining Room, The Buckingham Jigsaw Puzzle, 1000 pieces [thanks to "AK"]
Still Life, 1000 pieces, no. 5396 [we're not sure if this is the title of puzzle or series]
The Trenance Gardens, GARDENS Series, 400 pieces
Trollheim Castle, 1000 pieces, no.30504.3 - Scandinavian Series 1987 [thanks to "KC"]
Village Landscape, by Jan Bruegel, 4000 pieces, CONNOISSEUR Series
Wattle Trees, Australia, no.40502.3 - Tasman Series, 1987 [thanks to "KC"]

[The 1987 puzzles were Manufactured by Mauriana Trading Pty.Ltd under Berne & Universal Copyright Convention -"KC"]

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